08-04-2009 19:39 hour

Hi Rory, glad to hear your operation went well, we are all thinking of you, love Shaynia, Kane, Teresa and Craig, hope to see you at school soon...(from Shaynia)

08-04-2009 19:28 hour
Tara Nichols ( Waihue )

Hey Rory.I use to go on your bus last year when I was at school. You might know my sisters; Lexi, Sasha and Xanthea and my brother; Kyle.Happy birthday for the 27th. Hope you got lots of nice presents. . Hope the Easter Bunnys good to you and Sam.Glad to hear that your operation yesterday went well. All our family hope you feel better soon. x o

08-04-2009 17:43 hour
the greens ( dargaville , nz )

to rory,leigh,sean wishing you all well, and thinking of you all, glad the op went ok.can't wait to see rory's smiling face down at footy. all the best mel, sam, charley and will   

08-04-2009 17:40 hour
Cindy Rimmington ( Auckland , NZ )

Hi Rory. We are delighted to hear the second op went well, even if very long.  Hopefully tomorrow and every other day you will get better and better, and your Mum and Dad will keep cracking funny jokes.  I'm following your Mum's advice and putting my feet up and resting so I hope you are too.  My parents are in Auckland visiting and they say hi and good luck for a speedy recovery too.  Love Cindy, Neville, Irene and Kevin.

08-04-2009 17:28 hour
sam chitty ( dargaville )

to rory i hope your operation makes you better and the easter bunny visits starship. our class is doing what makes us unique. i am waiting to see you at school. from sam

08-04-2009 17:08 hour
brodie blackwood ( dargaville , nz )

hi rory i have been  crying for you and i miss you. you have a cute smile and i am looking at  the  pitcures  of you and you have  your name on your i patch. i can't wait for you to feel better  so you can  come back to school. did my card help  you get better love Brodie

08-04-2009 17:02 hour
Lisa Greville ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hi Rory and family.
I am Connor Johnson's Mum.  I am so glad your operation went well yesterday.  Connor was chatting about how your class are going to have a new teacher.  This website is fantastic she will be able to see how you are doing too.  Although I don't really know you our whole family are thinking about you, Mum, Dad and Sam often.  You are an amazingly brave little boy!  We look forward to hearing about your steps to recovery.

08-04-2009 16:51 hour
Kody Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hi Rory, i was wondering how you are feeling?  I liked your new pictures.  Miss Barr is leaving tomorrow is her last day!  We will have a new teacher next term her name is Miss Whiting dont worry we will tell her all about you!  I think I am going to play at Caids place on Friday he turned 8 on Wednesday.   It stopped raining at lunch today so we got to play outside, we played watching out for blue on the playground, do you remember playing that?

08-04-2009 15:49 hour
Korie Morrison ( Dargaville )

Hi Rory today Miss Barr told us she is leaving and we will have a new teacher after the holidays I am sad she is going. There is one more day of school yay holidays.  my cousins are coming to visit this weekend.  We posted you a letter today hope you like it there is a picture of my science table in it and we made you a game.  From Korie xox

08-04-2009 15:43 hour
Janice McLean ( Dargaville )

Hi Rory,
It is really good to read how you are doing every day. I am so pleased the operation went well. What a brave boy you have been!
Today is my last day of the term at school because tomorrow Mrs Vincent will be in to teach. I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.
I think all of Dargaville is thinking of you and praying that you have a speedy recovery.
A big 'Hi' to your amazing family.
Love from Miss McLean