07-01-2010 21:43 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hi there!!
I cant imagine the emotions that would get all stirred up when you are on the other website Leigh.  But I guess in a way it is a strong support for you.  I really feel that running 10k every morning is WAY too strenuous!  Makes me tired just reading it!  So just take it easy on yourself Leigh.  I am comforted by the thought of your Mum and Dad fussing over you and the Boys.  I wish there was something we could do for you!  So dont be hard on yourself Leigh, and never be afraid to ask for help!!
On a light note, we had a visit from my cousin Peter his wife Michelle and their son Jack, who came up from Auckland yesterday.  They brought with them Bell, their chocolate Lab and a kids size quad bike!!!!! so as you can imagine the last two days have been filled with excited boys!!!  We went out to Glinks Gully today (It was another glorious Northland day!) and while Peter fished (or tried too!) the boys all took turns riding the quad (Kody wants to let Rory know that he does some mean donuts!) Stella took an unexpected fully clothed dip in the sea and I found a HUGE dragonfly!  Yesterday Ben fell of the playhouse (after being told to get off numerous times) and was very lucky to escape without any major damage just a bruised ego! and after we waved them off this afternoon Ben said ' I wish we had a dog Mum' and I thought oh dear...:(
Over the weekend we plan to go and see Fantastic Mr Fox at the movies, Nana brought for the kids a very cool boxed set of all Roald Dahls books, which we are reading our way through.
You are still in our thoughts everyday, sending love strength and paitence, xxx Trudi and the Team!

02-01-2010 22:02 hour
The Johnstons ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Well Hello, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!! I have been out of action for a wee while, we have just returned from camping out at Kai Iwi lakes, all very tired! Prior to that we camped out at my Sisters place (Kirikopuni) on Christmas Eve and Christmas night.  So now as I type the kids are all tucked up in their beds and I am not very far away form a lovely hot shower and Bed. 
It sounds like you have been everywhere and seen everything in the short time you have been down there! Fancy meeting up with Brenda!!  Sounds like it was a fun day at the beach,  just listen to what you Mum tells you Rory when sad people pass negative comments your way,  What they fail to realise is if they took the time to meet you and your family they would find the strongest, adventure filled family who have weathered a sucky year!!  I am sure Rory given the chance you would have come up with something cheeky to say back to them!  If it happens again let me know and we will come down and sort them out!! 
I would really like to know what those things were you sighted on the water Leigh I cant even remember the names you used!  But I know I have never heard of them!  Maybe when I am not so tired I will google them and find out!
Anyway the shower and my bed is calling me, take care and will catch up soon.  Keep exploring, lots of love The very tired Johnstons xxxxx 

02-01-2010 18:14 hour
Heni ( Waipoua Forest , NZ )

Kiaora Kiaora Kiaora!!!
Happy New Year whanau. My gosh Rory you've had your Hickman removed,your teeth looked at,sending boo's angels,receiving your last lot of courage beads and much more and still looking HANDSOME - WOW talk about Ironman dude!!!. Our whanau have been out the beach diving,swimming,getting a tan and eating and sleeping. Today though i'm at work at the VC and sending a message to you's and Heaps,Lots and Many of Hugs and Kisses. Will keep in touch
Kia Pai to haere i tenei tau
Ma te Atua hei manaakitia koutou
Aroha nui
Heni & whanau

01-01-2010 17:04 hour
Cindy Rimmington ( Auckland , NZ )

Happy New Year Leigh, Sean, Sam and Rory.  We hope you continue to have a lovely time in the Naki.  We had Xmas up in Auckland with both Havana's sets of grandparents but it's never quite the same as at home under the mountain.  Love Cindy, Neville and Havana.

