29-04-2010 10:25 hour
Heni ( Waipoua Forest , NZ )

Kiaora to the Gardiners
Tino Rawe Rory!! mo to Haerenga. Awesome Rory to hear that you have had good news. Well done to mum,Dad and sam as well. I see that you have had some Kaimoana Tino Reka? Was it delicious.�I will be busy next week helping to prep for my sister's 21st�and the following week we will be doing the final preparations for the Fun Run.
Will keep in touch
Arohanui mo ake tonu atu

27-04-2010 15:09 hour
Deece and Layoni ( Kamo Childcare , New Zealand )

Hiya guys
Hey Layoni and I are coming over to do the Waipoua Forest Walk on May 16th, we've been thinking bout you heaps Rory with everything you've been through and would love to pop in and visit you all.
My mobile number is 0211419455 (Decia) if you'd like to get in touch by text.
Lots of love
Decia and Layoni

26-04-2010 13:44 hour
William Hamlin

Hi Rory, 
Last term I made a robot called a Jobber Robber because it cleans the house.  We had to design it and explain our idea. 
We have three sports teams at school.  They are called Gold Crushers, Red Backs, and Green Gators.  Me and Eva are in Gold Crushers.  We won the last swimming and athletics competitions which rocks. 
Its cool that you are back in school.

25-04-2010 19:24 hour
Kerron and Darrell Thomson ( Dunedin , New Zealand )

hey guys- just letting you know we are still checking up on you and progress of rory. great news for you all in the last few days!!! totally awesome

24-04-2010 20:42 hour
Mom from Finland

Hi Rory and Leigh! And of course the whole family. Happy to hear that everything is ok. I´d like to share our story with you:
Our son was diagnosed medulloblastoma in March 2009. He also got his first symptoms in February: headache and vomiting and fatique. There was one tumor in head and something in the spine. Surgery got away primary tumor. After that they collected the bone marrow in case that would be needed in future. We went also trough 30 times of radiation. After "holiday" they started the cemo accordin to Packer. He went trough 4 cycles of that and 2 cycles of cemo according MOPP. Last week we started the six days high-dose-cemo and after that he got his stem cells back. Now we are in hospital and trying to recover. After transplant he has had fever and he´s been very tired but today is the first day he´s looking a bit better.

Here was our story! Hope Rory will be fine in future and wish you happy days!

Happy toughs from other side of the world!!!!

24-04-2010 19:02 hour
jane ( Whangarei )

that is brilliant news about the MRI - well done all of you - just so thrilled

24-04-2010 13:11 hour
Amber ( taranaki , New Zealand )

Kia Ora

Tonight i am ment to be shaving my head as a fundraiser for your amazing family.
I am gutted to have to tell you i have had to postbone it due to miss understanding.

I hope to hold it very soon.

love amber

23-04-2010 15:37 hour
Trudi ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Well Leigh,  the way you can consolidate everything into words is astounding.  You are an inspiration.  Keep on living in the light.  Love and Hugs to you all, have a great weekend and good luck with your soccer game Sam.  Love from the Johnstons xxxx

22-04-2010 23:42 hour
jason wendy logan and mikayla ( np )

well done and big hugs to you all especially to the man of the moment - well done rory you are just the best!!!!! love and hugs wendy jason logan and mikayla

22-04-2010 22:26 hour
Janice McLean

So pleased that the MRI was clear.