13-10-2009 16:38 hour

Tangowahine Tales
I hope today is alot better for you than yesterday. The weather is finally decent to go out in and your stuck in a hospital. Bah humbug!! That is polite words instead of 'Farm words'. Well the lambs are growing, I had to buy new teats for them the other day cause they wore out the old ones. I don't think they are that fussed on them as the hole at the end is smaller and it takes longer to drink. I gave them 500mls the other day and then decided not to do that again as they looked really bloated and you know what happens as a result of too much milk!! We are all back to work/school this week and this morning Ethan informed me that they did extra work at school yesterday and he wasn't going this morning. Gotta love em don'tcha?! Points for trying. They tried the bike out the other day and in their hurry to get on it and ride it around they didn't get proper instructions as to how it is used. So we will try again this coming weekend and I will be in charge (so of course it will go a bit more smoothly).  Rueben ran into one of the raised gardens and didn't want to get back on and I think Ethan got sick of Dad running around with him. They have been making mud puddles with their pushbikes, canning off them and the bruises aren't visible at night til you wash the mud off in the shower. We didn't make it in to see you guys in the holidays as I had originally planned because Rueben and I had colds and I thought it best to stay away but you were all on my mind the whole time. Warm strong fuzzy ones comin at ya and hoping that you are out of hospital. Brenda

12-10-2009 09:33 hour
Auntie Teri & Uncle Graham ( Gold Coast , Australia )

Hey Rory and Sam - enjoyed seeing the new photos of you all at the Waitakere Ranges - especially the one of the three Gardiner men on the tram!  Can't wait to see you all soon - only three more weeks to go!!  Lots of love and hugs - Auntie Teri & Uncle Graham - xxxx

10-10-2009 21:55 hour
Denise ( Whangarei , NZ )

Hi can someone advise me why the amount donated is not updated after someone makes a contribution. I am sure the total should be quite a bit more. I just want to be sure you are getting all the donations xD

09-10-2009 21:29 hour
Kathryn Milich ( Dargaville )

Howdy doodie guys, crikey no immune system and still the greatest adventurers I know!!!!   Keep up the great work Rory you little trooper.  Well Korie and I decided to spend some time together today and went to the movies to watch "Up".  It was a pretty cool movie, cartoon about an old man and an adventure he goes on with a young boy, and you know me Leigh - I almost shed a tear twice watching it!!!!  Im such a sook!  I made sure that I didn't shame Korie and held it in!!!!  At the end of our day we splashed out and bought Korie his first ever huge lego set - it is a police station with jail cells, police vehicles etc. It's pretty exciting making it, I think I enjoy it more than Korie!!!  I have finally managed to get Korie enrolled into swimming lessons and he has his first class on Friday next week.  Leesa will be his instructor.  Rory I remember sitting with your dad at swimming sports this year and watching you swim your races and Korie wouldn't even put his face in the water!  So my hope is for him to be able to swim as well as you for the summer.  He is a bit anxious but it is a skill he absolutely has to have.  Well guys hugs to you all, we miss seeing your faces around town, take care - healing vibrations coming to you from The Morrisons xox

08-10-2009 21:09 hour
jason wendy logan and mikayla ( np )

hi guys, great to hear you could get out and about today.  nice weather makes a change at the mo - we have had some nice weather but are back to the crappy stuff again now - even have the fire all warm and humming away ( I know we are just great big babies).  We have had friends up from picton staying with us for a couple of nights, they go home tomorro and logan is having a friend stay over tomorro night, and if the weather holds out they are going to the naki game.  Logan has missed the last two now due to his tonsils, but we are back into it again now he is feeling much better.  I got my arm outta plaster tuesday arvo and man the pain is just amazingly nasty.  I know i have a reasonably good pain tolerance but this is nasty - waiting an mri now to see what they can find - tendons or something they seem to think - only a possible 6 - 8 wk wait for the mri - what to do eh - the health system is a shocker down her (well everywhere it seems) it is now even more awkward to do the general baby day to day duties with mikayla - and the pain is not going to go away!!!  like i said before shoot me now!!!  Rory if you could just bottle me up a wee bit of your strength and courage littlle buddy - wendy is a big wussie and needs some of it if you have some to spare.  I dont know how you do it - you are helping me trudge on and just suck it up and not complain too much (i hope i'm not) I am trying hard to be just like you - i will come thru it i just have to keep my chin up and be brave just like you - good on you RORY!!! lots of love and hugs jason, wendy, logan and mikayla

