02-12-2009 16:16 hour
The Johnstons ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Happy Birthday to you Sam!!! Woop woop 10 woop woop!!!
Sounds like you had a fantastic day.  We are looking forward to seeing you all on Sat as well!  New bikes ROCK! 
And may I suggest Dargaville as a settling down place?????? hehehe

02-12-2009 09:39 hour
jane c

Happy birthday Sam!!

02-12-2009 00:16 hour
jason wendy logan and mikayla ( np )

hi guys - a big happy birthday to you sam - welcome to the double digit club - boy the cousins sure are growing up fast, lucky you getting a new mountain bike, logan did the new bike last year cos he outgrew his one quicker than expected, so this year we talked him into money and a smaller gift or two, we have 2 now in the double digits club. We are in the midst of sorting mikaylas 1st birthday party for this saturday, she is 1 next wednesday on the 9th of dec, this year has shot by for all of us so fast, each for different reasons thats for sure, but regardless for all of us our kids are just growing up so fast and another year has already almost finished.  madness in the rush to xmas and all the birthdays before then. you enjoy riding that bike sam, and be careful on them hills !!!! hey rory sounds like you have been doing lots of things too since you have been out and at grannie and grandads, did you make sams birthday cake for him with you being the top chef in the house? hope you got to eat lots of cake - love and hugs wendy jason logan and mikayla

01-12-2009 22:16 hour

Happy Birthday Sam!!!  Wow - a new mountain bike - thats pretty cool.

01-12-2009 21:16 hour
Tracy ( waihue, dargaville )

Happy Birthday Sam, looking forward to seeing you guys over here on Saturday.  Matai is keen to spend time with you for your birthday this weekend. Love to all

01-12-2009 09:47 hour
Jane c ( Whangarei )

It is ok to be wherever you are Leigh, withdrawn, tired, protective is totally appropriate... don't berate yourself for not being your old self... you have life changing experiences to digest... be kind while you do it...
Eva was pleased to meet you and felt a click (i knew you would have more than a disease in common!) she asked me to pass on her number so if you felt like a chat or something she was keen 4591196
if you feel like a trip out Glenbervie way 4595266 is me and our friendly sheep  

28-11-2009 15:48 hour
Denise ( Whangarei )

Hey guys, yes I just wanted to acknowledge your words Leigh about the long journey you still have ahead of you. I guess  people around you who care about you all, just really want things to be the way they were for you. For anyone we love we would just like it to be "all OK" And I am sure you will all have lots of happiness and successes ahead but I do realise it is still a hard slog for a long time yet and it will also be an expensive journey so if people out there can donate even a small amount it all helps. Love, Denise 

27-11-2009 10:01 hour

How wonderful you are getting back into the things that each of you enjoy that have been on hold for so many months.  Motorbike riding, hunting, haircuts, and visiting your best lovely.  Thinking of you all.

27-11-2009 08:42 hour
jane c ( whangarei )

just wanting to acknowledge your words Leigh... knowing that this is another step along a long road is wise...and going back "home" is both familiar and new... i will continue to celebrate each step with you...Keep up the good work you guys - i still wear my wrist band although it is a little faded now!

27-11-2009 08:32 hour
Sue ( Whangarei )

Hi guys, I stumbled upon your website when WDC had a fundraiser for you and I must admit that I am now a fan of Rory Gardiner! I read your entries every time there is a new one and it kind of brings me back to earth that my life is not so bad after all! Leigh it is theraputic for you and for us to read. I have children similar age to you, Rory and Sam, and I know it is the worst nightmare any parent can have, that a child of theirs is diagnosed with cancer. If I ever have the opportunity to met you Rory, I think it would be like meeting a famous person. Life may never be the same again but keep positive and know that you have touched the lifes of many people, more than you will ever know. I am proud to "know" you all.