25-07-2009 14:59 hour
Jeni Gorrie ( Dargaville )

Hi the Gardiners, I haven't written a message for a while. Sometimes it seems there's just too much and yet never enough, to say. The simple honesty combined with medical fact that you write Leigh, usually leaves me so humbled that I am lost for words. This morning I read Thursday's entry and saw that you and Rory have met Jacoba and Julie, I fully understand that it is hard for Rory to see why so many people are involved in his care. At community Health, I see Jacoba regularly in the team meetings we have with various departments involved in the care of people with various illnesses. It is always of utmost importance that families don't get overloaded with too many visitors or phonecalls while still aiming to provide the best possible care. In saying that, we all know that this can happen regardless of efforts to avoid it. I still get blown away by the complexity of it all and equally blown away by the amazing individuals that do the work in the medical and social fields. Although I work amongst these people, (I coordinate the Volunteer programme for Hospice), and have a good understanding of the whys and hows, I would personally find it very hard to let so many people in (as wonderful as they all are individually). You all do this with such grace, and if you think that everyone would do the, not always. Through no fault of thier own, people find themselves in these vulnerable situations, and sometimes react in a very different way. They are loved and offered help regardless, but for a health professional to be able to work with a family such as yours, I'm sure they go home at night and know that they are the ones that are blessed. One day Rory will be old enough to find some sense of meaning to all of this, and if nothing else, I hope he will know that just by 'being', he has and will continue to change lives for the better. Of little consolation in the here and now, but the picture is always so much bigger than we can physically see.    Walking with you in our thoughts, the Gorries.

23-07-2009 22:07 hour
Denise and the Bad Boys Inc ( Whangarei , NZ )

Hi Leigh, Sean, Sam and Rory
Have not written for a while but thinking of you all through the school holidays. Me and the boys had a couple of days in Mangawhai -unfortuntely Andrew had to work, but of course it has been rather busy at the medical centre with all the piggy virus and other bugs! The boys had a great time racing up and down the Mangawhai sand dunes and I was remembering the great day we had there -chuckling to myself when i recalled all the wonderful kaimoana that Sean found -being a pom and a townie I did not even know you could EAT half that stuff! Anyway this was just to say we are thinking of you all and pleased Rory had a nice break from the hospital. When you are back in starship keep a look out for a nice young chap called Jackson who is also a friend of Cole's -he is a cool dude, recently started school and he has leukaemia but I hear he is being really brave with his treatments just like Rory. Love Denise, Andrew and the 3 trolls

23-07-2009 21:20 hour
Greg ( Waihue )

Go you greenys go.....
Shaun perhaps a Brazilian as well???

23-07-2009 20:49 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Wowee I agree what an update!!!  I am sitting here typing my message trying to see the screen through the blur the tears have created!!!  I feel awful that Rory was left alone at lunchtime and that he lost his morning tea!  If it makes any difference I did a stalk the kids driveby of the school the other day and all the boys (Rory, Kody, Korie, Pete and some others) were sitting outside the classroom playing with that little ball, just bouncing it to each other.  Today I rescued Sams ball which had escaped out of the school grounds and I am ashamed to admit it (and in my defence I was holding Stella!) I threw it back only to have it hit the wall and roll back to me! ...embaressed...YES.  Luckly the boys didnt make a big deal about it..phew. 
Your adventure on Tuesday sounds like it was very cool.  I know you will enjoy the massage and now Sean has is very own one too!!  You both totally deserve it.  Brenda is amazing! 
I hope you are coping with the wind! It sure is blowing a gale here!  Take care and we will see you tomorrow xxx P.S I have managed to pull myself together now!

23-07-2009 19:48 hour
Kathryn Milich ( Dargaville )

Crikey that was some update today Leigh!  Brilliant.  And to Rory, I have told Korie that we need to step up our speed in the morning to get out the door and hopefully we will be sitting at the computer when you arrive tomorrow!
Goodnight matey Kathryn and Korie xox

23-07-2009 15:52 hour

Leigh, there are two parts to that treatment, why don't u take the 1st one and Sean take the 2nd one? 

18-07-2009 14:46 hour
jane cunningham ( Whangarei )

Hi Rory - great to hear you are making the most of the hols and that you got do do some sneaking about with torches and snuggling in the big bed... it is something i feel grateful for everyday- when the girls climb into bed with us - we are reading the Secret Garden to Isla at the moment and a chapter or two before you start the day seems like just the way to go... i tried to take the poodle for a walk in the rain this morning but she was too chicken to come!
Simon has a silkbody top and he thinks it is the noise - good on them for getting you a new one!
love to you all from us here in Whangarei 

15-07-2009 10:22 hour
Rosie Sanford

Hi Rory,
Well the school holidays are shooting past, and as everyone else has commented, it hasn't been that nice here.  I have been helping out on the farm, feeding sileage, moving stock etc, and have had to rug up in about 4 layers plus and oilskin rain coat, complete with gloves, scarf and hat.  think i will be glad to return to school office where it is nice and warm.  The builders have been very busy, got the new roof on, and the new entrance in the corridor is a gaping hole at the moment.  You will be amazed at the changes when you come back.  See you soon.

14-07-2009 23:20 hour
Kathryn ( Sleepyland )

Haha I just read over my message and ...never boon to the snow!?!?! Yawn, stretch time for a sleep I think...

14-07-2009 23:15 hour
Kathryn Milich ( Dargaville )

Hi di hi Gardiners.  Well I was woken up by all the rain and couldn't get back to sleep so here I am at the computer!  Korie was very dissapointed that he couldn't come to visit on Monday, he tried to tell me that he was well amongst all the coughing, sniffing and sneezing however he is slowly getting on top of the winter gremlins, we feel totally ripped off these holidays - at the beginning we had so many plans that have had to fall off on the way.  One of the highlights for Korie these holidays was to go to the snow with nana Morrison and his Hamilton cousins (he has never boon to the snow) which sadly hasn't happened because of this nasty cold he has :(  How exciting that Kody got to stay over for the night, I little bit of normal must be a great feeling.  Well I might trot off to bed, take care all, Love Kathryn xox