29-09-2009 14:03 hour
jane C ( Whangarei )

sending you love for your birthday Leigh...

29-09-2009 09:54 hour
kay,conor,zack.mark ( baylys beach )

Hi everyone, we are so sorry we had to miss the farewell, we had you in our thoughts, we wish you the best and we want you to know we are all still here with you.  I have everyones ph nos Leigh so we can all still keep in touch, the boys included.  Happy Birthday, I hope you have a wonderful day, a big hug from us.  The boys did well in the carnival were pretty bushed though by the time we got home.  We will be around for most of the hols, so we will be in touch maybe.  Rory you sound like your having a bit of a rough time matey, you are so strong and we are all thinking of you daily.  I love the poem Sam wrote, its a great description and so true, you are one strong lion.  Take care all of you and will talk soon.  We will truly miss you.
Love Kay, Mark, Conor and Zack

29-09-2009 09:44 hour
The Johnstons ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Leigh, Happy Birthday to you!!!!  Hope you have a lovely day and get spoilt rotten!!! Lots of love the Johnstons xxxx

28-09-2009 19:18 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hi de hi!  I always find it unsettling moving house, I cant imagine what it must be like on top of all of the other turmoil in your lives!  I really feel sorry for you Rory having to have all these awful procedures.  I reckon you are the strongest 7 year old I know!  All I can do is keep on sending our positive thoughts your way!
This morning we woke late, it was pouring with rain and we experienced thunder and lightening!! It was very dark too.  We ventured into the warehouse and managed to find one of those games like yours that you plug into the tv, much to Kody and Bens delight!  and a new bouncy ball each for the boys and a big pink one for stella.  We were home about half an hour when the clouds left and the sun shone!  We also had big cousins Bill and Daniel with us, Ben managed to kick Stella ball god only knows where cause now we cant find it and he was the last to see it! 
Kody was fortunate enough to spend the afternoon with Kathryn and Korie, Jamie and Rei at the lakes!!  Kody and Korie even went for a swim!  Kody has come home with some tree gum he found.  I think all the children in our house will sleep well tonight!
We might be going out to help out on the farm with docking, although I am not sure us being there will be a hinderance or a help??!!  We will see.  Personally I am not that keen. 
So just know we are all thinking of you lots,  keep strong and most of all have fun at Grannie and Grandads!!
Lots of Love The Johnstons xxxx

27-09-2009 21:15 hour
Spartacus (Sparky) ( Baylys Beach )

Just thought I would let you  know that I have settled in well here. Nearly as good as home.  It is quiet since there are no young ones around. Hope Conor & Zack come up to see me. I am getting a bit spoilt because I had some chicken for tea! I have had a couple of run ins with the dog next door but she is more afraid of me than I am of her!!!
Love you all.

27-09-2009 17:34 hour
Heni ( Waipoua , NZ )

Kiaora to the Gardiner/Honnor Whanau,
Thank You very much for the invite to your guys farewell the other night i really felt the "aroha" that was in your whare and also the people that were there too. I must say that i was so good i did'nt cry until i said my goodbyes to you's, but i know that you's will always have a "special place " in my heart. I also know that your Mum Rory comes from the same waka as i do which is called Kurahaupo. My people have said to me that those who descend from this waka are known to have the biggest hearts and that we can take on anything that comes our way and i can now see why they said that cos that's you Rory " He Ngakau Nui mo Tenei Tamaiti".
Ps: If you's are goin up north please stop in to the VC and pick up the monies we raised for Rory!
Arohanui Heni

27-09-2009 09:45 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Well hello,  What a lovely wrap up of your last few days!  I bet you are a bit exhausted today.  Grannie and Grandad will love having the house full for a few days!!! Sparky will be well looked after, I am sure (maybe even a bit spoilt!!)  Now Sean I hope you managed to share the cheesecake with Grandad!  Remember its just a minute on the lips but a lifetime on the hips!!!  ENJOY!  Look forward to catching up again soon.  Rest well.  Sending loads of positive good happy thoughts your way.  Lots of love the Johnstons xxxxx

25-09-2009 17:51 hour

Hi guys
I made creamed rice this morning to bring out to your place tonight and it turned out rubbish. I couldn't possibly bring it out to you I would be too embarrassed. So I won't be joining you tonight, sorry. Actually if the truth be told I am not feeling that well, I have something that is trying to get into my lungs and I feel not too good and this would make me cry lots, and heaven forbid that I should expose that ugly sight to you people, you don't need that! I hope it is a nice evening for you although it is hard saying good bye to people. I will be in touch in the future, the boys and I are coming to Auckland over the holidays and I hope to catch up with you at some stage, either with or without the boys, not sure yet. Wishing you the best, warm fuzzies and lots of positive coming your way. Brenda

25-09-2009 16:54 hour
jasmine ( Dagaville , New Zealand )

hi  rory hope you get better soon so you can see all your friends
          bye Rory

24-09-2009 21:37 hour
jason wendy logan and mikayla ( np )

hey there,  just us again, sorry havent been writing much lately been caught up in the aftermath of logan and his tonsills and adenoids.  He is still very raw and swollen and tired.  who would have imagined how much a small procedure would knock him. he reacted to the anaesthetic and that wasnt great but all over now.  he is still having trouble with the pain and talking is very minimal at times.  he is suffering from a very swollen tongue i guess from the tubes etc and the lack of space whilst trying to push everything around during surgery in a very small throat. he is managing to eat now though not great amounts, lots of ice cream and cold stuff.  It makes me appreciate more rory just how brave and tolerant you have been during months of operations and medicines. Logan has been very scared, angry and sore and he is very brave too.  but you are such an awesome trooper and we are all especially now just so proud of how you are trudging on through and getting each day closer to the end of a very long hard road to a full recovery.  A huge hug and well done to you little buddy.  and to you leigh sean and sam you are amazing - cos we have had a week of it and it is nothing compared to your battle, and you are a force to be reckoned with - keep up the good work, lots of love wendy jason logan and mikayla