31-12-2009 16:22 hour
Madeline Willy ( Baylys Beach )

Hi guys
It's lovely to hear about the places you are visiting in NP. Westown PS was where my grandchildren started their schooling as they live close by. I forget the name of their school now but it is to the NW (the intermediate and primary schols are close together). I have only visited it once during the American Car festival in Feb when the kids went up to the main road to watch them going past. We had one stop in front of us and suddenly the whole of the left side of the car dropped and he was sitting at a crazy angle. Then he let down the other side and took off! What a laugh. Have you been to the pool yet? I looked at out to-day while in town but it isn't opened yet.  Looks like it will be soon though. All the best for 2010. Love from Sparky too. He's asleep in the top bunk at present. Hi to all, Madeline.

31-12-2009 10:49 hour
Kathryn Milich ( Dargaville - Kauri computer company!!! )

Hi dee hi Gardiners,  well as yu can see from my location I am sitting down town at the computer shop having a quick catch up with what you have all been up to!  The holidays have been incredibly busy and two days ago I bailed out of the bach and came home for some quiet time and rest.  Korie and Gordon have been staying at the bach with the Morrison tribe enjoying fishing, swimming, eating and just hanging with cousins, I am on my way back out there today to help with collecting wood for our new year bonfire and will see 2010 in sitting on the beach by the fire.  Anyway I have food to buy and my bag to pack so must sign off, Love and hugs to you all and a Happy New Year from the Morrisons xox

31-12-2009 08:04 hour
Leesa Andrewes ( Baylys Beach )

I am glad to hear you are all having an enjoyable family Christmas.  Leigh and Sean, you are parents to admire, the way you live your lives truely enrich your boys and fill their memory tanks with amazing memories. 
This year is one you will never forget, it is amazing to read about the challenges you have overcome to be here today, especially you Rory!  Too difficult for us to comprehend the enormity of it really.  I am sure you will continue to re-learn the skills you need daily and you have your big bro Sam along side you and aim to catch up to. 
Wishing you all a happier and less intense 2010

27-12-2009 21:22 hour
Janice McLean ( Dargaville )

Hi Rory, Sam, Leigh and Sean,
I meant to write this message during the day of Christmas Eve. But I thought I had most of the day to myself, but my visitors from Auckland arrived at 11.00 in the morning and I hadn't even done the vacuuming!
I'm pleased you all had a really great Christmas with family and friends. I wish you all the very best for a healthy and happy 2010. If you visit DPS again I would love to see you. Take care. Love from Miss McLean.

26-12-2009 22:17 hour
jason wendy logan and mikayla ( np )

hi guys, xmas is done and dusted and seeing you all again for xmas day was just the best present we all could have asked for.  rory you are looking great and it is really hard to believe how hard this year has been for all of you especially you rory.  you have all come so far and endured so much but we are all so thankful that this xmas is a happy one for all of you and you can all be together and enjoy it like it should be.  Logan had so much fun nerf gunning it with his cousins yesterday.  He is planning more wars with you 2 i just know it.  we all loved catching up and eating way too much of the goodies (who said we all held back on the helpings - we all rolled away from the table - and it felt like we ate too much!!!) but it was a great day - thanks sam and rory for making logans xmas day an awesome fun day - the kids had a great time and so did we, love and hugs wendy jason logan and mikayla 

25-12-2009 22:03 hour
kathryn and Korie ( Dargaville )

Merry christmas to you all!  Well my computer is still being a sutpid piece of technology so have been out on touch for so long!  Uncle Jason and Hannah are at our house for xmas so I am on their laptop in the middle of family conversation just because I can!!!  Bring on 2010!  Korie will be in room 4 next year with Miss McSkimmings, he is quite excited about that.  Korie had his 8th birthday on Monday and had Caid Gorrie and Kody slept over - we did a night at the bach at Bayleys, gosh I thought girls talk and giggle lots!!  Korie got a nerf gun for xmas and I have been the target for valcroe darts a few too many times!!!  But all in good fun.  Korie has just come into the kitchen and said he's bored!!! Must be time for bed.  Love to you all, be safe, happy have wonderful family times, hugs from the Morrisons xxx