01-06-2009 09:16 hour
jason wendy logan & mikayla ( np )

well hi there guys, just had to send another message to let you know how much snow we had falling at our place yesterday, yep we were fully white and cold too.  logan got to go to a birthday party at friends that live just as high under the mountain as us up carrington rd, and we have photos of the kids sliding around on the deck in the snow with their shorts on while it was snowing - some even braved the elements with bare feet - totally mad i tell you the lot of them!!!!  and then to top it all off we went to my brothers for tea after the party and when we arrived home we just got inside turned the lights on and arghhhhh the power went off !!! so cold and dark we hunted out candles and got the fire restoked and put pots etc of water on top to boil - no baby bottles were ready for poor mikayla -"   but hey we had fun and managed to rough it "up in them thar hills" - us hillbillies are pretty darn good when it comes to no power - it happens a lot up here for some reason.  anyhow today it is really pretty to see all the white snow everywhere.  pleased to hear you are still doing great rory - and hope you have heaps of fun on your long weekend home, love from your naki cousins

31-05-2009 22:26 hour
Miss Barr ( Tewantin , Australia )

Hi Rory & Family,
Hope most of the head itching has stopped by now and that you enjoy your extra day at home tomorrow.  I start my course tomorrow, we don't get Queen's Birthday weekend off until next weekend.
How did the slime go with Dr Laws?  I wish I had kept some for when I came through customs, the man there was quite grumpy and I thought I it might have made him smile.
I found a whoopie cushion this week, so as promised, I'll post it this week.  Try not to cause too much mischief with it when it arrives, but you are most welcome to blame any mischief on me if you wish.
Have a great week.  Miss Barr

31-05-2009 07:00 hour

Hi you guys, I'm hoping that you are having a really nice weekend. It is good that the horrible rain hasn't shown up. Your doing an amazing job. Our worker is away this weekend so I have to feed the pigs with my boys. We went up the hill to tip them some scraps and Ethan ran all the way up and I could hear the pigs squealing, when I got there I found Ethan trying to catch one for a cuddle! Gaaarrryyy, is what he has called his pig. from Sponge Bob. So I got him out of the pen, fed the pigs (who were shivering in the corner) then went to leave. Ethan had to be first down the hill. I watched him thunder down to the bottom, and I was thinking "At that speed, he's going to do a face plant!" and sure enough he did! Right into the muddiest part of the paddock. The mother in me was shocked and waited for the cry, the witness in me smiled, it looked hilarious. The cry never came, Rueben was down there with him and he was laughing at the sight of his brother with mud all over his face. Lucky it didn't hurt Ethan cause by the time I got there, Ethan was laughing too although he was telling us it wasn't funny because the mud was also in his mouth. Enjoy the rest of your weekend guys. Brenda

30-05-2009 12:12 hour
Donna Strongman ( Papakura , NZ )

Hi Rory, you don't know me - my name's Donna Strongman - your Grandfather (Alan Gardiner) is my first cousin.  We are all praying for your comfort during your time of being unwell.  My mother, Hilary Strongman fills me in on how you're getting on whenever I speak to her on the phone.  Take care Rory! Love from us all in Papakura. 

28-05-2009 21:10 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Howdy doody!  I am pretty glad I was not there to witness the elephant doing poos! That would have grossed me out!  Kody would have gagged, that would have probably sent Ben off and Stella would have cried...not what I would call a good day!  But I do enjoy the zoo.  Auckland has so many cool things to see and do.  Well the planning for the head shave day 13th June 2009 is in full swing! Hopefully it all runs according to plan.  Travel safely tomorrow and have a wonderful weekend at HOME!!!!!! P.S Your Nana and Grandad look and sound cool! xxx

28-05-2009 20:40 hour
Venee Mortimer ( Whangarei )

Just wanted to say - I think Leigh you are doing aa amazing job keeping us all informed. I check in lots - but don't usually leave message (bit like phones really) Our thoughts are with you all - (even with less hair) I too remember the fun at Playcentre - scavengner hunts would have to be a favourite & Tess is still totally keen on butterflies. Enjoy your time at home. Safe travels guys, Vx.

28-05-2009 20:21 hour
Kathryn Milich ( Dargaville )

Hi there Rory and Leigh, crikey the post works fast!  Korie has gone to bed but he wanted me to send Rory this joke he read in a joke book today, so here goes, What's big, red and prickly, has three eyes and eats rocks?  A big, red, prickly, three eyed rock-eater! lol Is it just our silly sense of humour or is it a funny joke?  Not sure about that one but we all had a giggle when Korie read it out to us!  Safe travels home tomorrow Love Kathryn xox

28-05-2009 17:00 hour
John and Heather Honnor (Poppa and Nana) ( New Plymouth )

Living in New Plymouth away from our much lvoed daughter Leigh, her partner Sean, and our precious grandsons Rory and Sam has been very hard in their time of need.  Leigh has kept us informed of all the messages, help and support that they have received from so many people, whether they be family, friends, workmates, school, community, medical staff or people unknown to them.  We are so thankful, appreciative and overwhelmed for such kindness shown towards our daughter and her family that we would personally and sincerely like to say "thank you so much everyone". 

28-05-2009 16:56 hour
Auntie Janet ( New Plymouth )

Hello Rory, I am sending you lots of love and thinking about you.  Nana calls in to see me and tells me how you are doing, and she brings me your website to read.  I'm sending you a big hug from Auntie xx

28-05-2009 05:52 hour
Jane Cunningham ( Whangarei )

Kia Kaha baldy badger.... Hope the itching stops and you have some suave beanie to wear - sending you all love healing and strength! Jane and family _ps we are off to Malaysia for 3 weeks - will say hullo to the orangutan for you Rory and will check out how things are when we hit the internet - i will think of you when we are in the jungle - do you remember how we used to pretend to be seeds and plants at playcentre? Leigh you are doing such a great job and i wish i could contribute more than my thoughts but i know that they can do something so i will just keep sending them... know i care how you are...all of you- not just the baldy bat!