19-09-2009 21:03 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hellooooo Well what an eventful return home!!! I hope everthing goes smoothly for the rest of the time! 
I hope Sparky is doing okay.  They go around feeling a little sorry for themselves dont they!
I think we may be the only people in Dargavegas not out at the pool party tonight!  when we came through town it looked pretty full with lights flashing and music playing.  Then we drove past Kathryns....little party going on there!! 
Tonight as we were leaving Nana and Poppas house I threw nana a kiwifruit she had left in the car, she thought it would be funny to throw it at our car (it got a little bruised from the first throw!) I was putting my window up as fast as I could, when Mum tried to do a MAJOR throw only to find herself skidding in a slippery patch and falling over onto her side!!!!  We were all pretty worried at first cause it looked sooo violent, but Mum started to laugh- it seemed she was okay - which in turn set us all off.  nana was soaked and had a little bruised ego!  We are still not sure where the kiwifruit ended up.  I am sure she will be quite sore in the morning!  Luckily she did not hurt herself.  Nana has always had a liittle saying ' If you do something nasty or say something bad the Fairies will get you' When Kody was little he did something bad and within a few minutes he had hit his head!  Turning around rubbing the bonk on his head he said "dumb stupid fat faires!" and it has kinda stuck,.  So tonight Nana was set upon by the faires for trying to throw the kiwifruit at our car! I tell you it was pretty funny!!! 
Anywho I hope you all get a good nights sleep tonight and have a fun filled day tomorrow! xxxxx 

18-09-2009 15:12 hour
Heni ( Waipoua Forest , NZ )

Kiaora Rory & Sean,
I've just read todays update and that's cool you's are back at the RM house. No doubt you boys are having fun but behaving of course! til mum gets back. I saw Sam and Mum yesterday at the gas station and was having a quick catch up and a chat and waved out to Sam while he was in the car waiting for me and mum to finish chatting( Typical women). Anyways i will catch up with yous again.
Nga Mihi Arohanui Kia Koutou!!
Heni xxxooooxxxx

17-09-2009 17:44 hour
jason wendy logan and mikayla ( np )

hey there everyone, well I have walked a day and a night in your shoes (not anywhere near the same caliber, but just from a mum and dad perspective) with having a child in hospital and having the day of surgery and the aftermath of worry and the cuddles of promises that you will feel better soon, the helplessness with your child in tears frightened suffering the pain and more promises and the night of zero sleep with still more promises and then here we are the next day and here we go all over again - not a pinch on your huge journey that you have - but i know that it is something that i never want to have to go thru again.  How you do it over and over each day is just incredible stength and courage. Logan got his tonsils and adenoids done yesterday morning and he is just miserable.  very sore and hot and puking and just generally a big mess.  he was one of  yesterday on the list and he is the only one not a bunch of fluffies today.  he didnt recover well like the others, and puked all night and still has it today, he has meds to cope with it, not that it lasts long.  not the norm really with this usually they are better by now - stil with the pain but much better, not our logan he is struggling with it now - but hey it will mean no more tonsiitis, better now than later they have told us - not that logan is very happy with it or very convinced - he is just not happy with anything or anyone - and cant talk cos it is too painful to do so.  So rory you are the king of the healing process, well done for being so brave, logan has been a big brave trooper too, keeping up a brave face as much as possible.   logan will feel a bit better tomorro we hope (more promises i know)  take care guys thinking of you all - and great to hear you are out to RM again rory YAHOO!!! (and yep in typical boy style - or should i say not logan this time but his mum - we too have a set of huge tonsils in a jar in the fridge - logan didnt even want them!!!)

16-09-2009 20:41 hour

Hey there Rory, I hope you have a good sleep tonigh and when you wake up, you remember that it is another day closer to the end of treatment. You have done really well, keep up the good work. Thinkin of you. Brenda

16-09-2009 14:20 hour
Kathryn Milich ( Dargaville )

Hey there matey!  I just bumped into your mum in the woolworths carpark and we had nice catch up.  Well we had Kody at our house after school yesterday because he was coming to Keas with us.  So while I was at their house I challlenged Trudi to a game on the Foosball table!  I gotta tell you that game brings out the crazy in me!!!  I was 'grrrrrr' when I was losing and I was crazy with 'whoop whoop' when I was winning!!!  I think I gotta tone down my game a tad!!!  Trudi suggested  we have a "Johnston/Morrison Tournament!  I like that idea!  Well I have to go and get my groceries packed away, hi to dad.  Now you boys behave down there on your own, ahhh what the heck don't behave, have fun and hopefully we will catch up soon.  LoVe KaThRyN xox

15-09-2009 20:13 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Your a real groover Rory!!! So glad to hear you are picking up again.  Today was another lovely day, Kody and Ben came home filthy! Mud and grass stains all up thier legs and arms!!! as you know we dont have a bath so before their showers tonight I made them soak in a bucket before I let loose with the scrubbing brush!!!! It was quite funny they all had a go standing in the bucket at the end in the shower...even Stella, yes 2 at a time, until Stella decided she would like to try and sit down in it and it tipped over! along with Ben and Stella!  Water was everywhere! It was so funny I forgot that I would be the one cleaning it all up! 
I had another trip to the Hair salon today so my sister could 'fine tune' my hair!  It is now as light as it can possible go and my scalp is very very tight! I have had to rub some of the Pure Fiji oil into my scalp. Mum will get a treat seeing this on Thursday! 
Now you just keep on keepin on...All of you!  Sending all our love and hugs The Johnstons! xxxxx

15-09-2009 18:23 hour
Margaret ( dargaville )

Hi Rory and family. Sending blessings to you all every day.Guess what Rory? I found a plastic bag of beach rocks and shells in the truck that Korie and his family went to the bluff in. He is a real collector, but I'm pleased I found them before they got too smelly! I think he wants them for his science table. I hope the sun shone on you all today. with love and best wishes from Margaret

15-09-2009 16:59 hour
Auntie Teri ( Gold Coast , Australia )

GO RORY!!!  Glad to read that you are getting better with each passing day.  I forgot to mention in last message, that I love the photo of the three Gardiner men!  Lots of hugs and stuff - Auntie Teri - xxxx

15-09-2009 13:49 hour
Janine Underwood ( Dargaville )

O Leigh I'm so sorry if my previous comments sounded at all cliche... the hang on in there one..I know I have absolutely no comprehension of what you all are going through... I just wonted to send love.

15-09-2009 12:29 hour

Go Rory, go Rory!! Another day closer to finishing treatment. Brenda