31-08-2009 08:36 hour

Tangowahine Tales
I realise that your day isn't going to be a good one but I hope this takes your mind off it for a while.
We found out where Guts was getting out of his enclosure. I'm not sure if that has been sorted yet but he seemed okay staying in there this weekend because i was in the house.
Yesterday i thought I would give him a big feed to keep him happy and gave him 600mls of milk. His little tummy was sticking out both sides when i had finished and I felt satisfied because he struggled to get through it all. Satisfaction short lived. When it came time to feeding him at lunchtime I found out he had gas from too much milk and we shouldn't feed him again till the gas had gone. (He needed to fart, really badly) So we had to wait till that happened. He got a feed last night but not as much as the morning and he was fine when we got up this morning. The boys came back from their grandparents yesterday with sprats that they had caught off the wharf at Russell. Rueben has been feeding them to the cat (all four of them) and when I got out of the shower this morning he had put one in the cats bowl in the kitchen!!!! I remained very calm as I asked him to put them outside on the deck because i would be sick. Not amount of purfume from the shower was going to hide that smell. And so we all start another week. I know today and the days coming are going to be tough but in the long run it will be worth it. Warm fuzzies. Brenda 

30-08-2009 22:53 hour
Mandy McGregor ( Ulsan , South Korea )

Hi guys, hope all is well. I am thinking of you Rory with the Chemo tomorrow, hope you have a good week!!

29-08-2009 12:29 hour

Tangowahine Tales
David came inside yesterday morning and found Guts wandering up the hall way towards him!!! As we were all out yesterday morning we can't work out how he came to be inside. Like I said, who ever said these animals were Stupid, was themselves stupid. We have increased Guts's milk intake so hopefully he won't be so hungry all the time. We had a phone call this morning from one of our lamb suppliers and it looks like we will have another two before the end of the weekend. That means Guts won't be so lonely. Be a nice surprise for Ethan when he gets home from Nana's and Poppas. I am just blimping out with no responsibility and loving it. Well that is kind of true, I actually miss the boys, the house is so quiet, except for Guts and his moaning!! Hope your all well. Brenda  

27-08-2009 23:11 hour
jason wendy logan and mikayla ( np )

hi guys,  hope the weather has been not to bad for you to spend the precious days back home.  We have been having mixed bag of goings on down here in the naki, mikayla has just gotten another infection in both ears (not even a month since the last 2 when she perforated one along with tonsilitis), I (wendy) have my arm and thumb in plaster with a probable fractured scaphoid bone below my thumb, which i did 3 weeks ago but tried to ignore the pain till i couldnt any more (typical mum syndrome), this makes nappy changing quite the impossible now - but very comical to watch I'm sure.  Logan gets his tonsils out on sept 16th but isnt looking forward to it really. and jason is just very busy at work - but could develop man flu any day just to make it awkward for us all (hope not tho !!! ). we are almost finished with renovating the bathroom, paint is on an we are waiting on the plumbing and wiring to be finished off. (cant wait for the second toilet to be back up and running again)
anyhow onward and upward, you guys are inspiration to all those that have there hands full and we all definitely look at your strength and push on knowing that tomorrow will be another day.  take care guys and sam i hope your big egg feels better tomorro, and rory fingers crossed that your results keep building up to get back with the treatment very soon.  lots of love  jason wendy logan and mikayla

27-08-2009 22:01 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Well, just for the record crying and platinum blonde hair does not mix! Kody is soooooooo looking forward to tomorrow night.  And yes Brenda is a blessing in everyones lives! I am glad a bit of pressure has been relieved in your lives.  I hope you get a good 8 hour stretch of sleep tonight....I'll put it out to the universe for you!!! Sleep well xxxxx

27-08-2009 05:58 hour

Tangowahine Tales
Whoever said sheep were stupid was stupid! Somebody left both gates open on the deck and Guts was able to get out, most animals would run off to greener pastures, not Guts. He turned left and the first doorway, in through the back porch, clipped clopped his way through the laundry, slid through the kitchen ran down the hall and into my bedroom where the boys were doing body jam!!! And of course the boys had to carry him back through the same route to put him back where he belonged, dropped him a few times, had to catch him a few times. As if I don't get sick of the sound of my own voice on a normal day, let alone trying to yell instructions to get a !@#$%$#@ lamb back outside. I think I will add the name Fierce onto Guts because when he drinks, it is fierce. Sometimes Rueben hardly seems to have gone outside to feed him when he is back inside again. Speaking of which, he is outside the office window now carrying on like ... well ... he has never been fed in his life! I hope today goes well guys and there is no delay, don't want to wait to get out the otherside of treatment to get on with normal life. Warm Fuzzies The Crawfords  

25-08-2009 19:24 hour

Tangowahine Tales - By the Crawford Family.
We came home yesterday to only one lamb. So now we are just left with Guts and he sooo thinks that he is part of the family. You can't open the front door if he is on the deck because he is in like flin. You kind of have to feel sorry for him, he misses his buddy. Rueben has been spending more time with him, brushing him and giving him cuddles, he looks really good with a good brushing. The boys have been trying to scour the house looking for more brushes for when Ethan gets a new lamb, which is proving alot harder to find than we first thought. Hopefully within the week. And you think it would be easy to find a brush in this house considering I don't use them anymore. (A hair brush and hair product don't go together at all). The other day Rueben painted the lamb shed and the paint hasn't dried and he went out this morning to give Guts some love and got blue paint all over his clean uniform, (actually I kick myself, I should have known better, he's only six). I'm really glad that you are home together, it must be really nice being tucked up together while it rains outside, how snuggly.      

25-08-2009 16:05 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hi guys! So happy for you being at home!! Sounds like you have had a fabulous day.  Stella is on the mend now she is just waking now form a 3.5 hour afternoon sleep on top of a 1 hour sleep this morning!! Brenda is right the message from Peter is great!!  There might be something different about me next time you see me...wait and see!!...  Stella and I today painted our nails HOT PINK!! Im not too sure if the colour suits me but it kept Stella happy oh yes and we blew heaps of bubbles! You have to do something to stop the cabin fever!!  Ben is home with us now and Kody has gone with Kathryn and Korie to Keas.  Enjoy the rest of the day and look out for something different from about tomorrow lunchtime! I am a bit NERVOUS!!!

24-08-2009 15:36 hour
Amelia Whiting

Hi!  It was the highlight of Room 3's day seeing Rory again!  They loved finding out what you've been up to and telling Rory their news.  It was fantastic to see the bright sparkle in Rory's eyes.  Have a good time at home.
From Miss Whiting

24-08-2009 14:24 hour
Vania Hamlin ( Australia )

Gday Rory, its great to hear your weight is on the increase and everything is looking good.  Your mum hunts out some fabulous spots to visit, I didnt know half of them existed!  So am making a list and hopefully we will be able to do some of them ourselves when we come home for the Christmas holidays. 
William and Eva are going well at school.  Their school is called Alligator Creek State School, (a bit of a silly name because there are no alligators in Australia but there are lots and lots of crocodiles!).  Just now they are practising for the school concert.  They are memorising songs and poems for the big night.  They are both quite excited.
Well the whales are visiting us at the moment out in the bay.  They are doing their annual migration up the east coast of Australia and have been putting on a good show much to everyones delight.     
William went fishing with his dad and uncle yesterday.  They didnt get to see any whales, but they did see a shark!  It was about 10 feet long which isnt as big as they can get, but still pretty scary.  They werent real keen to go swimming after that.
Thinking of you all.