01-08-2010 18:53 hour

Have been checking the website a few times a day waiting to hear how you got on, what great news - I am so relieved for you all.  Wow can't believe you gad-abouts are off to Disneyland, what a great week, long may it continue!

01-08-2010 16:04 hour
Julie and Zane Williams ( Whangarei )

Have been holding our breath too and rapt to hear the great news.How exciting to hear about your Disney trip.I made a decision to take my boys to Disneyland in LA in Sept to make some new happy family memories after our last 18 months so now we're getting excited as it gets closer. Love reading your updates and so thrilled all is well with you in the Naki. J

01-08-2010 14:21 hour
jane ( Whangarei )

hoping the MRI and all the tests went well...thinking of you all!

29-07-2010 21:46 hour
Leesa Andrewes ( Baylys Beach )

Hi Rory, Sam, Leigh and Sean.  Its been a while since Ive been on your website, have thought of you often but just came onto your website tonight to see how things are going.  Congratulations on the news of a new family member on its way! How exciting. Hope morning sickness doesnt last much longer for you Leigh. Great to hear you are all continuing to get out and about on all sorts of adventures and Rory, you are working so hard and putting in so much effort every day - good on you! Glad to hear Sam has already into Soccer. My baby Jarno is 14mths old now, running around the place and already getting cheeky!  I am doing a bit of coaching in the High School and we are looking forward to getting into the warm Dargaville pools when they open in October. Enjoy the new house and hopefully some Northland warmth reaches you soon.

27-07-2010 17:47 hour
Kathryn and Korie ( Dargaville )

Firstly, we are thinking about you all over the next couple of days, and sending strength and love.  The last three months have been crazy with life in general.  My dad had major heart surgery and has come out the other side amazingly well.  We can all relax now that he is sorted and healthy.  Jamie is growing a very big round belly and we found out that she is having a boy! Still seems odd that I'm going to be a nana!!! Korie is pretty excited to be getting a nephew.  Work has been keeping me fairly busy and I have to admit that I have fallen behind in keeping up with your happenings!  Korie says 'I hope that you are feeling good' he is a boy of few words huh? lol.  Anyway time to get dinner sorted, thinking of you all often Love from the Morrisons xox

21-07-2010 20:23 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , NZ )

HI!  Its raining here.  We have just returned from the big rugby game here in Dargs.  Ben got to play in the curtain raiser (Rippa Rugby) Northland lost to Auckland but it was a good game.  The boys got to finish school early for it too!  Unfortunatly my bag was stolen which put a bit of a dampner on the whole day!  The Police ogt right onto it and recovered the bag and the camera but not the wallet or the keys! 
The photos are great!  We missed out on getting one of the boys together, so will make a point of doing it next year.
Stella has had her call up for afternoon Kindy and will start next Thursday.  She is super excited.
Sounds like you have settled in nicely in Inglewood.  The walks you take sound very cool.  Your ability to explain the sound of the boulders crashing with the waves was pretty good!  Its so great to hear Rory getting around on his bike, it must be quite liberating. 
We will all be thinking about you next week and sending our powerful thoughts your way.  Take care Lots of Love Trudi xxxxx and co! xxxxx

19-07-2010 21:38 hour
jane ( whangarei )

bless that little heartbeat! thinking about you all down there in the cold...

18-07-2010 11:06 hour

Tangowahine Tales
We have a new family member called 'Mr Nanny Goat'. Yep, our worker has this goat who has lived with the herd for the last year and a bit. Well the herd is split up at the moment into various different lots for various different (calving etc) reasons and Mr Nanny Goat is a bit lost without his girls. So he followed the boys home the other day while they were riding their new birthday bikes. Well, Ethan loves the goat and Rueben constantly pushes him away. So when we had the really cold weather/frosts, the goat slept at the backdoor, so close to the backdoor in fact that one had to step over it to get to the wood to stoke up the fire. Well this was okay, I didn't have a problem with it, the boys kept the back door step swept. Anyways, I looked out the window the other morning and saw Mr Nanny Goat eating my Garden!! Well, I'm a crap gardener at the best of times so I didn't appreciate him munching on what little I have in there. That was it, the goat had to go back to Sam's. That took a couple of days to organise but man was he woeful until he went, he must of known, every time he looked at me that I had rejected him. What is it with white animals on this farm and hanging around the house, we came home the other day to find the sheep had found their way back onto the deck! So, I just had to share that with you. Good to hear about the hair cut Rory. Take care, thinking of you all. Brenda 

16-07-2010 13:18 hour
Sandy ( HELL New Plymouth )

Hi Guys,

Isn't the mountain glorious? Every morning I open the curtains to see the mountain from one window and the sea from the other. It was definately one of the things that drew me back to Taranaki after being away for years. Family too of course.
People are still showing a wonderful generosity when they come into the store so next time you are passing call in for some counting practice!

Take care,

11-07-2010 21:40 hour
The Johnstons ( Dargaville , NZ )

Hi Hope the holidays are going well and you have all recovered.  We had quite the frost here this morning, Kody and Ben went outside at about 9am to scrape the ice off the trampoline and crunch around on the grass!! Brrrr Kody was very excited to receive the mail a few days ago, we lost his noise for a good hour while he went through everything!!  THANK YOU!!!   Look out in your mail box real soon. xxx  I would like to request some baby bump photos on here please!!  Take care keep warm and well.  Lots of love the Johnstons xxxxx