09-03-2010 19:53 hour
shannyn ( dargivlle , n.z )

hi rory ur are all ddone yay any    have heeeeeps of fun at school

09-03-2010 19:37 hour
tayla ( dargivlle , n.z )

hii rory (again) hope ur havin a good time at school i lookd at some of ur photos PRITTY COOL !!!!!! bye!!!!!!!!

07-03-2010 18:26 hour
tayla ( n.z )

hiiiiiiiiiiiiirory heard about the shocking chewing gum(nice one)  hope you full everyone exspeaily miss hallett!!!!!

04-03-2010 22:53 hour
jason wendy logan and mikayla ( np )

only 3 more sleeps to go -  yyyyyyyaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhoooooooooo
and most of all have loads of fun please !!!! take care
love and hugs wendy, jason,logan and mikayla

04-03-2010 17:04 hour
Melissa ( Brisbane , Australia )

Hi there.  Just wanted to wish you all a safe and happy holiday.  Enjoy creating new, wonderful memories together.  The forecast over here is for great weather next week.

28-02-2010 22:43 hour
Amber ( Taranaki , New Zealand )

Hi guys,
A while back i emailed you about doing a fundraiser for rory, I know its been a while im so sorry ( i didnt forget i have been working on it)
Okay so whil im working on it i was wondering if its okay with you if i shave my head for rory (all money will come to your family).

love amber

27-02-2010 16:27 hour
jason wendy logan and mikayla ( np )

yahooooo, done dusted and one very exhausted but happy and proud to have done the camp with no worries at nite at all - just mum who worried - you can try not to but it comes with the territory eh.  seriously logan had no issues at nite at all he was too tired i think - but it sounds like loads of fun was had and he is very keen for camp next year too!!!

25-02-2010 22:06 hour
jason wendy logan and mikayla ( np )

hi there again - i am holding in there - just i didnt sleep much last nite tossed and turned so i hope logan slept better than me at camp - it absolutely bucketed down during the nite so i guess the mud run would have proved very fun for the kids today.  jason should arrive home late tonite with the update for me - good news i hope with logan staying in the cabins with his mates.  i'm sure they have had heaps of fun so far.  mikayla is all out of sorts keeps looking everywhere for logan and her dad and bangs on the door to see if they are coming home yet.  hey sam i bet you are trying to look just like logan with the long hair - quite a way to go if you want to get there he is 3 years without a haircut so far - keep going you can do it !!!!(not that it would look like logan surfy curls tho - mum may have words with me if i encourage you - maybe she would let you get a perm!!!!) ha ha take care love and hugs wendy jason logan and mikayla

23-02-2010 22:51 hour
jason wendy logan and mikayla ( np )

hi there troops, well I think logan is all set and packed for camp tomorro morning, jason is going with him to stay for the first night and will mean 2 full days of fun and gmaes, but he cant stay overnight the last night as he has to fly up to auckland before 7 am on the friday morning so he will hang about till after the lights go out for bedtime on thursday night.  hopefully all will go well - I am a bucket of nerves for logan - and i am trying to be brave - but i know i am not doing a great job really.  I am going out just after breakfast on friday as i am needed for transport home, so me and mikayla will be lost without the boys home, and jason will be home very late on thursday nite and gone very early friday morning.  I also get very woriied about jas driving on the awful gravel winding valley road from the te wera camp (near whangamomoana) back to stratford for the hour trip home to np, man what a bundle of nerves i will be till saturday !!!! arghhhhhhhh.  Anyhow great to hear you are hanging in there with the trekking to and from skool, and Sam great to hear you have had lots of fun on your camp - logan knows you were on camp and is looking forward to the days at his camp but not the nite times - poor thing (here I go again argggghhhh)  anyhow love and hugs to you all - I will be less on edge next time i write and all will be back to normal on our home front again by then xxxx.

23-02-2010 16:59 hour
tayla ( dargivlle , n.z )

hi rory i tayla and im now at intermedite its great to here your all better and all your freinds are now able to play with u