05-11-2009 21:59 hour
The Johnstons ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Good Evening.  Sad to hear you are glum,  I was thinking that this time around you might like to kick the chemo in the butt and show it who is the boss!  You are doing a fabulous job, all of you, so keep up the good work.
  We have had fireworks going off all around our house tonight and it has finally stopped!  Thank goodness!  Tomorrow night we are heading off to the bistro at Tangiteroria they are having their annual Halloween/Guy Fawkes fancy dress gathering.  Should be good.  This afternoon Caid and Lily came to our house, they even stayed for dinner.  They all had a blast, My favourite moment was when they were all out on the trampoline saying nasties to Lily...and she beat them up!!  The boys all thought it was hilarious and I noticed Stella standing back taking notes! (Look out Kody and Ben) 
We found out today via the DPS newsletter that Athletics have been planned for the 27th November,  Rory do you remember doing the 3 legged race with Kody??  Now that was funny!  Not alot of co-ordination going on but you still made it, laughing all the way.  We got some great photos too! 
Kelly Tarltons is always a neat place to go.  Its about time we went there again.  When you are feeling better we might just manage a trip to visit you all!  Let us know.  Keep strong, fight hard, love lots, always The Johnstons xxxxx   

05-11-2009 13:33 hour
Sandy Blackburn ( New Plymouth , New Zealand )

Hi Leigh,
I am the owner of HELL Pizza here in New Plymouth and have been selling the Kia Kaha Rory wrist bands instore. It is an honour for us to be able to do this small thing for you and also for our customers to share in your journey. You speak of your constant fear for Rory and his future, but I believe that fear is giving you the courage to fight on and it is certainly an inspiration to many of us. Let Mandy know when you are down next and tea can be on HELL. She knows where to find us!
Thinking of you all,
Sandy and all of the staff here at HELL New Plymouth.

04-11-2009 23:18 hour
jason wendy logan and mikayla ( np )

hi guys, great to hear the days are passing quicker for yo this time round, not long to go now - count the days eh.  logan turned 10 yesterday he is a double digit kid now - sam not too many more days and yo will join the club with him.  He is having his party on saturday and has opted for the guy to come along with laser wargames. he gives all involved a helmet with the sensors around it to wear, attached to it is a cable that runs to a machine gun type weapon and it is noisy and shoots a red light at the enemy and if you are shot off the sirens go on your helmet and so the game goes.  we are just hoping for fine weather cos it is pouring down here at the moment.  the guys are all going across the road to the farm over the road in their trees to run about in.  camo gear is to be worn and arron is bring heaps of camo stuff along to be more real, and wearing his big hairy ghillie suit as well - gotta look the part - or be well hidden. face paint in the form of camouflage is a must to all playing as well.  good fun by the sounds of it.  logan and me went to the michael jackson movie tonight - we both love his music, and were both loving to see such a talented and gifted man do what he did best - we both loved every minute of what would have been a truly awesome concert and i have to admit it is very hard to believe he looked and performed so energetically for a guy of damn near 50 - he looked great, well its late now so take care guys love and hugs wendy jason logan and mikayla

04-11-2009 10:21 hour
jane c ( Whangarei )

your back will hold up Leigh, you will get through this, there will be time for you to heal too...
great news Rory about the no spewing! keep making that next step... You are doing brilliantly... your Mum says she is proud of you... there are lots of us out here who are proud of you too...  

03-11-2009 22:05 hour
Melissa ( Brisbane , Australia )

Wow!  Leigh, I don't know you (but am from the Naki, and know people that know you.), but wanted to tell you that you are an amazing person. Your daily entries I read with great interest, amazement and sadness at what you are all enduring on a daily basis.  You should all be so proud of yourselves for how far you have come, and how brave you have all been. May the road ahead not be so bumpy.  Stay strong, and know you have touched many peoples hearts.  Best wishes.

03-11-2009 20:53 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Leigh you are an inspiration! Rory, Sam and Sean are very fortunate to have you in their lives!!  We will continue to send our warm loving strong thoughts your way.  I have to admit I did have a wee gasp then a snigger at the balloon bit!  Sorry and tee hee!!  I hope tomorrow brings a good day for you all lots of love Us xxxxx

03-11-2009 04:19 hour

Dear Rory, well that sucks the big Kumura doesn't it, feeling soooo lousy! But hey, we all know that you come through this you little trouper. You are such an inspiration to us and we are all behind you willing this part to be over and the good living to start. Keep on swimming Rory, not long to go now. Warm strong fuzzy ones coming atcha. Brenda 

02-11-2009 18:23 hour
Dot and the team @ the pioneer ( Orewa New Zealand )

