24-05-2010 20:02 hour
matai ( waihue, dargaville , nz )

Hi guys, sorry I didn't say a proper goodbye to you last week Sam and Rory, I didn't realise you were leaving that day!! Hope you are feeling better Rory, and you like your new home in Taranaki. We look forward to seeing you one day when you come back to visit.
Goodbye from the Newman-Horne's

24-05-2010 09:28 hour
Sandy ( New Plymouth , NZ )

Welcome back to Taranaki. So sorry that Rory has been back in Hospital and that he has had to endure this on top of everything else but hopefully he is again on the road to recovery. Hope you don't get to much of a shock with the cooler temps when you get here, but seeing the mountain always makes up for it for me.
Take care, saandy and co at HELL New Plymouth.

22-05-2010 15:38 hour

Well, I am so behind the eight ball! Haven't checked the website for a week and look what I miss!!! Congratulations on every thing, especially your new baby!!!! I wanted an excuse to knit and now I have one. Some exciting things to look forward to. Lots of love from Tangowahine  

20-05-2010 11:13 hour
Heni ( Te Ngahere O Waipoua , Nz )

Kiaora Whanau
(Tino hari koa taku ngakau ki te kitea ia kourua)- My heart was so happy to see you both yesterday, i could even see that glow  on you Lee b, the one that mothers have when they are hapu and that is awesome to know.That time i spent with you yeseterday is so precious to me and even getting a nice warm hug from you Rory before i left just made the rest of my day run smoothly. I'm sorry i didn't get to see you "Sam the Man" but all my love to you!!!. Safe journeys to your new "Whare" whanau
Ps: As i walking back to my truck yesterday and watching you Lee b going back into the classroom i began to shed a few tears as i was remembering the time when we first met each other right up until this very moment. I'll miss you my friend
Ma te Anahera hei manaakitia koutou mo ake tonu atu
May the Angels continue to look after you all forever and ever
Heni  xxxxxxxoooooxxx

19-05-2010 20:15 hour
Korie Morrison ( Dargaville )

i hope you have a good time in your new house i will miss playing with you bye from korie

19-05-2010 19:36 hour
jason wendy logan and mikayla ( np )

wow is one word i can say - we are over the moon for you all - awesome news and fantastic that we get to be a part of your new bubs life down here. as for the age gap - welcome to my world - i have the 9 year age gap and i tell you its awesome logan is the ever awesome and helpful big brother - and rory you know how mikayla loves to follow you and cuddle you and rub your fuzzy head and throw barbie doll clothes at you (I stilll laugh at that) well now you can have a wee bubby of your own that mikayla can teach all those tricks to!!!! cant wait she will love having a baby to dote on - she just loves babies (dosnt realise she is one herself). Mikayla goes in on friday for her grommets so we are nwervouse for that too, so good luck tomorro rory hope all goes well for you - we are thinking of you all love and hugs wendy jason logan and mikayla

18-05-2010 16:00 hour
Tracy Horne ( waihue, dargaville )

Kia Ora, and congratulations!! Iwouldn't be worried about age or what others think, I still think 'what if?', and I'm pretty passed it!! Oh the buzz and joy. A time for new beginnings in Inglewood, all the very best....happiness, peace and patience!! Our love to you all.
Faith, Trust, and Let it Be
Om Shantih, Tracy

18-05-2010 12:46 hour

HUGE Congratulations!!! Thats so awesome, would love to be having another wee bubby ourselves : ).   The sickness however is not awesome, in fact its downright awful.  Hope it passes soon.  Thinking of you all.   

18-05-2010 07:07 hour
Julie Williams ( Whangarei )

How awesome for you all. I have never regretted having a 3rd son, Zane. He is 7 years younger than Josh and a very treasured member of our family. So try not to worry what others think, look after yourself and thinking of you with all the things going on. See you on a soccer field soon maybe.

17-05-2010 18:21 hour
Sandy ( HELL New Plymouth , NZ )

Wow, congrats to you all, what wonderful news.
When you get a chance come in to visit me at work I have a bag of coins for the boys to count and bank!