22-04-2010 20:45 hour
Lisa Raymond

I have been following your journey Rory and I just want to say that you are a very, very brave boy and what a neat result of your scan - ye ha!

22-04-2010 20:43 hour
Jenny Bishop ( New Zealand , New Zealand )

That is wonderful!

22-04-2010 20:28 hour
Danielle and Wendy

Yahoo! That is FANTASTIC news

22-04-2010 20:07 hour
Trudi ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

WOW that is amazing!!  Go Rory.  So happy for you all! xxx

22-04-2010 09:15 hour
Sandy ( New Plymouth , New Zeaaland )

To all of the Gardiner and Honner clans, please know that so many of us are with you heart and soul and think of you on a daily basis.

22-04-2010 06:26 hour
jane c ( whangarei )

i will join the many people who are hoping for you Leigh... may this hold you up

21-04-2010 21:10 hour
Kathryn Milich

Hey there guys, thinking of you all during this stage.  Sorry I didn't stop to talk on Monday morning, I had an appointment in Whangarei and needed to get on the road.  Besides going by my past experiences with Trudi, there is never a quick hello!!!  Sorry Trudi but you know it's true.  Looks like we might bump into each other more often now that you are next door to Kories class.  Hugs to you all. The Morrisons xox

20-04-2010 09:03 hour

What a victory getting additional funding for a teacher aide, well done!  Good effort also on the run.  Thinking of you all this week.

18-04-2010 23:51 hour
jason wendy logan and mikayla ( np )

hey there coussies, a huge well done to you sean - not surprised you did so well you are a man on a mission - awesome time and great effort. And you sam and leigh - you have done superb to,- puts us to shame really we are such a lazy bunch down here in comparison to you energetic bunch up there - you will have to whip us into shape when you come back to the naki to stay (take it easy on us tho we are getting too old for too much) great to see in the paper that the hawiian surfer from the dream team carissa won the comp and she was the one that was helping us in our section of the bank when we did the grass planting on the beach. We dug it in with a champion - and to top it all off she donated all her $17,000 or so winnings to the local board riders club - thats amazing i think she was only 17 herself - there are amazing people out there with a very giving nature. there should be loads more like her. any how bedtime for me - take care love and hugs wendy jason logan and mikayla

18-04-2010 15:36 hour
Heni ( Waipoua , NZ )

Kiaora to the gardeners!!!
Congratulations Sean on your run and also to Sam and mum how awesome, and not to forget RORY for your skills with the therapist. Last weekend Jerry the kids and i went to Kawerua for a fish and caught a few snapper and a kahawai and later that afternoon we went down the beach for a ride and would you know it we sank the bottom half of our truck in the sand and water LOL... We eventually got it towed out by a tractor but now it has gone to the panelbeaters to get fixed as the tractor did a bit of damage to the front of the truck. OOPSY!! I'm just glad we are insured for it. For the holidays i inherited another five children for a day which bought it up to nine so i got one of my co-workers to take us up on a hilux to drop us off at the beginning of the Toatoa track and after that we walked from there to the lookout tower and down the lookout track. We were doing very well until we got to the end of the track and blow my mind we all attacked by paper wasps so i had kids left right and center running out of the track on to the main road stripping off there clothes. It looked like who could striptease the best i think cos tourists were driving past in their cars wondering what all these kids were doing. All but two children got stung and after they were stung we all had a good laugh as we were all reliving the event. OOh i forgot to mention that brandon found this huge worm on the lookout track and he brought it with him back to my workplace to show the staff where i work. He ended up letting it go in our little kauri nursery we have at the back of our office buildings
Well gotta go!!!!
He arohanui kia koutou e te whanau