29-10-2009 22:53 hour
jason wendy logan and mikayla ( np )

hi again guys, sounds like you are right back in to the routine again, the pattern is just the same but the end is nearer and that is a driving force to make each day a day closer to the end of this mission - just like a jedi knight would do rory - you just keep on fighting, and as yoda would probably say in his little green way "fight you will rory - strong you are !!" (see what being a mother to a boy that also loves star wars does to you) you know having rory and sam loving star wars is probably a good thing (as poor from buying the star wars toys etc. and incredibly knowledgeable about all those who are forced to endure our kids love of star wars can be) they have probably gotten a lot of good knowledge and stamina from all the characters as they really do have good fighting spirits (god now i am sounding like a fan - i only know these things cos of logan - honestly ?!?) any how guys, keep up the good hard work - and remember "may the force be with you (couldnt resist - sorry)  love and hugs wendy jason logan and mikayla ps: mikayla started crawling on sunday - yikes - all the small toys of logans will be on guard now !!!

29-10-2009 19:14 hour
Jeni G (Dargaville) ( New Zealand , NZ )

Hi all, we still think of you every day, and are sooo happy for you this is the last round of chemo. I know life will never be the same, and none of you (or the extended whanau) will ever be the same either. This is who you are now, a strong, fighting family, and an extra extrordinary little boy with a grown up spirit. Although it will still be tough ahead, as it has been all along, you will have a chance to move forward in a new way, things and people will cross your paths and they will affect you, and you them, in ways that may have never occured otherwise. I am so happy for Rory in that when he finishes this round, he will rebuild as the special person he always was but with so much more insight. This is such a cruel story of yours, and yet an amazing one too because true insight is a rare find, and a gift of those who have endured. I hope I don't offend you Leigh with my ramblings, I certainly don't want to simplify what you've been through, I just really believe in looking for the Hope, as you have done thus far. Heaps of love to you all for this round. Jeni xx 

29-10-2009 15:50 hour

I too was thinking of you yesterday, but wasn't quite sure if you were starting yesterday or today Chemo for the last time. I'm so glad it is the last one for you, this time next month it will be normality for all of you. Go Rory!! Warm fuzzies, Brenda

28-10-2009 18:16 hour
Kathryn ( Dargaville )

Hey there Rory, It was super seeing you all on Monday, after you left Korie and I went into his room and looked over the treasures you gave him for his science table - time for wipe down I think, the dust isn't part of his collection!!!!  Hope today went smoothly, whoop whoop to the last round of chemo, after this you can kick it to the kerb and work on getting seriously well again!!  The Royal New Zealand Navy Band gave a free concert in the Town Hall today, it was an amazing show.  Rory you and Sam would have really enjoyed it, they were brilliant!!!  I was working in the library and I could hear lots of laughter and applause so I popped in to watch, they were very funny and the music was great.  Anyway must sign off and go home for dinner, love to you all Kathryn xox

28-10-2009 15:53 hour
The Johnstons ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hello!! I have been thnking about all of you LOADS today.  The beginning of the last round!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Easy for me to get excited about ...I dont have to endure it like you do!  I hope it runs smoothly.  The weather is supposed to be getting a little chilly so there should be some good days to stay curled up in bed!  Its not quite the same when you cant hear the rain on your own roof but still nice.
Take care Love Us xxxxx

26-10-2009 17:27 hour
jane c ( Whangarei )

great news about the ticker Rory!!glad that you made it out to the coast (there are healing properties in being on a Northland beach - science will catch up with exactly what they are sometime) if you ever feel like a bit of a beach time we have bach at Oakura (not  the Naki version) just email me and we can make a's not too flash but it's a good place to go hide out.... 

26-10-2009 05:40 hour

It is good to hear that you are all relaxing and enjoying normality. And I have got to say it, most couples when they have couple time go out for dinner or a movie, hunting goats is a new one on me! LOL

25-10-2009 23:00 hour
jason wendy logan and mikayla ( np )

hi guys and gal !! sounds like the weather up north has decided to give you all a much deserved boost and refuel for the next round of the battle.  I have to admit we are also soaking up some very precious sun down here in the naki - it was supposed to rain today but we hit the beach after lunch logan had 2 friends with him we went to back beach and were going to throw the fishing line in but the wind was too chilly and the tide was too far in - but the boys and jas headed for the sandhills and caves and rocks and yep even braved the surf clothes and all with the boogey boards - mad i tell you the lot of them (not jas even tho he too is mad!!!) the boys froze solid and covered in sand had a blast but yep frozen solid at the end of it - i just took mikayla for a walk in the buggy and chatted with the friends mum along the way.  then to my disgust when we sat to watch the madness i was hit by a cricket ball really hard too full on in the shin bone (stupid tennagers having a game too close to me (could have sat further away - but that is obvious now eh!!!)- hurt like a you know what - but i held in the bad words and sucked it up - didnt i do well eh!!! well keep sucking up the sun and take care eh lots of hugs wendy jas logan and mikayla - oh logan did well in his projects at pets day on friday getting 2nd and 3rd placings for his efforts - and you wouldnt believe it - logan won first prize in the big grocery goodie raffle and then to top it all of mikayla got 2nd prize in it too - didnt they do incredibly well !!!  logan had to laugh he just keeps on winning all sorts of stuff - i wish he could pick the lotto numbers as accurately for us !!!!

25-10-2009 20:17 hour
Tahlia ( dargaville , nz )

Hi how are going just want see how you are doing

24-10-2009 21:45 hour
Money Penny ( Auckland , New Zealand )

Hey Rory, just wanted to let you know I keep up with how things are.  Sounds like you're on the home straight soon on this mission which is a VERY IMPRESSIVE achievement.  You cut it with the 007-best at this rate!  And what fantastic support from all your special agents along the way.  Hope you and Sam let Mum know what you would both like in a parcel some time, as that rocket in the last one could have been a bit naf.  Fun gadget ideas welcome.  Hope to see your cool beads some time.  Money Penny (Lyn).