22-10-2009 16:31 hour
Lisa, Brooke. Meegan and Justin ( Whangarei , NZ )

Hey Leigh.  What a trying time you and your whanau are going through.  Life throws curly ones at us sometimes doesn't it, and we will never understand why. You are ONE strong lady!  Just wanted to say that you are in our thoughts. 
Love to you all, Lisa xxx

22-10-2009 06:46 hour
Jane c ( Whangarei )

only one more to go!  that is wonderful...its a bugger that the chemo has to be so damned potent - here is to better news from the kidney and heart tests....i am just in awe of you guys - that you are together and making it through this (battered and bruised as you may be) but by God you are making it through... luckily you know all about pushing past where it hurts to get to your goal (you fit buggers) Leigh you are on your reserves of energy - it is no wonder you feel had it... but you are nearly there - wish there was more i could do than give you a metaphorical push up the hill... but i am pushing anyway   KIA KAHA  all of you  

21-10-2009 22:06 hour
Sparky ( Baylys Beach )

Hi there you guys!
That was sad to read about Rory's test results.  I'll practise my very lound purrs so that he will be able to hear ME.
Anyway, I hear that Sam might be coming over to BB for a sleep over this week-end.  If you come I hope you will drop in to see me.  You have to pass my house to get to Conor's.  It is the second driveway on the left after the corner by Sharkeys (No. 11). If you go over the bump on the road you have gone too far. You might not know me because I have grown (I think) in the last three weeks. Hope you are enjoying your time over on the east side.

21-10-2009 20:26 hour
Kathryn and Korie ( Dargaville )

Hello there Gardiners!  Gosh it's been too long, our stupid computer has finally given up on us which means that I can't have my daily fix of reading up on what you have all been doing!  I am so happy to hear that your final round of chemo is coming up - whoop whoop to that I say!  You are all doing a totally remarkable job at fighting this gremlin in your lives.  Korie had a day home today because he has been feeling a bit run down and we decided to go for a drive out to Bayleys Beach - Kories favourite place in the whole wide world - we watched some very impressive waves slamming into the banks, it was so exciting I think Korie forgot that he had a headache!!  He was running from the sweeping waves as they nipped at his heels, however he wasn't fast enough for one big wave that snuck up on him and wet him up to his butt!!!  Upon hearing his squeals of delight I figured that he would probably be just fine to go off to school tomorrow!!!!!  Korie and Gordon got destructive on the weekend and pulled down our front fence and on Sunday we went to Bunnings and bought Korie a tool belt, tape measure, builders pencil and a new hammer.  A builder in the family would be helpful!!!  Anyway its time for me to sign off, I came into work tonight to have a read over your days and just to let you know I havn't forgotten you all, you are still in my thoughts every day and my prayers every night. Love, hugs and healing to you young man, what a true champion.  Kathryn  xox 

20-10-2009 22:28 hour
jason wendy logan and mikayla ( np )

hi guys, pleased the package arrived i was beginning to get a bit worried i sent it last thursday and have watched the track and trace and it only cleared today - nail-biting really.  anyhow glad the boys liked the goodies - a wee touch of all that is logan i'm sure you picked up on what bits they were - and mikayla loved the squishy balls - and the rattly cube puzzels as well.  Rory well done on the last of this round - we are so pleased you are able to break free again for some down time to get fresh air and relax with your grannie and grandad for a wee bit.  Leigh and sean i hope you get to do the same and sam you are a legend doing the running each day with both mum and dad - where do you find the energy - i must tell logan to try and keep up with you at xmas - not likely i dont think.  not great news about the hearing test - not what you need on top of it all - I feel really saddened at the thought of you guys having to deal with such news after making it this far thru with overall pretty awesome results.  You enjoy just taking time out as a family for the next wee while before the next round and lets hope things pick up again for you all.  Sending big hugs and lots of love jason wendy logan and mikayla.

20-10-2009 21:24 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Good Evening,  I am acutely aware that you were awaiting some important news this morning and I notice you have made no entries today.  So I hope you are off having loads of fun before the next onslaught! 
Kathryn asked me to tell you that her computer is on the blink and this is why you have not heard anything from her lately, but they are all still thinking of you all everyday xxx
We had Keas today and they handed out the planned activities for the rest of the term,  It is all very exciting, they are hoping to have a night walk at Trounson Park!! Cool (I think I might be a little scared going through the bush at night!! Kody and Ben think this is funny!) and hopefully a trip to Zion Wildlife Park!!!  (Yup you guessed it I will be nervous here too!)
Any way I hope all is well, sending down fresh healing happy strong vibes.  Trudi and Co xxxxx

20-10-2009 15:58 hour

Let's party, let's party! Only one more to go, this bit of the trip is nearly over little man. Can't believe the last one is nearly here. Go Rory, Go Rory. Brenda

20-10-2009 10:34 hour
Auntie Teri & Uncle Graham ( Gold Coast , Australia )

Go Rory!!  One more left and its done!!  Woohoooooo!!!  So looking forward to seeing you and Sammy - only 7 working days to go (not that we're counting or anything....).  Lots of love and hugs - Auntie Teri & Uncle Graham - xxxx

19-10-2009 21:37 hour
The Johnstons ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hiya!  Good to hear you are out and about, the posters sound very cool! 
I hope the news is all good tomorrow with the heart thing.  Gosh this next round of chemo seems to have come around quickly (for me anyway!)  The LAST ONE!!!! woop woop to that! 
I have to take Kody to the Dental Nurse on Thursday, he is not scheduled to see them but he has a wee problem...a wiggly tooth beside a adult tooth turned a funny colour over the weekend...Pinky/purple....yes you read it right!  The gum has apparently been sucked up into the tooth!  We were advised to wiggle it to try and loosen it over the weekend but all that did was make the gum go all angry!  And it is very hard to wiggle as it has been jammed in with the new adult tooth coming through!  CRIKEY!!  Kody is just excited he gets a half day at school on Thursday!
Well keep well, cram loads in, love lots, and be strong Love always Trudi and Co. xxxxx

18-10-2009 17:47 hour
jane c ( Whangarei )

just wanted to say i am listening Leigh... it must seems like you are consumed by this and as pitiful as it feels i just want to say you are heard...sartorial elegance is overated and too bloody expensive...
hope tomorrow brings better news about being able to get out of the ward
we had calf club day yesterday and Willow won a first for her rearing of her lamb (a bit of a laugh considering how much chivvying it took to get her to feed her some days!) and Eila came third in calling..the weather really turned it on - i love that connection it gives me to a rural history i didn't grow up with...