11-11-2009 09:26 hour
jane c ( Whangarei )

hi Rory... so good to pass the milestone of the last vincristin... i celebrate that with you... hopefully your days of being a pincushion are will have to go to Mardi Gras when you are doing your OE and get into trouble with all those beads...
We have been away to Taupo for a wedding over the weekend and the girls had fun on the luge (or however you spell it) and mountainbiking in the redwoods (i didn't hire a bike as they don't have a motorised version...but i did have a blat around the course on Willow's one - just a touch small)
came home to shorn sheep (they are not enjoyiing this cold snap!) and a very happy poodle...hope that stinkyblood bug is vanquished quickly and life without hospital can begin again soon!   

10-11-2009 20:13 hour
The Johnstons ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Well hello there!  Yep cancer sucks.  What you all have to go through stinks, and nobody should ever have to endure it. 
Cool for Sam and Sean having a night out, it will be good company.  The lastest photos are pretty neat.  We especially like the one of Rory and Sam in the sharks mouth!  It looks so real!  And Sam and Sean look like they are taking part in an Olympic dolphin diving race!!  Good action shot Leigh! 
Kody has managed to lose his latest pair of jandals aaarrrggghhhh! Did I mention I bought Kody some lime green shoelaces?? and Ben some springy elastic ones.   They think they are pretty cool.  They put out a message at school for everyone to check for his lost jandals.  They where really cool too,  green with raised Dragons on the soles! I am holding out getting anymore! 
Well I hope you are feeling better tomorrow and they dont have to poke and prod you too much!  Rest well,  sending loads of love and the extras your way.  Trudi and the Crew xxxxx

09-11-2009 20:22 hour
Kathryn Milich ( Dargaville )

Hi dee hi Gardiners, tonight I have come out in the cold with Jamie for a driving lesson and access to a computer at work!!  I have been missing your website and daily updates terribly.  I wish you were feeling better Rory and if there is anything we can send your way to help with the boredom please get mum to txt us and we will see what we can do!!!  Well Korie still hasn't had a chance to use his builders belt properly - the fence is taking a bit longer than I had realised it would, and hopefully there will be a chance to bang some nails in this weekend for Korie.  Everyone keeps telling me good things take time, so remember that Rory, being well is a good thing so I guess that will take time!  Jamie was totally peeved off when I told her that your playstation was stolen, when she was in hospital someone stole her phone!!!  I'd like to give them a good old boot up the you know what!!!  We stayed out at the bach on Saturday night and had a small fire on the beach and let off our fireworks, it was a bit windy but Korie and Gordon built a great fire to keep us warm.  We were having a nice time with nana and grandad Morrison when suddenly Korie decided he wanted to go in, turns out that he had burnt his finger on his sparkler and didn't tell us straight away, he was a bit upset.  Kody came to Kories rescue today at school, Korie had jumped off part of the obsticle course and landed badly on his foot (it was so sore he cried) and he said that Kody helped him back to class (good on ya Kody) Korie missed swimming lessons last week because he had a cold, I figured snotty noses and swimming lessons shouldn't be in the same sentence let alone a swimming pool!!!!!  Ewwwww!!!!  Korie tried his hand a gardening on the weekend and made a succulent garden and repotted lots of other plants then we put up the small tent and tried the old 'catch a bird in a crate' game!!  However no birds were caught in our back yard on the weekend.  They came very close and even ate bread right outside the tent door in front of Korie!!!  He was rather peeved after about half an hour and gave up.  Looking out later all the bread under the crate was gone!!!  Clever birds!!!  Keep on keeping on Rory, you are all such an inspiration.  Love , hugs, and wellness your way.  Kathryn and Co xox

08-11-2009 21:08 hour
The Johnstons ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Bummer about the playstation!  I agree with Brenda some people are very selfish!  Sorry to hear you are back on the ward Rory.  Its very easy for us to think Yay!  last round done and dusted, but poor you have to deal with all the side effects from it all.  Keep on truckin guys.  You are all AMAZING!  Nana Seymour came home tonight from a bus trip to a Rhododendron safari thingy?!  in New Plymouth!  She brought home some cool pens with rugby balls and kiwis on the end and when you press them to write they light up.  Stella got a Kiwi which makes a Kiwi sound when you press it.  All were happy.
The Friday night Bistro was fun.  Kody looked very evil!  Nikki (my Sister)  gave him a white face with blood around his eyes and Black eyebrows and hair!!  He looked very different!  Ben was a fireman complete with a sooty face and Stella was a tired grumpy fairy! Ben took out the prize for best dressed Boy (A crunchie bar) there were lots of kids all looking very scary (winning girl was a mummy with a fake half hanging hand!)  We sat in our car to watch the fireworks so we stayed warm because it got FREEZING!  It has taken 3 shampoos to remove all of the black face paint in Kodys hair!
Yesterday we went to visit Brians Brother, Rodney and his wife Megan in Whangarei.  Megan is a very good photographer and she lets the kids play with some digital cameras!  At the bottom of their yard they have a phesant come to visit every afternoon.  The kids got to feed it and listened to it swark. 
Tonight they are all very tired and tucked up in bed.  I hope you have a better night tonight.  Sending healing, infection fighting goodies wrapped in love your way Love from the 5 of Us xxxxx

