01-04-2009 07:37 hour
Karen Joyce ( Dargaville , NZ )

Hi Rory, My name is Karen, I work at DOC in Dargaville.  I meet you at the Baylys Beach Bonanza on Feb, 6 this year.  I just want to say you are a brave young lad, stay strong and get better real soon.. Hang in there Leigh, Sean &  Sam.. buy him lots of goodies and spoil him rotten, my kids tell me it works a treat.. love to you all..Karen Joyce

31-03-2009 20:41 hour
Kelly Batley ( New Plymouth , New Zealand )

Hi Leigh, Sean, Rory and Sam I know it has been years but at times like these we all need to rally together. I hope my donation helps.  Rory - i wish you a speedy recovery.  Leigh - my thoughts are with you. Kia Kaha - Kelly Batley & family xxx

31-03-2009 19:56 hour
Michelle Turner ( Palmerston North , New Zealand )

Hi Leigh, Sean, Rory and Sam - my thoughts, hopes and prayers are with you guys at the moment.  Rory, I hope you are on the mend real soon, and will be up and running around with your brother. Stay strong you guys, xox Michelle, Rob, Ethan and Niamh

31-03-2009 19:39 hour
Hugo Kelliher ( Baylys Beach , New Zealand )

Hi Rory - and all the family.   We just can't believe what you are going through.  We are coming to do a show in Auckland on Saturday and are hoping it would be okay to come and visit.  My mum will ring your mum Saturday afternoon to see how you are feeling and if its okay.  The eye patch is really cool.  We hope you had a good Birthday too.  Lots of love and hugs from all my family, Hugo

31-03-2009 18:51 hour
Teri Gardiner ( Gold Coast , Australia )

Hey Rors - thinking of you every day and sending you squillions of hugs (and pressies)! Lots and lots of love, Auntie Teri and Uncle Graham.

31-03-2009 18:41 hour
Debbie Longhurst (Richardson) ( New Plymouth , New Zealand )

Hey Leigh, I dont think I have seen you since school, but now work with Guy in the Sport Taranaki building.  I saw this link on facebook and wanted to say hi and send you our thoughts and prayers - hope all goes well. xxx

31-03-2009 18:28 hour
Michelle Tubby ( Auckland )

Hello Rory! I used to go to school with your Mum many years ago (Hi Leigh!) and I just wanted to say GET WELL SOON! (and I think your eye patch looks really cool!)

31-03-2009 16:14 hour
Briana Schofield

Hope you get well soon Rory, from Briana

31-03-2009 16:08 hour
Janine Schofield ( New Plymouth , NZ )

Hey Rory, hope today went well, keep strong and give Mum a big hug from me, we are all thinking of you all the time, hope to get up and see you soon, love janine

31-03-2009 16:08 hour
Jo Brimelow ( Normanby , NZ )

Hey guys, have been thinking about you all day hoping that the operation has gone okay, Cindy is doing a wonderful job of keeping us all updated and now we have this great website to check out as well. All our fingers and toes are crossed for a speedy recovery!  Jo, Shelton, Finn, Caleb & Emma