12-05-2011 15:33 hour

Really nice to read that you are all doing normal family things. Colt sounds like a real character. Still wishing you all the very best. B

29-04-2011 14:15 hour
The Johnstons ( Dargaville , NZ )

Hello!!  God I feel awful!!  Just realised we still ahve not sent off Rorys Birthday present!!!  It will arrive I promise!!
Sounds like you have all had lots of adventures...again!!  Never a dull moment in your household!!  Colt looks gorgeous! Actually you all look great in the family photo.  
Kody has lost 2 teeth these holidays bringing the grand total to 10.  but only about 4 1/2 adult teeth have grown to replace them so he has quite a gappy smile at the moment!!  I have become a professional tooth puller.
Our school holidays have passed very uneventful,  One day I counted 6 children running around the house.  Kody went and stayed the night at Devins house and came home with purple hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He is due for a haircut and it will wash I keep telling myself.  Rugby season starts next weekend, the boys are looking forward to it.
So just a short sweet writeup today, I need to get back to study (while watching the Royal Wedding of course!!) Take care and dont forget to look out in your letter box for a special belated birthday parcel!!  Lots of love From The Johnstons!!!  xxxxx 

28-04-2011 10:31 hour
Janice McLean

What a gorgeous smile your little time waster has. And I loved the family photo. It is really great to go into the website and read an update of all your happenings - I don't think there is ever a spare moment in your household. Thinking of you all. 

26-04-2011 06:13 hour

It is really nice to check in and see how you are all doing. And yet again you leave us with a very positive life message. Good on you Rory for doing the Kids challenge. I am still thinking of you all and sending positive fuzzies and lots of love. Brenda, PS, the sheep are still alive but have been banned to the back of the farm for obvious garden munching reasons!! 

16-04-2011 16:59 hour
Tracy Horne ( waihue, dargaville )

Kia Ora, Well done Rory and Sam, a great effort in the tryathalon. Matai competed in a team at the Kai Iwi Lakes triathalon last week, he did the running leg, had a great time!
Happy belated birthday from us too Rory. We are off to Mahia early tomorrow morning for the holidays, packing in the rain today though! We have our Chilean exchange student living with us now, and we are all sweet with the new family dynamic so far, her english is so good, we are not learning any spanish!!! Happy Easter to you all, and enjoy the holidays. It was really great to see you all up here last month, you are so good at doing the visiting! I'm sure a bit of the Tai Tokerau wairua helped with your fabulous test results!! Ka pai!
Arohanui from us xxxxx

10-04-2011 21:19 hour
Leesa Andrewes ( Baylys beach )

Hey Rory, congrats on the completion of your Triathlon.  Really amazing news to hear you had a clear scan result. Im sure you're all enjoying your new addition to the family, I hope he is sleeping well for you all!  Swim School is finishing up at the outdoor pool this week so we are going away for the holidays to the East Coast, hopefully the sunny weather continues for Easter.  Hi to all the family.  Keep up the great work all of you!

02-04-2011 08:35 hour
Kathryn and Korie ( Dargaville )

Such wonderful news Rory, you are just the champion of champions! So proud of all of your acheivements.  Happy late birthday buddy.  Life has been so busy lately and I have only just managed to pop onto the website just now for a catch up.  Korie is going to play his first year of rugby this winter, he is quite excited.  Anyway I must head off to work now, big hugs to you all from the Morrisons xox

27-03-2011 19:51 hour
Julie and Zane Williams

Happy birthday rory! Hope its fine down your way cos its been wet here recently.The boys and I were thrilled to hear you met Bear Grylls, we always watch him, very cool.Zane will be 11 soon and is at Kamo intermediate with me, where your Mum did some teaching too. Zane's biggest brother will be 18 this week! So a sheep on a spit planned for lunch next Sunday. Hi to the rest of your family, form Julie and Zane.

23-03-2011 18:28 hour
jane ( Whangarei )

SUCH AWESOME NEWS - So so so wonderful!! I celebrate with you!
bravo on the tryathalon too Rory!

22-03-2011 12:02 hour
Sandy from HELL New Plymouth ( New Plymouth , NZ )

Wonderful, wonderful news. I admit to being a little teary. You are so brave, inspiring, and put things into perspective for me.
Happy Birthday Rory, sounds like you had a great time with your friends and so nice that you also got to catch up with so many special people up north.
Come and see me at HELL when you get a chance for a money bag pick up and if we can organise a good time perhaps you boys could do a bit of pizza making.
Our thoughts to you all from everyone here at HELL New Plymouth.