29-03-2012 18:32 hour
Sandy ( New Plymouth , NZ )

Hi Guys,
Think of you all heaps and obviously so do our customers as there is a goody bag ready for collection when you have a chance. We had a busy Womad but had lots of family and staff to help out. Would love to oneday have a ticket and just go and cruise not frantically make pizzas!
Love Sandy.

08-03-2012 21:10 hour
Trudi, Kody, Ben and Stella ( Dargaville , NZ )

Hi!!  Far out the photos in the crater are amazing!!  I am continually in awe at what you can fit into any given day!!!
Heres hoping Sam is feeling better asap and on the mend. Colt is looking super cute he reminds me a bit of Ben at the same age. 
The boys are gearing up for rugby season and getting quite excited.  Kody had a xray on his ankle in February and all was not how it should quite be so we are looking into this problem. 
Ben turned 8 a few weeks ago and he invited 5 of his nearest and dearest...yes one lovely girl.... for a sleepover.  I was exhausted on Sunday afternoon and we all had a nice afternoon sleep.  Kody is having a few friends around for his 10th...hopefully it wont be quite so chaotic??!!  we will see. 
Stella is at Kindy 5 days and will start school end of June!! Quite hard to believe that seems to have come around very fast. 
I have started work ( School hours) 5 days a week at the Dargaville Post Shop/Lotto/Kiwi Bank) Life has become quite busy. 
I feel bad that I dont get to check in on you all more often, but that doesnt mean you are not in our thoughts.  Lots of love from Kody Ben Stella and Trudi xxxx

16-02-2012 15:44 hour
alana ( inglewood , NZ )

hi rory
so good to be back at school hope you are enjoying our new class
from alana

13-01-2012 14:03 hour
alana ( Inglewood , NZ )

hi rory
how are your holidays going
from alana

12-01-2012 09:00 hour
Kody Johnston ( Dargaville , NZ )

my  cast  came off  wensday 11.01.2012 and the doctor  said  I  could  go home.  but  on the  way I fanted  2  times. my  right  foot  looks  like  yours

30-12-2011 21:15 hour
The Johnstons ( Dargaville , NZ )

Hello!!  Was super cool to catch up with you at the Lakes Kody was buzzing with excitement prior to you arriving and yabbered about you lots after you had left.  Oh yes we have your towel too!!  We gave up on camping the next day overnight the winds were unbelievable I wasnt sure the tent was going to last!  So after 2 sleepless nights I made the call to pack it in...the tent pegs were being lifted out of the ground!!  better luck next year huh!! 
You all looked so well.  I am constantly in awe of your total family strength and drive.  It is inspirational!! 
Love to you all xxxx

25-12-2011 16:10 hour

Hi there. Thinking about you guys today and reading the latest on Rory, I hope that the MRI brought you good news especially for Christmas. We were talking about your motorbike today, I think that it has died, Ethan has just ridden it into the ground and I am shocked as to what he can do on it. I am afraid that it has started a passion in him and he is motorbike mad. He now has all the gear, (for Christmas for protection) and has no fear when he rides so we are looking at replacing it and getting him a bigger one. But in the mean time, Rueben tows him around with his quad, a snake chain and anything else they can find to tie to it, tyre, old John Deer Tractor that they used to ride on when they were little, they have destroyed two of those and now they are using an old go cart that they have found. So I hope this message finds you well. Lots of love from Tangowahine.

21-12-2011 14:47 hour
Diana Hudson ( Dunedin , NZ )

Hi All
We may miss you in NP, we are there from 23rd-around 31st. Hope next MRI brings good results. Love and hugs to you all.

16-12-2011 12:30 hour
Heni ( Waipoua Forest , nz )

Kiaora Guys
Wow what an amazing trip,it took me about an hour to read everything and the photo's were soooo cool. Have a very merry christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

15-12-2011 00:27 hour
Michael and Jodi ( Toronto , Canada )

Hello! We are the owners of the vacation home in Kissimmee where you stayed... and my father Chris is friends with Gavin and Julie. What a great story we are so happy to hear about your trip. I think you did more in Florida in one visit than we have done in 10+ trips!! Best wishes.