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20-02-2018 23:27 hour
jamesolive ( USA , USA )

Truly you have out done yourself by creating this site, along with many other ones. I have read many of the things inside of changing minds, and I can definitely see myself growing from the inside out. Keep up the great work, it's really helpful for a lot of people!

18-01-2016 10:40 hour
Janice McLean ( Dargaville )

Hi to all the Gardiners,
I have finally caught up with all your happenings - such a lot of interesting things taking place in your lives. The other thing that made me write this is that I was in Whangarei last Wednesday 6 January. I went to the café in Mitre 10 for lunch and was sure I saw Rory but it wasn't you Leigh, that was with him. He is just the way I remembered him as a Year 2 pupil way back when he was in our class at DPS - only taller and more mature. Did I imagine it? Wishing you all the very best now and in the future.

23-07-2015 14:44 hour

Hi guys, just keeping in touch and letting you know that we are thinking of you all. We are in the thick of calving at the moment so it is really busy, no sheep this year, haven't had any for quite a while. The next door neighbour had one last year and it is very friendly and keeps us amused with stories of what it is up to. Lots of Love from us.

14-07-2015 21:17 hour
Trudi ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

hi! I feel so bad I haven't been in contact much lately. But know you are often in our thoughts. Life has got very busy for the Johnston/Woollam household. Craig and I recently purchased McKay electrical in town and are both working their. And we have begun building our home at Redhill. Our household is kept bay with these new ventures on top of Kody at High School, Ben at intermediate and Stella at primary school and Holly coming up 18 months keeps us all on our toes.
Sending love and lots of hugs to you all. Leigh you still manage to amaze me with your updates and what you can pack into life. Love you xx

28-10-2014 21:47 hour
Annemarie Gallagher ( Rotorua , NZ )

Hi Rory and family!!!
We saw your message on Joshua's website today, I'm sorry I dont go to it very often, just wanted to say a big 'HellO!!!!' and so glad you are going awesome Rory! Joshua is six and has just gone two years, he had his most recent scan on Friday 24th. You have the most beautiful eyes Rory and we wish you well. We own a motel in Rotorua and we do reduced priced stays for Onc families that are up this way. Take care, hope you had a great time in Arrowtown! love, The Gallaghers, Annemarie, Mike, Daniel,Joshua and Georgia x