26-06-2010 13:13 hour
The Johnstons ( Dargaville , NZ )

Hi Hop ethe move went well and you have a lovely night in your home!  Thinking of you lots Love USXXXX

20-06-2010 20:35 hour
tayla ( dargivlle , n.z )

hi rory it really good to hear that ur back at school hope that ur enjoying school oh yer and could u please tell miss hallett i said hi just tell her it from blondie

14-06-2010 15:45 hour
The Johnstons and Korie ( Dargaville , NZ )

Hi!!!! So happy to hear the boys are all settling into the swing of things!  Sean in a TIE!!!!!!  tee hee The rugby supporters photos are very cool!  We still all miss you up here.  Cant wait to come and visit!  But will let you all settle in first.  Take care xxxxxx

11-06-2010 17:44 hour
kody ( Dargaville , nz )

to rory thanks for being a good friend to me.I miss you heaps.there is a new boy in my class called Daniel.I didn't get into the reps this year from kody

07-06-2010 08:22 hour
jason wendy logan and mikayla ( naki )

oops - what a laugh - just noticed it i actually meant to type "hi family"

07-06-2010 08:20 hour
jason wendy logan and mikayla ( naki )

hi gamily and welcome home to the naki. logan is busting to see you all, but as you know with the nasty broken leg it is going to be a very stay at home kind of catch up - sorry as yet we cant pop out and venture the hills with you all. But he is looking so forward to having you all here to keep him busy and keep his sister off him - that plaster cast is a right pain - he now has less of the severe pain spasms but is still getting by with the heavy duty pain killers to help with the throbbing - you can see his xrays today they are very impressive - he is just gutted that the basketball and rugby will have to be off for the rest of the season. hey family see you all very soon love and hugs wendy jason logan and mikayla

04-06-2010 20:06 hour
jane c ( whangarei )

Bummer that you have that pain Rory - it must be scary getting ready for bed knowing that may be ahead... hoping that medication does the trick... 
i must have been away from here more than i thought because i re read this entry twice and i am sure i read pregnancy and morning sickness! CONGRATULATIONS to all 4 of you - how lovely - we have been going through baby clothes in this house so if you want some pink cast offs (lovely though) let me know!!   

02-06-2010 20:11 hour
The Johnstons ( Dargaville , NZ )

Hi!!  God I was hanging out for an update!!!  So happy to hear the school transition is going well.  Sounds like quite a cool school.  They are very lucky to have you boys!!  Bummer about the shingles side effect, poor you Rory.  I hope Leigh, you are taking some time to put your feet up.  In bed at 8pm sounds like a very sensible plan!  I bet you cant wait for Sean to arrive, and then to move into your new home.  I think that will be the best medicine for you all. 
Tonight we have Korie staying over as Kathryn is in Auckland for a few days.  Pandemonium reigned in our house thisafternoon!!!  Adam came over for a play too.  In our small house 4 boisterous boys and a very tired little girl made for a very noisy time!!!  I was raining of and on so they came inside and made planes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks Sean!!!  needless to say while I was preparing dinner there were a few zooming past my head!  but it all turned out good no broken windows, doors, or bones!!  There is no school on Friday yippee!!   But the fashion show I have been involved with organizing is on so I will be busy!!  Kody has 2 rugby games on Sat morn and Ben has 1.  Last week Kody earned himself a joint player of the day with 2 other boys.  The team played really well and it was a very exciting game to watch.  Kody took a hard tackle to the ground (I had to look away!) and when getting up his foot made accidental hard contact with an opposition players nose...resulting in a blood nose!!  Ben scored 2-3 tries for his team (if you ask Ben he will say he got 7 tries!)  Keep up the great work.  We miss you lots up here in the 12-18 degree temps!!hehehe  Lots of Love The Johnstons...and Korie xxxxxx

31-05-2010 14:17 hour
jane ( Whangarei )

oh crap shingles can be nasty - good on you for sussing them out Leigh... Glad you have made it to the Naki... trusting that the school visit went well and that you are feeling better Rory... sending love and Northland sunshine - please say hullo to the mountain from me

30-05-2010 10:55 hour

Hi ya, just a quick note to wish you all the best, my mother in law has just turned up (!!!) so better go, hope all is going well.