21-09-2010 21:26 hour
Kathryn Milich ( Dargaville )

Hey there everyone,  fantastic effort in the cross country Sam what an awesome result!  Korie got 10th in his cross country which qualified him to go to Northern Wairoa!  He was very excited, however found the run extremely hard with a rather steep hill climb, he came in 26th and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Nice to hear that you are looking after mum so well boys, she'll be a hard one to slow down!  Korie has to deliver his speech tomorrow and has chosen to write about nana and grandads new farm.  Jamie has had 2 hospital stays recently due to concerns that the midwife has had however all is well and she is still in one piece!  The countdown is on and her due date is about 4 weeks away.  Well we are about done with all the wind and cold and would happily embrace some sunshine and warmth, we thought our roof might blow off the other night it was wild outside but luckily we only suffered a twisted gate.  Our friends trampoline was thrown into the next paddock and broken into pieces!  That was Liams tramp Rory they put pictures on facebook it was crazy!  Well it's nearly my bedtime so until next time hugs to you all, take care and god bless xox

20-09-2010 20:24 hour
jane ( whangarei )

congratulations on the soccer ball belly (Leigh) and passing the test (Rory)
Willow just turned 8 so we are recovering from the sleepover birthday party!
love to you all 

20-09-2010 16:41 hour
The Johnstons ( Dargaville , NZ )

Hi!  Nice update. Its amazing to see Rorys Story is still reaching people! 
Good luck with the Job!  Lovely to hear the boys are looking out for you and willing to fetch and carry for you! 
We had an interesting day at Nana and Poppas yesterday.  we went out for afternoon tea for Poppas Birthday (which is on Tuesday 21st)  Kody and Ben made a bee line for the dirt pile which they drive cars around in ride bikes in and over and on this day dug and raked it.  As I casually looked out at them playing in the wind,  I nearly choked on my cuppa!!! they were swinging the tools around pounding them into the dirt and flinging it  all over the lawn.  It looked very dangerous, so I told them to pick up all the clumps off Poppas lawn and to stop swinging the tolls around.  About 10 minutes later two forlorn little boys came to the with Blood!!!!!!!  Yes Ben had copped the rake Kody was swinging in the head!!! eeekkk (Obviously that put a stop to my cup of tea!) He has a mean looking puncture wound right in the middle of his forhead.  I thought it needed a doctors opinion but was out voted and made up some steri strips to hold it together.  Kody felt really bad about it.  Unfortunatly accidents happen.  I told Ben perhaps it was the fairys getting him for peeing off the trampoline earlier in the day into his SISTERS SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow Sam going to the big game!  That would have been pretty exciting, and getting on TV too!  Cool. 
Well its time for homework and dinner prep now so keep warm and out of the wind.  love to you all from Us xxxxx

14-09-2010 16:53 hour
Trish Hutchinson ( Perth , Australia )

Well After using nearly a box if kleenwipes and six hours of time i should have been spring cleaning. I have read your website every word, looked at every picture and read every message. I think you and your family have been put on this earth to bring out the best in people. The wonderful messages and beautifully written updates have touched me in a way I do not remember having felt this way before. I have laughed and cried, I feel like I know you all so well and your friends with their funny stories be it school updates or the antics of lambs and little boys so full of life.
Wonderful progress and maturing of little ones coping with things most adults could not handle.
Thank you for making me so happy to be alive and thank ful there are people like you all in NZ. I will keep monitoring this wonderful site and Rory (wonderful name) here are some wonderful warm Ozzie wishes coming your way.

09-09-2010 09:36 hour
Sandy ( HELL New Plymouth , NZ )

Hi Guys,
Ian and I have been away for a weeks holiday in Vanuatu which was lovely and a pleasant break from the Taranaki winter, although it is nice to come back and see that we are moving into Spring and that the days are definately getting longer.
Our customers are still falling for the young man with the gorgeous eyes,(that's you Rory!)so pop in when you are in town next and pick up your bag of cash!
Better get going on today's pizza dough, best wishes to you all, Cheers Sandy.

04-09-2010 19:23 hour
Vania ( NZ )

Its been a while since we checked up.  We've had a big move as well back to NZ from Oz and so can sympathise with the huge task of packing, unpacking and settling into new circles.  William remembers you well Rory, even though its been a couple of years since he saw you last.  He talks of you often and all his mates from DPS.  He thought your trike looked 'mean!'.  : )

30-08-2010 10:05 hour
The Johnstons ( Dargaville , NZ )

P.S  The 'Rorys Journey' is very good!!!!  made me have a will boo hoo!!

30-08-2010 09:55 hour
Trudi, Kody and Stella ( Dargavegas , NZ )

Hello!  Wow a beautiful bump!!!  Thanks for sharing!!!!  Kody is home sick today cough cough coughing!!!....Stella is pretty happy to have big brother home with her today.  The only way i could get Ben off to school was to buy him lunch!  jeez bribery and corruption alive and well!!  Hope you are all well lots of love fromThe Johnstons xxxxxx

29-08-2010 19:54 hour
Kathryn and Korie ( Dargaville )

Hi dee hi everyone,  Well, well another Gardener boy to add to the family, what a very lucky wee lad he will be to have such awesome big brothers!!  I was so bummed for you all to hear that the big trip is off, but I gotta tell ya everyday sounds like an adventure in your household!  Jamie is growing bigger by the day and has about 6 weeks to go till her due date, we went shopping for our grandson today and it is getting very exciting, I can't wait to meet this little dude, who I feel is going to have a big imapct on our lives.  Jamie is keeping well but is just starting to feel the imapct of carrying all the extra weight.  And I must say Leigh nice photo of the belly, very cool pic!!  Well Nana and Grandad Morrison have moved to the Glen Murray area and are living on an amazing farm with sheer cliffs, heaps of wild goats, turkeys and they have even seen the odd dear roaming the hills.  We stayed with them during queens birhtday weekend and Korie got to go goat hunting, he is so into it. And rory, dude speaking to 400 plus people at assembly, I am totally amazed by your bravery and ability to take on all that comes your way, you are an inspiration.  Nice goal scoring Sam, a cool dude on the field as usual.  Well Korie is getting ready for bed and he says hello and goodnight, love and hugs to you all from the Morrisons xox

27-08-2010 17:17 hour
Zane Williams ( Whangarei )

hello all i just your video hope you feeling better rory i likelego too rory  From Zane