24-08-2009 12:34 hour
Steve Branca

I forgot to mention, I'm wearing my Kia Kaha Rory wrist band! 

24-08-2009 12:32 hour
Steve Branca

Hi Leigh.  Just reminding you that I am in Auckland (Devonport), so if there is anything I can do to make things easier for you, even just taking you to lunch or dinner, please let me know.  Phone is 021 0267 6681, email is
Rory, if you want advice on how to gain weight, ask Suzanne S. at WDC!  ;-)  (She's going to kill me.)

24-08-2009 12:27 hour

Hi guys, just checking in. Its lunchtime and I am having lentil and tomatoe soup to counteract the effect of all the bread I consumed on the weekend! I hope it works and soon. The weather could be better, it is a mix of clouds, rain and sun. The boys have swimming this afternoon so the lambs will be well and truly Baaaaaing when we get home. Ethan's lamb is not well and I don't expect him to be there when we get home, but I do expect a new lamb today so hopefully they will be able to bond. Guts has gained so much weight that you can't see any bones in his body. David keeps on telling me not to overfeed him, well I try not to but it is really hard when he keeps bunting for more, and saying no is not my strong point, although I think my children might beg to differ on that one. Anyway, time to go back to work, very positive note from Peter, hold onto that. Take Care Brenda  

24-08-2009 12:13 hour
peter niland ( Whangarei , new zealand )

Hi Rory . I live in Whangarei . My daughter had the very same same illness that you are experiencing at this point in your life . She was nine years old when she had to go to Starship. Well that was a long time ago and now she has three kids and lives in Fiordland . So when you get over this how about getting mum and dad and whoever you want and stay at our beach bach in Whananaki. Stay well

23-08-2009 11:14 hour

We still have both lambs althoug 'Guts' as I call chocolate ears drinks the left overs from Ethans lamb and Sam is getting skinnier by the day. We have organised another lamb hopefully for tomorrow so that if anything drastic should happen then we are covered. The pizzas last night were a success. I have spent all weekend experimenting with the breadmaker. Today I tried french bread and accidentally turned the machine off half way through the process so have had to finish the rest by hand. I thought I would make an other loaf for lunches tomorrow and some rolls for dinner tonight. My husband warned me this morning about how dangerous these machines are for putting on weight. Maybe I should send some down for Rory, you can have my share. I haven't had another overflow so that's good. Sticky buns would be good. Anyway, the day is improving so I hope it is good down there. I lost 900gms this week Rory, how much did you put on? 

22-08-2009 12:43 hour

Well both lambs are still with us. Ethans one is drinking very little and is hanging in there. I bought a second hand breadmaker yesterday and had a bit of a disaster in it last night. The dough rose up so high that it flowed down the side of the tin and ended up on the element, so instead of having a house smelling of freshly baked bread, it smelt of smoke. Today has been more successful, the boys have just polished off a successful loaf and we are in the process of making dough for pizzas tonight. I hope that you are getting to enjoy this beautiful weather even though the wind is a little cold. Best wishes to you guys. Brenda   

21-08-2009 06:00 hour

Lamb update!!! Ethans lamb wasn't drinking too well and being primarily calf rearers we thought it wasn't going to make it so we took it back to where we got it from to exchange it and when we got him out of the car the lady said how good he looked!!! She gave him some antibiotics and we bought him back home. He doesn't drink as much as Rueben's lamb so we just keep an eye on him. It is really cool to see them frolicking about in the afternoon especially when the boys are out playing with them. They make quite a noise when they want feeding, almost like having two babies again. Glad that you are able to get out and about, despite what townies think, Spring is here. Horay!! Have a great day and keep up the great work, you pillars of strength you.  Brenda

20-08-2009 14:34 hour
Jane ( Whangarei )

Hi Rory and Leigh... great news about being back in RMcD house!  and for getting a bit porkier!  keep it up and keep making those blood cells

20-08-2009 07:11 hour

Alright Rory, good on you. RM House must be way better than the hospital. Hope you enjoy today outside of the hospital. Keep up the good work. Brenda

19-08-2009 21:07 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Good evening!  I hope you are all doing well today. I hear you recieved a lovely card from Room 3, this must have brightened your day.  Kody and Ben got a cool surprise after school today as you know they have a new desk and a rearranged room.  Well today I added a few extras like a massive map of NZ and a big Map of the World along with some new felt tips, pencils, paper rulers (that bend!!) and skate Board erasers, and a cork board each! oh yes and a couple of magnifying glass things  It was a truely fantastic afternoon for them they were very creative...exploring the world.  Around the Map of the World it has all the flags of every country too. Kody cant wait for you to see it!  Stella wasnt too good today she had a temperature and was quite miserable all day, hopefully she is feeling better tomorrow!  Kody had practice for the DPS Kapa Haka group today he is really enjoying it.  He has also offically signed up for Keas and coming up in September they have organised (weather permiting) for a 15 minute plane ride!! cool aye!! Kody is excited, me on the other hand am a bit nervous! Ben came home with a new song to practice on his ukelele...'Hes got the whole world in his hands'.... so right now I am going to have a go at it!! Sleep well and keep up the fantastic work xxx