25-01-2011 08:56 hour

Its so nice to check in and see that things are going so well. A new baby in the house is such a treasure, enjoy. Lots of love from Tangowahine

13-01-2011 16:27 hour
The Johnstons ( Dargaville , Nz )

Happy New Year to you all too!! WOW dont go letting a baby slow you down!!!  You are constantly an inspiration!  Amazing!  Glad to hear everyone has settled with the arrival of Colt.  I still remember the days when Stella was just a new arrival in our home, I remember one day leaving the boys in charge while I hung out the washing...only to arrive back inside to find Stella covered in chocolate cake!!! They had been trying...successfully to make her laugh by blowing raspberries!!!!  It was quite funny! 
We went camping at the lakes again this year, turns out we are not very good at it!!  arrived on the 27th then on the 28th we were blown out!!  white caps on the lake rain and wind were opening our tent flaps so everything was getting very wet.  After a falling table hit me on the head I decided we were going!!  After packing up we were driving out when a cousin ran out to let us know she had another tent at home we could use!  So we went home dried everything over night and headed back up the next day.  It was memorable!   The boys have been out at the farm "helping" with the shearing and Bill and Daniel (cousins) took them possum hunting at night.  They returned home very tired yesterday. 
Well children are starting to get hungry.....again so I should go and prepare some dinner.  looking forward to the next adventures.  lots of Love from Us xxxxx

06-01-2011 15:58 hour

Kiaora Whanau
Nga mihi ana kia koutou mo to pepi o Colt Ngahere!!!!
Congratulations to your new pepi- Sam,Rory,Leigh B and Sean
We had a quite christmas whereby i didn't have to cook for once,so off to beach we went and threw all the christmas ham,fresh tomatoes,avocado,applecucumbers and lettuce into the chilly bin and enjoyed and relaxed with no worries. Alas though i had to fork out some more money for brandon & justins birthday on the 29th & 30th so i went into the new year broke,sober but very happy all the same.
Lots of hugs and kisses to you all

29-12-2010 21:06 hour
Janice McLean ( Dargaville )

I have only just opened up my computer since the busy time before Christmas! So, congratulations Leigh - I am so pleased that you and your family have another little man to share your days. Hope Christmas was as enjoyable as mine with family and friends. Best wishes for a happy and stress free New Year. 

26-12-2010 18:26 hour
Tracy Horne ( waihue, dargaville )

A very warm welcome to you Colt Ngahere, and congratulations Leigh, Sean, Sam, and Rory!!
How fabulous to have him born without undue fuss - all in a days work!!! It was 13 years, plus a few hours more, ago that Nikau was born, around 10.15 am on December 18th. He was given a pohutukawa which has his placenta under it, and it blooms for him each birthday, towering well above him now of course!!
Have a fabulous time getting to know eachother and settling in to a new family dynamic.
Kia Kaha
Arohanui, from us at Harakeke xxx

26-12-2010 15:42 hour
Merilyn Stevens ( Dargaville )

Congratulations to you all. Merry Christmas

25-12-2010 06:05 hour
Jenny B ( Dargaville )

Merry Christmas to you all

22-12-2010 16:25 hour
Sandy ( HELL New Plymouth )

Congrats, such a special time for you all. What a lucky wee boy to have such awesome big brothers, not to mention Mum and Dad of course.
We are having Rebecca's 21st birthday tomorrow so we know what it's like to have a Christmas baby!
Take care, The Blackburns.

22-12-2010 09:31 hour
Louise Pocklington ( Dargaville )

Congratulations on the arrival of Colt.  A very Merry Xmas to you all and all the best for 2011.

21-12-2010 09:11 hour
The Johnstons ( Dargaville , NZ )

Congratulations!!! So happy Colt arrived in time for Christmas!!  Loving the photos!!  Enjoy your Christmas together.  Welcome to the Five Club!!  lots of Love from The Johnstons xxxxxxxxxxx