08-11-2009 20:51 hour

How mean and unconsiderate can some people be ... stealing a play station!! As if you guys aren't going through enough at the monent without that. Hoping that the temperature is coming down and the antibiotics and blood transfusion are working. Really strong one's comin atcha guys. Brenda

06-11-2009 10:03 hour
Kay, Conor, Zack and Mark ( Baylys Beach )

Hi guys, glad to hear Sam has recovered after the weekend at Baylys.  It was great to see you all over here and spend time catching up.  Sam will be in the double digit gang soon, we are looking forward to maybe seeing you all for that celebration.  Rory it sounds like that fighting spirit of yours is infinite, and we love you for it.  Leigh you are awesome and always believe it, theres alot of people who will keep reminding you. My thoughts are with you guys, Kia Kaha, Love Us.

05-11-2009 21:59 hour
The Johnstons ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Good Evening.  Sad to hear you are glum,  I was thinking that this time around you might like to kick the chemo in the butt and show it who is the boss!  You are doing a fabulous job, all of you, so keep up the good work.
  We have had fireworks going off all around our house tonight and it has finally stopped!  Thank goodness!  Tomorrow night we are heading off to the bistro at Tangiteroria they are having their annual Halloween/Guy Fawkes fancy dress gathering.  Should be good.  This afternoon Caid and Lily came to our house, they even stayed for dinner.  They all had a blast, My favourite moment was when they were all out on the trampoline saying nasties to Lily...and she beat them up!!  The boys all thought it was hilarious and I noticed Stella standing back taking notes! (Look out Kody and Ben) 
We found out today via the DPS newsletter that Athletics have been planned for the 27th November,  Rory do you remember doing the 3 legged race with Kody??  Now that was funny!  Not alot of co-ordination going on but you still made it, laughing all the way.  We got some great photos too! 
Kelly Tarltons is always a neat place to go.  Its about time we went there again.  When you are feeling better we might just manage a trip to visit you all!  Let us know.  Keep strong, fight hard, love lots, always The Johnstons xxxxx   

05-11-2009 13:33 hour
Sandy Blackburn ( New Plymouth , New Zealand )

Hi Leigh,
I am the owner of HELL Pizza here in New Plymouth and have been selling the Kia Kaha Rory wrist bands instore. It is an honour for us to be able to do this small thing for you and also for our customers to share in your journey. You speak of your constant fear for Rory and his future, but I believe that fear is giving you the courage to fight on and it is certainly an inspiration to many of us. Let Mandy know when you are down next and tea can be on HELL. She knows where to find us!
Thinking of you all,
Sandy and all of the staff here at HELL New Plymouth.

04-11-2009 23:18 hour
jason wendy logan and mikayla ( np )

hi guys, great to hear the days are passing quicker for yo this time round, not long to go now - count the days eh.  logan turned 10 yesterday he is a double digit kid now - sam not too many more days and yo will join the club with him.  He is having his party on saturday and has opted for the guy to come along with laser wargames. he gives all involved a helmet with the sensors around it to wear, attached to it is a cable that runs to a machine gun type weapon and it is noisy and shoots a red light at the enemy and if you are shot off the sirens go on your helmet and so the game goes.  we are just hoping for fine weather cos it is pouring down here at the moment.  the guys are all going across the road to the farm over the road in their trees to run about in.  camo gear is to be worn and arron is bring heaps of camo stuff along to be more real, and wearing his big hairy ghillie suit as well - gotta look the part - or be well hidden. face paint in the form of camouflage is a must to all playing as well.  good fun by the sounds of it.  logan and me went to the michael jackson movie tonight - we both love his music, and were both loving to see such a talented and gifted man do what he did best - we both loved every minute of what would have been a truly awesome concert and i have to admit it is very hard to believe he looked and performed so energetically for a guy of damn near 50 - he looked great, well its late now so take care guys love and hugs wendy jason logan and mikayla

04-11-2009 10:21 hour
jane c ( Whangarei )

your back will hold up Leigh, you will get through this, there will be time for you to heal too...
great news Rory about the no spewing! keep making that next step... You are doing brilliantly... your Mum says she is proud of you... there are lots of us out here who are proud of you too...