07-10-2009 21:28 hour
The Johnstons ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hello there!  Talk about make me have a few tears!! It is quite humbling that Rory can remember such fine details about his mates.  I dont think Kody really understands that you are not returning to live in Dargaville. 
Kody Ben and Stella have spent the last 2 nights at Nana and Poppas house and have come home exhausted!  Lights were out early for the kids tonight!  Tomorrow we are heading to Whangarei for the day. 
What a wonderful trip to the beach!  I bet it was cold!!  Your new buggy sounds impressive too.  This weekend in Dargaville there is a special Monarch Butterfly day at the town hall.  Kody Ben and Stella have coloured in their colouring in competitions and are looking forward to going along to see what it is all about.
Today we took a drive by DPS.  The renovations in rooms 4-7 look as though they have been finished, looking pretty snazzy too! and its all go on rooms 1-4 this term.  We also called int to see how Greg (Neuman) was getting on at the kindergarten (Big outdoor renovations going on there too)  and WOW!  Greg certainly has talent!  It looked amazing! 
Well take care of yourselves.  Know we are all sending down good positive vibes.  Lots of Love The Johnstons xxxxx

07-10-2009 15:57 hour

Tangowahine Tales
It is great to hear that you are out of the Hospital. Fabulous attitude Leigh about getting out and about, love it, keep it up. We have been away for a couple of days and we didn't miss the lambs once until we went to Sheep World to look at the scarecrow festival. And I have to say, our sheep are whiter and fatter. Have you seen the 'shocking pink' sheep there. We met up with my best friend who had just come back from Hong Kong and spent some time with her catching up. The boys were very happy to get home yesterday and headed straight for their bikes while I unpacked the car. Well, if 'I' don't do it no one else will. Today they have been riding their bikes and spending time in their shed just pottering about. Funny you mentioned reading about 'Pungapeople' ... we had some that used to live around here. Little monkeys they were, they would do things like put holes in our silage stacks! steal knives from my kitchen! aaannnnddd drink booze from my storage shed!! Imagine that, they don't seem to live around here anymore. Haven't seen evidence of them for quite some time ... oh ... since Ethan started school. Mmmm. Hoping the weather gets  warmer for you all to go outside and get fresh air. Warm fuzzy strong ones coming at ya. Brenda   

06-10-2009 20:14 hour
Kathryn Milich ( Dargaville )

Hi de hi Gardiners, holey dooley we have had an incredibly busy holiday period.  Our house has been full to the seams with family visiting.  Sing star has had a battering even Korie has discovered a passion for it!!!!  But he won't let me sit in and listen because he gets embarassed.  Well it has been a crazy holiday break, my sister and her husband were in Samoa when they were woken by that massive earthquake and found themselves running for their lives to escape the tsunami!!!!  We were all a bit shocked and anxious waiting for them to come home.  They arrived home safely last night and we had a big catch up today.  Korie has a new playstation game (Incredible Hulk) he gets to smash buildings and toss cars into the air!!!  I havn't had time to have a really good read up on what you have been doing yet but thought I would drop in and say hello to you all and blow some happy, healing your way Rory.  Take care everyone.  Love and hugs to you all Kathryn xox

06-10-2009 14:33 hour
Heni ( Waipoua Forest , Nz )

Kiaora Rory,Lee B, Sam & Sean,
Thank You for the Happy Birthday!! I thought i better carry on from the last e-mail i sent and that was to do with the waka Kurahaupo. The chief to this waka goes by the name of Whatonga and somewhere in History before he landed in the top of the north island he actually came across a place called Taranaki. Yep you guessed it where your nana & poppa Honnor comes from Rory. Legend has it that those who  have decended  from this waka have a very special bond with the mountain ( Maunga Taranaki) and that is whenever Maunga Taranaki knows you are from the Kurahaupo waka the clouds will part to acknowledge you. Hows that for "MANA" aye Rory!!!
Lots of Luv

06-10-2009 09:58 hour
Leesa & Haydn Andrewes (swimming) ( Baylys Beach , NZ )

Hi Rory, Sam, Leigh and Sean  I guess its been a good month or so since I bumped into you at the supermarket in Dargaville, it was so great to be able to have a quick chat with you.  Just been catching up on the webiste and sounds like you've been working through some really challenging times, you are doing so amazing and we are thinking of you heaps.  Keep up your fight and we hope you get some better days real soon.  Im gearing up for swim coaching Fri afternoons next term, havent been coaching for nearly three terms! so really looking forward to getting back there.  My baby Jarno will stay with his Dad or Nan but I cant wait until I can get him in the pool!  Take care