12-08-2010 17:46 hour
The Johnstons ( Dargaville , NZ )

WOW!!!  So cool to read that Rory Ran 400m!!!!!!!!!!!  Kody did a woo hoo and chucked a ball in the air when I told him!  The soccer in the school hall sounds like fun.
A boy aye!!!!  How lovely! Congratulations xxxxx  Now you will need to pick out some names!! 
I bet it was great to see Grandad and Grannie Gardiner and be able to show them around. 
It all sounds like you have settled in nicely.
We have not been up to much.  Rugby winds up this weekend with a prizegiving after the game.  Last weekend Kody earned himself player of the day and we have had the trophy for the week.  Training for the cross country is well underway and scheduled for early September.  Kody is off on Friday night for a birthday sleepover at Devins house with about 3 other boys.  He is just a bit excited.  Stella has started Kindy 3 afternoons a week and LOVES it!  Ben is rugby mad he really enjoys playing. 
Lovely to get another update, its always a treat!  Take care of yourselves.  Lots of Love Us xxxxx

12-08-2010 15:25 hour
jane ( Whangarei )

SUCH GREAT NEWS ABOUT THE SCAN RESULTS! Congratulations to all of you!!! i will go and look at the link now! and well done for making it to the halfway mark Leigh! do we get to see some belly shots sometime soon?

09-08-2010 14:27 hour
Jeni Gorrie ( Dargaville )

Hi there, fantastic to read that Rory had the best results. I went to New Plymouth for the first time in April to attend a week of practical for my Naturopathic studies. What a beautiful part of our country! The Mountain and the sea living in a powerful enery, and a 'balanced' area to be in for Rory to continue to heal.
Also really cool to read that another member of your family is on the way. What a buzz for you all and what a priviledged little person he or she will be to be a part of your lives. Congrats to you all.
Well I just wanted to say hi and my family still think of you often and send happy thoughts.
Love lots, The Gorries.

05-08-2010 20:20 hour
Leesa Andrewes ( Baylys )

Wonderful news! Long may those clear scans continue

05-08-2010 12:59 hour
Sandy ( HELL New Plymouth , NZ )

Hi Gugs,

Thank you for your very cool, devilish drawing Rory, we are going to laminate it and put it up on the wall for all to enjoy. Sorry I missed you bringing it in, I took the evening off to take Ian for his birthday dinner.
Your trip sounds very exciting, I bet you can't wait, make sure we get to see the photos on your return.
Take care all of you,


02-08-2010 05:46 hour
Jenny Bishop ( New Zealand , New Zealand )

Wonderful news :)

01-08-2010 20:51 hour
Merilyn Stevens ( Dargaville )

That's awesome news. have been thinking about you all, especially this week.

01-08-2010 20:27 hour
Kathryn and Korie ( Dargaville )

Excellent news Rory, whoop whoop!!  So awesome to hear you have the all clear again.  We were looking over your photos last night and Korie said that it looks like you have the same bike helmet as he has, he also thinks your bike looks way cool!  Anyway must get Korie off to bed, have a great week at school, oh and say hi to Sam, mum and dad for us.  Love from the Morrisons xox

01-08-2010 18:53 hour

Have been checking the website a few times a day waiting to hear how you got on, what great news - I am so relieved for you all.  Wow can't believe you gad-abouts are off to Disneyland, what a great week, long may it continue!

01-08-2010 16:04 hour
Julie and Zane Williams ( Whangarei )

Have been holding our breath too and rapt to hear the great news.How exciting to hear about your Disney trip.I made a decision to take my boys to Disneyland in LA in Sept to make some new happy family memories after our last 18 months so now we're getting excited as it gets closer. Love reading your updates and so thrilled all is well with you in the Naki. J