02-10-2009 14:39 hour

Dear Rory
We know from the past that things are about to get a little rough for you yet again, but stay focused on the fact that the end of treatment is near. Another day closer to no more chemo! Now lets get a little side tracked, Do do do do do do do do!! Tangowahine Tales ... We nearly lost 'Ben 10' yesterday, horror!! The boy's went out to feed the lambs last night and Ben 10 didn't turn up for a drink, Rueben could hear him but we couldn't see him, so I went out to find him tied up by the neck behind his shed, he had gotten caught up by a loose tape and had been there for a while, and it was getting critical as to how much air he was getting. So after a bit of a panic to get scissors to cut the tape, me and Ben 10 had a moment ... you know the kind where rescuer and rescued just make that eye contact, we are now buddies and I am super protective of him. He's not traumatised (probably because of our 'special moment') he is out there now nibbling on ivy and jumping around. Whew!  We had a tractor mechanic come this morning and service our tractor. I went out there a couple of times to make sure the boys were okay and they were right in the thick of it, finding bolts, helping drain oil etc and I wanted to make sure they weren't using 'Farm words' and I was told they weren't using them. More 'whew'. They picked them up at school (as they do) and although we would rather they didn't use them we have told them where it is appropriate and where it isn't and the farm is okay as long as I'm not around, or Nana and Poppa (that would be the worst thing). One of the boys has had his mouth washed out with soap, and I get the feeling liquid soap isn't as bad as a cake of soap, no point using mustard, they don't flinch at that! So, lots of warm positive ones coming your way. Brenda 

02-10-2009 02:02 hour
Victoria Martin ( Whangarei , New Zealand )

Rory you are one amazingly tough wee boy, for all that you have been put up against, and the road ahead. It has been one heck of a journey for you all.   
My heart goes out to you and your family xox
All the best little man, stay strong just as those around you do too xox >3

01-10-2009 05:59 hour

Hi guys
Just wanted to send warm strong ones to you today, and let you know we are thinking of you. The lamb hasn't shed his tail yet but Ethan has shed his training wheels, right at the end of yesterday so there were a few tears and accidents. Managed to get him to stop for the day and he is keen to get up this morning and get into riding his bike without the training wheels. Of course your bike has now found a new home in the back porch as incentive. They were both sitting on it together yesterday going on pretend trips. I was in the office working and I could hear all this shouting and carry on so went out thinking that they were fighting ... silly me, the opposite was happening. They had hair cuts yesterday and now look like two little guys with attitudes. So, again, I leave you with warm fuzzies and lots of strong vibes coming atchya. Kia Kaha Rory and Leigh. Brenda      

30-09-2009 08:13 hour
janine ( NP , NZ )

Hi all, Hope you had a great birthday Leigh, tell Sean we are so far away from 40 it isnt funny to joke about things like that, lol enjoy the rest of your time away from Auckland and our love to the boys.

30-09-2009 06:56 hour

Tangowahine (loss of) Tales
Hi guys, the weather for the school holidays isn't particularly helpful. Rueben took the training wheels off his bike on Monday and is now racing around the house every chance that he gets. I couldn't watch him when he first started riding his bike for fear of seeing him hurt himself but he mastered it fairly quickly. He is covered in bruises (after I wash the mud from the day off) and scratches but is really enjoying his bike. Now he keeps pestering me to ridy Rory's bike. Ethan doesn't want his training wheels off so that is fine with me, he still manages to get around the house with Rueben and the track is a long one not just a 1/4 acre, more like two acres around the house when you include two sheds and a maize silage stack. The lambs I am pleased to report are doing well, one has lost it's tail and goodness knows what is holding the other one on! They are growing like mushrooms and doing well. But I am refusing to wash the floors at the moment as they have been inside and I don't trust them not to come in again!! I hope that things are relaxing for you after the hectic couple of weeks and that you are recharging before the next step. Warm and positive ones coming at you all. Brenda  

29-09-2009 14:12 hour
Kathryn Milich ( Dargaville )

Howdy doodie Gardiners,  happy birthday to Leigh I hope you were spoilt and waited on today.  Korie went beach combing at bayleys beach on Sunday with Gordon and came home with a big bone to put on his science table!  And to true Korie form after ferreting around at the lakes he came home with some tree gum.  We have Caid here today while his mum is at work and I have just been to check on them and I can't bellieve what I have found....both of them are covered from head to toe in sloppy wet mud!!!!  They have been out on the front lawn in a puddle from the rain and have managed to make a huge mud pool by jumping and skidding along the lawn!!!! Arrrgh boys, wonderful , energetic crazy boys!! You gotta love em!  Best I get them in the shower before Jenni gets here!!  Mwa Mwa to you all love from Kathryn and the 2 mud rats outside!!!

29-09-2009 14:03 hour
jane C ( Whangarei )

sending you love for your birthday Leigh...

29-09-2009 09:54 hour
kay,conor,zack.mark ( baylys beach )

Hi everyone, we are so sorry we had to miss the farewell, we had you in our thoughts, we wish you the best and we want you to know we are all still here with you.  I have everyones ph nos Leigh so we can all still keep in touch, the boys included.  Happy Birthday, I hope you have a wonderful day, a big hug from us.  The boys did well in the carnival were pretty bushed though by the time we got home.  We will be around for most of the hols, so we will be in touch maybe.  Rory you sound like your having a bit of a rough time matey, you are so strong and we are all thinking of you daily.  I love the poem Sam wrote, its a great description and so true, you are one strong lion.  Take care all of you and will talk soon.  We will truly miss you.
Love Kay, Mark, Conor and Zack

29-09-2009 09:44 hour
The Johnstons ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Leigh, Happy Birthday to you!!!!  Hope you have a lovely day and get spoilt rotten!!! Lots of love the Johnstons xxxx

28-09-2009 19:18 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hi de hi!  I always find it unsettling moving house, I cant imagine what it must be like on top of all of the other turmoil in your lives!  I really feel sorry for you Rory having to have all these awful procedures.  I reckon you are the strongest 7 year old I know!  All I can do is keep on sending our positive thoughts your way!
This morning we woke late, it was pouring with rain and we experienced thunder and lightening!! It was very dark too.  We ventured into the warehouse and managed to find one of those games like yours that you plug into the tv, much to Kody and Bens delight!  and a new bouncy ball each for the boys and a big pink one for stella.  We were home about half an hour when the clouds left and the sun shone!  We also had big cousins Bill and Daniel with us, Ben managed to kick Stella ball god only knows where cause now we cant find it and he was the last to see it! 
Kody was fortunate enough to spend the afternoon with Kathryn and Korie, Jamie and Rei at the lakes!!  Kody and Korie even went for a swim!  Kody has come home with some tree gum he found.  I think all the children in our house will sleep well tonight!
We might be going out to help out on the farm with docking, although I am not sure us being there will be a hinderance or a help??!!  We will see.  Personally I am not that keen. 
So just know we are all thinking of you lots,  keep strong and most of all have fun at Grannie and Grandads!!
Lots of Love The Johnstons xxxx