02-04-2009 09:06 hour
William Hamlin ( Australia )

Hi Rory.  I cant wait to come back to NZ to see you and Ethan and Cody and everybody.  We go to Alligator Creek School here and we have to wear a uniform!!  We live at the beach.  I shoot green ants every day, and break their nests.  They get angry and bite me and my sister.  There are kangaroos on the golf course every day.  We can't swim in the sea because there are stinger jellyfish - just like on Nemo!  The big turtles like on Nemo came up and laid their eggs in the sand on our beach.  The babies have all gone now.  Hope you feel better soon. 

02-04-2009 08:14 hour
Grannie & Grandad ( Whangarei )

Big Hugs for our special boy. Sam says Hi, he will be doing his swimming at the Northern Wairoa Swimming tomorrow. All your mates at school are missing you. Grandad is up in Russell hunting today, & says to say high 5 to his big little mate. It was really awesome to spend time with you on your birthday & finally be able to give you hugs matey. Love to Sean & Leigh, stay strong. Grannie & Grandad

02-04-2009 07:56 hour
Tracy Milich ( Stillwater , NZ )

Hi Rory I'm Korie Morrison's Aunty  Korie's mum shared your story with me and so here I am sending you a message.  I have loved looking through your photos, you have such a beautiful smile.  I'm sending you and your family lots of love and good thoughts.  I look forward, to meeting you at Korie's one day soon, Tracy xx 

02-04-2009 07:55 hour
Mandy McGregor ( New Plymouth , New Zealand )

Hi Rory, hope your day is going ok so far.   Do you get to go to Ronald McDonald House for the weekend with mum?  Hope so!  Take care, Mands

02-04-2009 07:43 hour
Donna Moore ( Whangarei )

Hi Rory, it's your cousins here.  Josh, Dylan, Ethan and me are sending lots of love your way.  The boys can't wait to catch up with you and run around.  Hope you had a great birthday!  Hugs and kisses to you, Sam, Dad and Mum.  We're all thinking of you.  Sean and Leigh anything you need just let us know.  Donna, Josh, Dylan and Ethan.

02-04-2009 07:42 hour
Leanne Clark ( Whangarei , New Zealand )

You don't know me Rory, but I use to work with your Mum at Whangarei District Council.  Our thoughts and best wishes are with you and your family.  My heart goes out to you all and just can't imagine what you are going through.  My son is 7 soon and he has been to Starship for a heart operation - they are amazing there.  All the best for the treatment and operations.  God be with you.

02-04-2009 06:33 hour
Barbara Scott ( New Plymouth )

Hi Rory, You dont know me but I go to archery with Mandy. Mandy shot well at a tournament in the weekend and got a qualifying score for the Commonwealth Games. Best wishes to you and your family. Get well soon and keep up that lovely smile. Barbara 

01-04-2009 20:11 hour
Vaughan & Sue Vujcich ( Pakaraka )

We are with you all the way Rory - you are one awesome boy !! Love &  hugs from Great Granny V and us all up here. And a special hug & thoughts to your Mum &  Dad (hang in there Sean & Leigh - we're thinking of you and keeping up with the daily news/progress via Sandy &  Alan). All our love Vaughan, Sue, Troy, Blake &  Jana

01-04-2009 20:07 hour
Tracy House-Martins ( Sydney , Australia )

To Leigh, Rory, Sean and Sam I saw this on Mandy McGregor's facebook page and had to look. Leigh, I don't believe we knew each other really well, but I can't imagine anything worse than having a child that you brought into the world be so sick. My only baby, Cooper, also turns 7 this year and I would be devastated if anything happened to him. I send thoughts of strength and perserverance and wish you all the best for a happy ending to this... From Tracy, Marty & Cooper

01-04-2009 19:53 hour
Noel & Cail Downie ( OPUA , New Zealand )

Hi Rory. Sorry to see you in hospital,hope you are being spoilt. Love your pictures. Looking forward to taking you and of course dad out flounder spearing one night when you are up and about.