14-09-2009 19:28 hour
Kathryn Milich ( Dargaville )

Hi there just a quick peep in during a free moment.  Nice to see that you have concured the last hurdle!  Wouldn't it be lovlee if you get to come home next week for some re-grouping.   The weather has brightened up and the days are lasting a bit longer, Korie and Gordon played cricket out on the back lawn before dinner tonight, yay, rock on summer!!!  I hope you have had a chance to feel the sun on your skin Rory even if it is through a window! We went for a drive to the bluff on the weekend and got some mussles and on the drive back to bayleys beach we saw a huge starfish near the water, Korie was thrilled to see this on our beach it was the size of a diner plate!!!  Hope to see you soon matey, keep on truckin' love to you all Kathryn xox 

14-09-2009 19:17 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Yay for you guys!!!  so glad you are feeling a little better Rory! 
Kody would like to say..... Hey Rory cant wait to see you again!  I went to a sleep over on friday night at Adams house and we watched 4 movies in a row! we never went to sleep until 3.30AM!!!!! then on Saturday Dad took me out to the aeroclub with Keas to see all the planes.  We all stayed at Nanas and Poppas house on Saturday night Ben got to sleep on the stretcher bed.  On Sunday we went out to Mums sisters house.  We saw Lucys lambs (Maisy and Dora) and Sophies calf called Sugar who liked to suck our fingers! welll not mine!!!!  Maisy ran around really funny, then Poppa found a whole lot of Lizards in the garden.  We had hair cuts too!
Looking forward to seeing you Leigh on Thursday with alllllllllllllllllllllllllll of the boxes!  Lots of Love The Johnstons xxxxx

14-09-2009 16:03 hour
Janine ( New Plymouth , NZ )

Hi everyone, So pleased to hear you are feeling better Rory, sorry you were unable to make it out to Cindys, we were all disapoointed but best to keep you safe, I will send the game we got Rory to Starship if you like, can you text me the ward number or let me know if it is easier to send to Ronald McDonald house. Fingers crossed you make it home for some RandR with the family soon, love Janine, Michael and girls.

14-09-2009 15:54 hour
jane c ( Whangarei )

Way to go Rory - made it through this tough patch.... fingers crossed for heading home on Monday!

14-09-2009 12:56 hour
Auntie Teri & Uncle Graham ( Gold Coast , Australia )

Hey Sam and Rory - sorry you couldn't be together this weekend - what an absolute bugger!!  Sammy - its not your fault and we are sure you and Rory will be creating havoc together very soon!!  Stay strong - you are both amazingly brave and two fantastic young men!  MEGA hugs, kisses, warm fuzzies - the lot!  Lots of Love, Auntie Teri & Uncle Graham - xxxx

13-09-2009 18:46 hour
Sandra Parker ( Dargaville , NZ )

Hi my friend how are you and your family doing. I know its tough Rory but you can do it my friend. Keep smiling at those nurses Rory. Leigh noone can take that smile away. It will always be our Rory's smile. Hang in there mate you can do this. I think of you every day. Will talk to you soon my friend.

13-09-2009 17:59 hour
jane c ( Whangarei )

it is right and proper that you are ticked off Leigh that Sam couldn't stay and that risk that Rory had been in was scary and unnecessary....this is your story - you get to write what you want...glad to hear the rotovirus has left and that the weight is starting to come back on Rory... how scary that turn must have been Leigh...may you keep finding the strength to meet those challenges - and may the threads that hold you all together keep their resiliance... you are a special bunch of people (when ii think of you Leigh i think of you under a blanket candling eggs with 4 or 5 eager little faces watching you) you deserve better!  

13-09-2009 17:04 hour

Aaannnooother day closer to the end dude!! It's hard work, but your nearly there. 'Keep on swimming, keep on swimming.'  20 years ago when I was going through a rough patch, Saachi and Saachi had an ad campaign for something (can't remember what the product was) but they used a song with fabulous lyrics, something that sticks in my head and I try and practice it. "Hold onto the affirmative, eliminate the negative, latch on to something positive and don't mess with Mr in between." Sounds silly, but everytime I think of you guys, I think of that wee little ditty, I promise to sing it to you next time I see you. Can't promise that it will sound good, but it will be unforgetable. Warm fuzzie strong ones coming at ya. Brenda

13-09-2009 16:26 hour
Hoani Rogers-Brown ( Dargaville , Aotearoa )

Hi Rory
thought I would write to you about soccer yesterday well I`v got same good news mine and conors team came 3rd and we got a bronze medal and a shield. It was really wet and rainy and we all got really muddy and soaked. I do hoppe you will be out of hospital soon and that you will soon be feeling better. You are really brave and we think about you all the time, sending lots of love your way, from Hoani

12-09-2009 20:38 hour
Vania Hamlin ( Australia )

Gday Rory, keep on swimming keep on swimming... you and your family are doing so amazingly well and we are all thinking of you all each day. 
William and Eva had their school concert which I videoed.  We were thrilled to see after playing the video back, the cross country two years ago...and you were on there!!!  There was also Zack and Alex and heaps of other boys that William went to school with at DPS. 
Thinking of you all xx