29-01-2010 22:33 hour
Tanya ( NP , NZ )

Hi Rory. I bought 3 wristbands from Hell Pizza today (1 for me, and 1 each for the kids). I was just having a quick look through your website & I must say you are an amazing, brave little man. Also, I noticed in a lot of your photos that Sam was there with you, helping and caring- what a fantastic brother you have! Lots of love to you and all your family.

29-01-2010 20:04 hour
Kathryn Milich ( Dargaville )

YEEHA RORY!!!! Fantastic news buddy.  We were out at the bach on Wednesday night when Trudi made a special phone call to tell us the latest on your MRI results.  I was so excited for you all, you deserve only good news from here on, what a 'super trooper' you have been Rory.  Korie is having to learn to kick from the hips in the pool too, at the moment he is bending and kicking from the knee but he will get there.  Mr Schwaam used to always say to Jamie (when she was 6) "The more you practice the better you get"  So true.  We went  to the lakes yesterday and Korie had his first experience in one of the kayaks. He took to it so easily I think we have discovered another passion waiting to grow!  So many people have been asking how you are Rory and I will be happy to pass on the fantastic news.  Great job everyone, hugs to you all.  The Morrisons xox

29-01-2010 18:21 hour
Ms Bishop Mrs Stevens Miss McLean Mrs Pocklington ( New Plymouth (temporarily) , NZ )

What wonderful news for you all. We are here for our round the mountain cycle ride tomorrow and have visited some of the places you have talked about. What a lovely friendly place.

29-01-2010 14:33 hour
julie williams ( Whangarei )

Tears of joy for all of you here. Roll on 2010 and only positive things for you.

29-01-2010 14:12 hour
Melissa ( Brisbane , Australia )

Hi there.  So thrilled when I checked your website today to read the wonderful news!  Keep up the good work.  You are all doing amazingly well.  Enjoy the Naki sushine.

29-01-2010 11:23 hour
Sparky ( Baylys Beach , New Zealand )

Wonderful news.  Just the best.  There was a phone call from Northern Ireland this morning and Mrs W's sister was asking about you.Super news!! How many different ways can I say it? Fantastic.
Love Sparky

29-01-2010 08:53 hour
The Johnstons ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Yee Haa!!!! I think I read your text message about 10 times before it actually sunk in!  That is fantasic news, long may it continue!  It must be hard having to fight to get Rory everything he is entitiled to, I find it frustrating for you! 
Sounds like you are still cramming a whole lot of life into your days, wonderful.  Our lives have been thrown into a bit of turmoil with the unexpected passing of Brians Father yesterday.  To say Brians family is a large one would be an understatement, so there is a whole lot of organising to be done.  While we were looking over some photo albums my neice asked after you!  I was delighted to pass on the latest news.  I love that so many people care about you, all because of this fantastic website.
I had better get sorted now so take care and I look forward to catching up with you face to face soon! xxxxxx

27-01-2010 22:20 hour
jason wendy logan and mikayla ( np )

hey there you totally awesome bunch of cousins, we are just so pleased that you have had such a positive trip up north and we couldnt be happier for you - well done - all the hard work this past year is paying off. Logan has had a great past 2 days with sam doing all the boy things that the cousins love to do together.  he really loved going to golf with sam and aunty heather, they ran wild at the aquatic centre in the heat of the day, and we just loved having sam overnite the boys were plotting that one all day I think - good on them.  I asked logan if he woke up early this morning by himself (not normal for him) he broke into a typical logan giggle and said nope - i got slugged by sams pillows from the top bunk (good on ya sam - well done!!!) but he was eager to get up and get going with his cousin - no complaints. the movies this arvo with aunty and sam sounded great too, you two have had an action paced few days together - lucky kids.  Hey I hear you have your new ears on now rory - you will hear everything too well now - we will have to be careful or you might hear all our bad words that slip out sometimes eh (if I were you i would start up a swear jar and make some money - i reckon!!!)  catch up soon love and hugs wendy jason logan and mikayla

26-01-2010 00:05 hour
jason wendy logan and mikayla ( np )

hi there from us all, just letting you know that we are going to be thinking of you all tomorro all day and sending you all our love for the miriad of tests that are happening.  Rory just be your big brave self and you will sail thu the day with all the strength and courage that this past year has taught you.  Sean and Leigh our hearts are with you now and tomorro, the news will be all good, we just know it will be.  Logan is looking forward to it being a fine day here in the naki, he is excited about going to golf with sean and aunty he hasnt played real golf before, but he loves mini putt so I think it will be a fun morning - fingers crossed for the weather.  Love and hugs to you all, we will be waiting for the update tomorro, wendy, jason, logan and mikayla xxxx

25-01-2010 21:09 hour
Kathryn Milich ( Dargaville )

Hi dee hi Gardiners, we have been to the town pool this evening for a swim, the big pool is so deep it is over my head!!  Korie played safely in the shallow, diving for dive sticks which his dad was throwing in while I swam laps. You are very important in our thoughts this week and we are sending stacks of healing light and positive vibes your way. A big embrace from the Morrisons xox