21-09-2011 21:15 hour
McHayla Brinkley ( New Plymouth , New Zealand )

I just came across this through Facebook as my friend was sharing about Rory and how it was a struggle to raise the money for your trip to Disney land.
I was reading Rory's life story, and wow, what an amazing kid! I went to inglewood primary myself, but ended in 2008 and I didn't get the chance to meet Rory, but by what I have read, he is such an amazing kid! Already an inspiration and I've only read about him on the Internet.
He is also very lucky to have such supportive parents, by what I have read, you guys are so lovely and what to give Rory the very best.
This must be a struggle each and everyday, but to see how strong Rory is and to know that he is your child, must be such a pleasure.
I myself have always wanted to meet someone with cancer because I think they are such an inspiration! I mean, they go through so much - as u would well know, and they fight through everyday, and that's just amazing, I take my hat off to them!

Keep up the good work, you're doing a GREAT job!!!

13-09-2011 09:22 hour
Sandy ( NP , NZ )

Leigh sometimes all you can do and need to do is 'just breath'. You are truly amazing and have been an inspiration to many. Your boys are very blessed to have you as their mum and wife.
We have another bag to collect when you are next passing,
Love to you all from the team at Hell New Plymouth.

12-09-2011 19:23 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , NZ )

YOU are the most AMAZING MUM I have EVER met!!! 
Love Trudi xxxxx

03-09-2011 17:12 hour
Julie williams

Hey rory and family, so exciting to hear your news about a trip to the states. If Mum would like to email on my hoem email i have some disney tips that i learnt when i took my boys that i think might help you guys make your trip better.
Will sort out a donation for you to help you on your way soon too.
So lovle to see Granny Gardiner's smiley face every day at work too

29-08-2011 13:16 hour
Kathryn Milich ( Dargaville , NZ )

Eeeeeek!!  Disneyland!!  This will be the best holiday ever, I am so excited for you!  Looking at your snow photos gives me the shivers, however it is good to see dad wearing sensible long pants and not his trademark shorts! Lol  Colt is growing so fast, he looks a little bit cheeky to me, Jayden-Rei is crawliing all over everything and took his first solo step last week, Korie loves it when he comes to visit.  Well done on your soccer and speech acheivements Sam you surely must be very proud of yourself.  You are lucky to be allowed to hang on the clothes line Rory, Korie was swinging on ours yesterday and it looked like it was going to snap in half!  So no more of that for him!  We have a new 8 week old kitten who has joined our family as of yesterday, she keeps Korie entertained for long periods of time, tonight he and Gordon are going to build a cat scratcher for her to stretch her claws on instead of the furniture, should be interesting to see what they come up with, there were so many towers and climbing structures at the pet shop but we reckon we could create something a bit more unique!  Anyways I must go and source some carpet off cuts and bits of wood for the guys tonight, take care and a big hello to you all, Love from the Morrisons xox

24-08-2011 20:55 hour
Nathan Rozendaal ( Burnie TAS , Australia )

hi rory I miss you a lot and I still remember your fart toy and I hope you have a good time at Disneyland. =]

22-08-2011 09:27 hour
Sandy ( New Plymouth , NZ )

Yay!!!! Disneyland here you come.

16-08-2011 21:35 hour
The Johnstons ( Dargaville , NZ )

Hey!!!!  What wonderful photos of snow at your place!!  Looks like everyone had fun!!! Was school called off for the day? I bet its been really really cold down there.  We have had it pretty cold up here this week as well and there has even been SNOW....Yes SNOW on Tutamoe (just a light dusting) and even some on the Tangihuas!!  Hope you are keeping snug and warm...keep looking in the mail box I will post the parcel any day now!!!  (God Im terrible!!)  Lots of Love fro the Johnstons xxxxx

10-08-2011 21:45 hour
Denise Limby ( Kamo , NZ )

Hey guys! We are very pleased and relieved to hear the MRI was all clear. Sorry we missed you all on your last visit up. Well done To Sam on his awesome achievements! Kia Kaha on the speech finals Sam -I am sure you'll be wonderful; Roroy will give you some of his courage! And Lewis was very impressed about your soccer tournament win. Boy we REALLY miss you in the Kamo team! It is lovely too to hear about what Colt is doing...he sounds like he has a lot of fun in his life
All our love xxx Denise and Miller boys
PS we cannot seem to get the online donation to work on your site at present?? Is there a glitch?

26-07-2011 08:52 hour
Kathryn Milich ( Dargaville )

Just popped in to say hello to you all.  We are keeping well and warm.  Korie says hope your feeling well.  Jayden-Rei is growing so fast, he is crawling and pulling himself up on furniture and has a mouth full of teeth breaking through!  Under NO circumstances should you put your fingers in his mouth, he is a mini guillotine!  Korie went to stay with Nana and Grandad Morrison in week one of the holidays but came home after 4 nights with a tummy bug, hoping to get to the movies this week.  Anyway must move on I have jobs to do, take care and hugs to you all, love from the Morrisons xox