27-09-2009 09:45 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Well hello,  What a lovely wrap up of your last few days!  I bet you are a bit exhausted today.  Grannie and Grandad will love having the house full for a few days!!! Sparky will be well looked after, I am sure (maybe even a bit spoilt!!)  Now Sean I hope you managed to share the cheesecake with Grandad!  Remember its just a minute on the lips but a lifetime on the hips!!!  ENJOY!  Look forward to catching up again soon.  Rest well.  Sending loads of positive good happy thoughts your way.  Lots of love the Johnstons xxxxx

25-09-2009 17:51 hour

Hi guys
I made creamed rice this morning to bring out to your place tonight and it turned out rubbish. I couldn't possibly bring it out to you I would be too embarrassed. So I won't be joining you tonight, sorry. Actually if the truth be told I am not feeling that well, I have something that is trying to get into my lungs and I feel not too good and this would make me cry lots, and heaven forbid that I should expose that ugly sight to you people, you don't need that! I hope it is a nice evening for you although it is hard saying good bye to people. I will be in touch in the future, the boys and I are coming to Auckland over the holidays and I hope to catch up with you at some stage, either with or without the boys, not sure yet. Wishing you the best, warm fuzzies and lots of positive coming your way. Brenda

25-09-2009 16:54 hour
jasmine ( Dagaville , New Zealand )

hi  rory hope you get better soon so you can see all your friends
          bye Rory

24-09-2009 21:37 hour
jason wendy logan and mikayla ( np )

hey there,  just us again, sorry havent been writing much lately been caught up in the aftermath of logan and his tonsills and adenoids.  He is still very raw and swollen and tired.  who would have imagined how much a small procedure would knock him. he reacted to the anaesthetic and that wasnt great but all over now.  he is still having trouble with the pain and talking is very minimal at times.  he is suffering from a very swollen tongue i guess from the tubes etc and the lack of space whilst trying to push everything around during surgery in a very small throat. he is managing to eat now though not great amounts, lots of ice cream and cold stuff.  It makes me appreciate more rory just how brave and tolerant you have been during months of operations and medicines. Logan has been very scared, angry and sore and he is very brave too.  but you are such an awesome trooper and we are all especially now just so proud of how you are trudging on through and getting each day closer to the end of a very long hard road to a full recovery.  A huge hug and well done to you little buddy.  and to you leigh sean and sam you are amazing - cos we have had a week of it and it is nothing compared to your battle, and you are a force to be reckoned with - keep up the good work, lots of love wendy jason logan and mikayla 

24-09-2009 15:07 hour
Jane ( Whangarei )

love can carve deep paths inside us - i see you guys have made a huge impact on the community you have been at home in ... as you made in the playcentre community too...
thanks for the chance to watch that video - i like how they talk about asking the hard questions... i feel a bit funny coming here without being a close friend but i come because i care and i want to send any caring i can your way...
good vibes for the move to you all

23-09-2009 18:23 hour
Jeni G ( Dargaville , NZ )

Well once again, the tears well and fall for a whanau that I hardly know. I hate to think what your close friends here are feeling as you move on into the next phase of your lives. I don't need to rave on about how much you all have impacted our lives, you talk about being grateful for all the support, of course, we, your community, are also grateful for what you have taught us while enduring the unthinkable. I wish you all the very best and will always be willing wherever possible to assist in any way if our paths cross. In the meantime, the Kaipara and it's people will always be a part of you, as you will always be a part of us. I'll do my best to give Trudi and Kathryn hugs on your behalf in your absence Leigh, I know they have that hollow feeling in thier guts right now.
Arohanui, Jeni and the Gorries (and Ranginui's, my whanau)

23-09-2009 16:00 hour
Adam R ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

hey rory it is adam rae from school  i will miss you heaps you were a great friend i hope you enjoy your new school when you finish chemotherapy hope i see you again

22-09-2009 13:56 hour
jane c ( Whangarei )

Great to hear you are home Rory!
Sounds like your body is cranking all the good stuff out - bravo you!
we are getting ready for Ag day here and i think i might need one of those hearing tests after being around our constantly hungry lambs -(Britzy and Mystic)... lots of leading practise going on here but guess who gets to wash their bums?
love to all you Gardiners (and the Honor too!) 

21-09-2009 19:37 hour
Kathryn Milich ( Dargaville )

Hi dee hi Gardiners,  Nice to hear you are home again Rory, Yay for you!  Well I was a part of local history in the making on Saturday night and attended the concert in the pool!  It is one very deeeeep pool, and it was sooooo exciting to be standing in it watching an amazing live performance of 3 bands - the light displays and smoke machines made for a spectacular show.  HOWEVER... just down the road (about 4 houses) was one very tired and grumpy Korie Morrison who couldn't get to sleep because of all of the boom boom!!!!  We had a lovely and very interesting lady at our house before we went to the pool, picture this......straight black shortish hair with streaks of purple, pink and green (I think) lots of black clothing, VERY low cut top, lots and lots of jewellery, two peircings in her bottom lip and possibly some other face pirecings (I didn't want to look like I was staring) crazy black eye makeup and beautiful greenish eyes!  She was the most interesting lady Korie has ever seen in his life!!!  In the morning he asked me what her name was!!!  I think he thought she was a bit of alright!!!???!?!?!?  But don't tell him I shared this with you (and everyone else who reads this) because he might get grumpy with me!!!  Tee hee hee.  Anyway looking forward to seeing you on Friday and I hope Sparky is feeling ok after his little denackerization!!!!!  Catch ya, Love Kathryn xox

21-09-2009 17:54 hour

Hi there. The boys have just finished feeding their lambs, dinner is on the table and I have a wee moment to catch up. The boys had swimming lessons tonight and they are now in Ethans room doing body jam, where do they get the energy from?!! The lambs are doing well, their tails and hoolie goolies haven't fallen off yet but aren't far away. They look healthy and not over fed. We have just increased the amount that they get and they seem okay, touch wood. A big thank you for the bike too. David snuck it inside when the boys were asleep and locked it in the spare room, lucky they never go in there. We have decided not to tell them about it yet as they can't ride their bikes without training wheels yet and they should really master one skill before starting another otherwise they will never complete anything. The training wheels are coming off tomorrow and they have to learn to ride them first before we are going to get the motor bike out. So that is why you haven't heard from them yet, but you will and soon I hope. Ethan has been telling me what jumps he will do when he gets a bike. And Rueben has been constantly asking for one, man, their heads would explode if they knew there was one hiding in their house!!! Thanks again, I can't believe it. Anyway better go and feed the mob. It's good that you are all home together. Take Care, Brenda