08-04-2009 09:50 hour
julie and zane williams

Hi Rory, do you remember us from Parklands Playcentre. We are thinking of you. We dont have pet goats any more but Zane has a little black lamb that is soooo cute. Lots of love to Mum Dad and Sam too

08-04-2009 09:44 hour
jane cunningham ( Whangarei )

Bravo Rory - you sound like you are doing really well after the surgery...hope you get to eat those eels soon! Keep doing the good healing work... Love to you and your family

08-04-2009 09:20 hour
Nanna and Poppa ( New Plymouth , New Zealand )

Hello Rory.
It's nanna and poppa sending you a message with lots of love and hugs.It was Uncle Guys birthday on Friday so we took him and Sacha and Corbyn to the club for tea.  Sacha and Corbyn say hi also!
Hope you are felling a little bit better today.
Love from nanna and poppa. xxx

08-04-2009 07:43 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hi there guys!  So glad to hear the operation went well.  Such and informative update!  You sound like a Doctor!   Raining here today.  Hope you all have a lovely day.  Keep strong and we will be thinking of you and sending our healing thoughts your way!  Kody says to Rory...School lunch inside today if it keeps raining, think I might have a game of Chess or play with the blocks....dunno have a good day Rory!

07-04-2009 22:31 hour
jason, wendy logan & mikayla ( np , nz )

hi rory, sam, leigh and sean - wow another big day, not fair - and very scarey for you guys to have after all you have been through.  We were relieved and very happy to hear from you today letting us know rory was doing great and recovery was going well. We are just sending you guys all our love and just want things to heal quickly and the road to a full recovery can happen very soon.  Rory you have put up with so much little man - you are such a brave boy and we are very very proud of your fighting spirit and the hard work you are putting into your therapy and recovery.  All the hard work will make you get better and stronger every day - well done to you.  We are hopefully coming up to Auckland in the holidays - so logan will get his wish to visit you and we can all give you a big hug.  See you soon - keep up the good work - love from all of us. (PS - logan loves catching eels - when he reads your mums story tomoro he will laugh his head off imagining the eels peering out of the hospital fridge - ooh yuck!!!)

07-04-2009 20:41 hour
Brenda ( Dargaville )

Hi guys, great to hear that the operation went well today and that everyone is feeling a little more relaxed. I know how that feels to wait for someone to come out of surgery ... and it takes longer for them to come out than they first tell you. And I agree with Greg, smoked eels are delicious, I think they go well with tomato sauce, don't they? I so like the picture of you and the spiderman pillow case, my two boys have them too. I hope that tomorrow is good for you. Thinkin of you all. Brenda C 

07-04-2009 20:05 hour
Greg Newman ( Waihue , NZ )

Hey Rory, Great to read your op went well today. Thinking of you and your mum and dad and Sam often. You might want to tell Grandad where I live cos I am quite keen on them smoked ells as well. Perhaps I might come to Auckland and help you polish off the ones you have in the fridge, no need to wash our hands after, thats what white bed sheets are for!!! Happy healing thoughts from me, Tracy, Freya, Nikau and Matai.

07-04-2009 19:33 hour
Ross & Karen Wharfe ( Towai )

Hi Rory, Glad to hear that your operation went well.  We check out your website each day to keep up with your progress.  Bet you could have some fun with the city folks and those eels.  Tell Dad, Mum and Sam we are thinking of you all and hope you have a speedy recovery.  Hang in there Sean and Leigh.  Warfee and Karen

07-04-2009 18:58 hour
Monica ( Whangarei , New Zealand )

Hi there Rory, Leigh, Sam and Sean!
I hope you all are good and Rory is recovering well. I liked the mental picture of those eels in the fridge...maybe we should add a pigs head too just to amuse some people in the city.
Take care guys and all the best. Thinking of you
Mon xxx

07-04-2009 18:55 hour
Louise Pocklington ( DPS Office , Dargaville )

Hi there Rory, our thoughts are with you and your family, wishing you all the very best.   Ethan & Steven say hi and will see you when your back on the Waihue bus!