Hi Rory....its been a while!!sounds like your nearly their aye mate! Me and the crew have been wondering how you have been doing and we have decided to call you superman because you are the strongest man we know!!!So cool your getting into the melbourne cup its such a big going for a horse called Allez wonder...(but dont tell anyone ha ha)Its soooo cool you have such neat people in your life!Keep smiling buddy and stay strong.
lots of love
dottie and the crew at the pioneer

02-11-2009 13:07 hour
jane c ( Whangarei )

sorry that you are having such a crap time... one day closer to this being over though
i read this poem on a blog i follow (i know i have too much spare time!) and have asked if i could reproduce it for you...
Where is the end of this road?The sun has not yet lit the horizonthe hill is steep.The blackness covers my eyes, myears, my feet.The weeds tangle in a webslowing the journeyMy weary legs plod ahead with no path,no destination. I am lost and tired.The ground is soft, too soft, sinking, sinking.I lift my legs, deliberate, conscious, blind, but proceeding.I pull the weeds with my hands, raw, wounded.They are removed. My hands will heal.Progress, slowly, up the peak.At the summit, the yellow and orange beacon from the east.The light is coming, the light is coming.I can see. I am not afraid. The day will come.
with love

01-11-2009 21:29 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Well hello! Sams outfit looked pretty cool!  Rory the tailor huh! Excellent work both on the mask and the cape!!  We are glad you are enjoying the Balloon and treats too!  Sad to hear you have had yet another rough weekend though!! Our weekend was rather busy starting on Friday with the show day, Kody and Ben both doing well.  Saturday morning I had to go and help out at the Anglican Church Spring Fair, this is an annual event that my Mum is heavily involved in and I get roped in to work at it every year too!  Brian brought the kids down for a visit and they purchased some mystery envelopes which contained a number that corresponded to a prize on the table...the first numbers were not too successful in the boys eyes (way to girly) but the second time round Ben managed to get a BIG tin in the shape of a car full to the brim with lollies!!! Kody got one of those jelly balls with a flashing light inside and Stella diddnt get a second chance as she did way to well in the first round ( a tray, a soap and a treasures box!)  They then moved on to decorating some bisciuts with multi coloured icing and overloaded them with more lollies!!!  After that they had a go at fishing with a magnet (the fish had staples on them so you could fish them up!) and for every 5 fish they caught they got some chocolate fish!!!)  We met up with Adam Rae and his family and decided that I would take the boys trick or treating later that afternoon.  Kody Ben and Stella had their faces painted (Kody-Cammo/Army, Ben-Black stripes and Black eyes, Stella- Butterfly)  Brian took Stella home and they Boys and I stayed to help clean up.  The boys turned out to be far too annoying running around and not doing as they were asked so I decided it was time to go.  We stopped in at the park and had a go on the spinning around thing (this still makes me a bit woozy thinking of it!) I thought I would freak the boys out by going really fast but they coped fine, me on the other hand...I couldnt even walk for about a minute!  Then they wanted to have another go (I think they thought its was pretty funny watching me trying to come to grips with everything after we had stopped)  So I decided the park time was over!  Trick or treating time came around and I took on the road Cammo Kody, Superman Ben and Batman Adam!  we visited a few pre-organised places (Kathryn had FORGOTTEN it was halloween! Much to Kories disgust!) After dropping of Adam we returned home and had Brians sister, partner and Son for a visit who showed up with 3 HUGE bags of lollies! (Like they needed anymore!)  We packed bags for the kids and I dropped them all out to Nanas for the night.  We were hitting the town for a 21st celebration (Stacy the therapist who gave you your massage Leigh)  Talk about feeling a little OLD!  We had to dress to impress, everyone obliged and looked fabulous.  It was a great night. I arrived home at about 1am and Brian at 2am (although he fell asleep on the couch and never made it to bed until 4am!)
Today Kody and Ben had a very industrious day at Nana and Poppas they set up a Police Traffic Stop for all cars coming up the driveway and issued tickets for a number of offences! (Nana managed to rake up $800 in fines!)  They went fishing for eels, with no luck, found a hole in the side of the hill by the dam.  They thought is was maybe from rabbits, stoats or rats, we know it was empty because Ben...being Ben stuck his entire arm in the hole to check! and they also played tennis on the back lawn and drove their cars in a big pile of dirt, oh yes and played on the ride on lawn mower and jumped the fence over to Tangowahine School for a play.  Needless to say they were very tired tonight in the car on the way home.
I hope you are feeling better soon Rory!  I wonder what Guy Fawkes in Auckland will bring???? You might see some really cool sights from your window!  Anywho all of you, take care keep strong and Happy you are all doing a fantastic job!!! Lots of Love Trudi and the Rest!! 
P.S Brian is snoring on the couch!!!