28-03-2010 11:21 hour
jane c ( whangarei )

Laughed out loud at you putting your hand over Dad's mouth!!
Hearing you on the scariness of the next mri  Leigh, but acknowledging that and moving ahead is the bravest course you can sail... 

28-03-2010 09:08 hour
jason wendy logan and mikayla ( np )

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RORY!!!! hope you had a great day buddy and got lots of great birthday presents, we are all looking forward to seeing you guys at easter, logan wants to catch up and hang out with you boys - he misses his cousins so really loves the school holidays- just 5 more sleeps till the holidays and no more school for 2 weeks - oh and the easter bunny makes the holidays really good this time eh!!! mikayla has discovered chocolate - and lllluuuvvvvsss it!!! see you all soon - love and hugs wendy, jason, logan and mikayla

25-03-2010 19:15 hour

No amount of words from me will change anything. But, and we all know I can't keep quiet, thank you for sharing with us. It helps me to understand my sister ... so ... 'Keep on swimming.' Lots of love from Tangowahine  

23-03-2010 16:10 hour
Thomas Hinz ( Auckland , New Zealand )

Hey Rory
Hugo your former class- and "black panther" soccer mate would like to invite you to his new home in Grey Lynn, Auckland. Can you come around?

23-03-2010 10:09 hour
jane ( whangarei )

acknowledging how hard this all is Leigh... i just can't imagine... but sending you strength and honouring your feelings (as woo woo as all that sounds sorry)

19-03-2010 11:07 hour
Vania ( Australia )

Hi Rory and family, what an awesome holiday!!! We are hoping to get down there this year too.  You will be able to give William some advice.  Australia's wildlife is pretty dramatic and amazing, we discover new things every day, and its so nice to see it all afresh through your eyes.  We have had such a learning curve here, with all the bugs, creatures and animals.  Its been quite an experience.  So impressed with all you were able to cram in also.  The time difference plays such havoc, I was very impressed.  Thinking of you all.

18-03-2010 05:37 hour
jane c ( whangarei )

what a milestone...acknowledging just how huge those words are

17-03-2010 14:02 hour
jane c ( Whangarei )

great to hear about your amazing adventures - i feel jetlagged jsut reading about them!

17-03-2010 12:04 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Suck!!!  Onwards and upwards from here!!!!

15-03-2010 19:25 hour
julie williams ( Whangarei )

I've had tears in my eyes reading your tales on the Gold coast - you guys really deserved the limo treatment and the special family holiday to make some new 2010 happy memories. The Shrek 3D is my favourite Rory.