01-08-2009 07:15 hour

Wow, great news about the tumours. Looks like the treatments are working. Great news. Still sending prayers and positive vibes. Brenda

31-07-2009 21:05 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Well hello to you all,  How blimmin fantastic to have no sign of any tumours left!! I bet that was a good high to find that out!  I hope you all get a better nights sleep tonight.  No hijinks to report from our house tonight.  Kody and Ben will play soccer tomorrow, and they all get to stay the night at Nana and Poppas tomorrow.  The grown ups here have a night out...just in normal clothes!! Today Kodys Poppa fell off a roof!!...he is okay but the silly thing is its the second time it has happened this year!!  He fell off a barn roof in January and broke both wrists, this time managed to come out unscathed.  He has been roofing all of his working life and apart from this year has never fallen off one!!  I dont think he should push his luck anymore!! 
Sleep well, rest well and enjoy the sound of the beautiful Tui outside. xxxxxxx

31-07-2009 11:16 hour
Tracy Horne ( Waihue )

Kia Ora Leigh, Sean and Rory,
Sam had a good night here last night.  I wasn't here for the dinner/shower time, but Greg oversaw proceedings with his usual "domestic god efficiency" !!#$%?! It was lovely to hear the boys 'battling' it out over a board-game when I walked in from yoga last night.  They made their lunches (to complement the Friday sausage sizzle) before bed, a little reading time and  were off to sleep smartly, and not awake too early this morning, the morning routine went smoothly for all, and off to the bus they bounded!  Sam said Granddad is picking him up from school and is off to Whangarei for the w/end.  He appears so accepting of how things are for him and the comings and goings of the family to and from Akl.  I marvel at how kids 'live the moment', Bless them all!!   Om Shanti and Santosha

31-07-2009 09:09 hour
Kathryn Milich ( Dargaville )

Morning, I am thinking about you today Rory. Funny little story about the boys swinging on the wardrobe rail!  I left there last night thinking that Trudi won't want Korie to visit too often if he is going to pull the house apart!  He really is feeling like one of the family!  Anyway use your super strength from within mum and Rory and lets get this tumor sorted, will keep in touch, lots of love and hugs to you both xoxoxoxox Kathryn.  PS I am using the power of positive thought to do all that I can to help you!

30-07-2009 21:31 hour
Vania Hamlin ( Australia )

Gday Rory, read the coolest thing the other day that made me think of you.  Courage, joy, fun, laughter, determination and guts - thats what little kids are made of.  You are doing so well, and your mum and dad and brother too.  Keep up the good work - we are thinking of you all!

30-07-2009 20:28 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hello!  Sounds like another exhausting day!  You manage to fit something enjoyable into nearly every day Keep up the good work.  Best of luck for tomorrow Rory we will be thinking of you all day, and Mum and Dad! 
Kody got into a spot of trouble today...firstly he came home with an earring!!!!! made out of the metal part of a pencils rubber end? it was bend and squeezed onto his ear!!  Nana was here and went on and on and on and on and on about it until it was removed (with a bit of wrestle!!).  Korie came after school as Kathryn was working and the boys (with Stella interrupting all the time) ran around and played a game of hide and seek combined with tackles, and a bit of Star Wars...I think!! all I know is it was pretty noisy!  Kathryn arrived just before 6pm and while we were talking the boys all went into our bedroom and took turns swinging off the rack in my wardrobe....until guess it..... it broke!!!!!!!!!!!! Ben came racing out of the room wanting to be the first to tell (I think even he was surprised it wasnt him who broke it!) Followed by 2 forlorn looking boys not quite knowing where to look!  So now all of my clothes are in a pile at the bottom of my wardrobe!!  I am sure the boys imagined smoke coming out of my ears and flames out of my mouth!!
I hope this story keeps you amused and gives you something to laugh about!  2 1/2 hours down the track I can even snigger about it.  When I was young I swung off the bathroom towel rack and ripped it completely off the wall!!  DONT TELL THE BOYS!!!!
Goodnight xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

30-07-2009 19:11 hour
Sam Gardiner ( dargaville , New zealand )

Hi mum Rory and Dad I'm at Matais house.  See you next saturday Love sam xoxoxo

30-07-2009 09:54 hour
Auntie Teri & Uncle Graham ( Gold Coast , Australia )

Hey Rory - I told one of the guys at worked that you liked Yoda and he did a near perfect impression of him - you would be most impressed if you could hear it!! Thinking of you lots No.1 Chef and we are so looking forward to seeing you soon!  Lots and lots of love - Auntie Teri and Uncle Graham - xxxx

29-07-2009 17:03 hour

Thinkin of you all down there. Wishin that you weren't but sending you lots of positive stuff. Brenda

29-07-2009 13:29 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hi guys!  Yet another well written informative update Leigh!!  I hope they have not poked and prodded you too much today Rory.  Last night we took Kody along to Kea Scouts (Ben is just a little too young! Much to his disgust!) He wants to join which means every Tuesday night we will go along to the scout hall.  Last night he learnt their Kea promise...I will try to share my fun and help others, The Kea Scout Motto... I share, I care, I discover I grow.  And once Kody has practised it a bit he can do the special handshake with you!!  They all joined in some fun activities and games.  Kody was chuffed with the Star Wars photo you gave him yesterday, he wants me to get a frame so he can hang it on the wall.  Not being too hot on the Star Wars thingy  I dont even know who they are!!  I guess you may like to enlighten me on this???    Well take care and we look forward to hearing from you again real soon.  Lots of Love The Johnstons xxxxx