06-04-2009 19:56 hour
Barry & Bernice ( Parua Bay , NZ )

Hey Dude, just a quick message good luck tomorrow .HI to Sean &Leigh and Sam ,we will be thinking of y0u.
High Fives Little man
Barry&Bernice and the tribe from Parua Bay

06-04-2009 19:22 hour
Kathryn Milich ( Dargaville )

Hi there Rory, Korie has gone for a night walk with his dad so I am writing in for him tonight.  He said he sooooo misses you at school and is bursting for you to come back, we are all thinking about you and your lovely family everyday day and I am totally sending you healing and wellness, you are a true champion!
Love from Kathryn, Korie xoxo

06-04-2009 18:45 hour
Kody Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hi Rory,  I found that I can write to you in GREEN!!!!!!!!! It was cool talking to you today.  Hope you feel okay after your operation tomorrow.  We will be thinking of you.  
Hopefully I can come and see you soon!

06-04-2009 18:25 hour
Kristy ( Whangarei , NZ )

Hi Rory - we remember you and your mum and brother from Parklands playcentre... my oldest boy was friends with your big brother.  We are keeping you in our prayers!  All out love, the Drake family.

06-04-2009 15:44 hour
Kallan Mehrtens ( Dargaville , NZ )

Hey Bro... you dont know me but im Sarah dreadons brother and one of the butchers in Dargaville. I wish you heaps of luck and hope you get better real soon! =)...
sweet eye patch.

06-04-2009 15:19 hour
jane Eila and Willow ( Whangarei , New Zealand )

Hi Rory and your folks,
Jane here - i was a mum of two girls at Parklands when you were going to big kids Friday's before you left for Dargaville... you probably don't remember me but i remember you and your Mum and Dad well.. 
Got an email today telling me you were always were an adventurer but this is another kind of adventure altogether...
one i am sure you are strong enough and brave enough and resourceful enough to get through..
i am an old hippy (your Mum will remember just how old and just how much of hippy) so i send you lots of healing energy, lots of courage and strength for this adventure
there is a friend of mine called Nicholas who is coming down to starship for treatment (he is in his 2nd year of chemo) and he is there right now... i am sure you two would have alot to talk about - his is a great chatterbox and loves to make planes and ships...
i will check in here from time to time and send you love and good feelings every day
hugs to your folks and your big bro

06-04-2009 13:53 hour
Lisa Bredenbeck ( Whangarei , New Zealand )

Hi Rory, you won't remember me, but my children attended Parklands Playcentre with you and your brother.  My girls names are Brooke and Meegan.  Meegan is the same age as you.  I'm sure we found some of your old art work just recently at playcentre, so I'll have to try and hunt it out for you!! Say hi to you mum, dad and brother from us...Lisa (Soulsby), Brooke, Meegan and Justin xx

05-04-2009 21:29 hour
the naki cousins ( np , nz )

Hi Rory, WOW butterfly creek is such an awsome place logan has been there 2 times now and it is just amazing - but yeah it gets very hot!!!  Its great that you have gotten to do as see some really cool places in the last couple of days, and you got to go out and have some fun - you have been so brave and you deserve some fun time.  We have got all our fingers and toes crossed tight for you that your surgery goes well on tuesday and we will be sending you lots of big hugs that will make you feel better when you wake up after your operation.  Keep smiling big brave boy - you are so amazing - keep up the good work!!! (and leigh, shaun and sam - hugs to all you guys to, we are sending all of you our love - take care)

05-04-2009 20:03 hour
Kody Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hi Rory! Butterfly creek is cool we went there a couple of years ago boy it is hot in the butterfly enclosure!  We held a rabbit too but I can remember what colour it was!  Thankyou Rory for the cool rubber! and for spending your own pocket money on me!  I stayed at Kories place last night and we went out to the beach and looked at the stars and moon through a telescope!  I saw Saturn! The moon was full of bumps and holes it was really cool!  We went and helped stack your firewood today.  It was hot! afterwards we jumped on your trampoline with Sam and kicked balls around!  Mum gave us all a bag of lollies!  there is some coming down for you and your Mum!  Stink school tomorrow!  I have not caught up to you on the spelling graph yet.  One good thing is it is Easter next weekend so only 4 days at school then holidays!  Hope we get to see each other then! Keep Cool and goodluck for your next operation on Tuesday.

05-04-2009 18:33 hour
Margaret Morrison ( Dargaville )

Kia Ora Rory.I'm Korie's Nana Morrison. I bet you enjoyed Butterfly Creek. Did you go for a ride on the train? Korie and I and his cousin Aedan went there a couple of years ago and they held a black and white rabbit.I wonder if it is still there! Another neat place to explore is the kids area at the Auckland Museum. They have lots of dead bugs and spiders in drawers that you can look at; it's really cool. I don't think Korie's mum Kathryn would like the spiders, though!With very best wishes to you and your family