27-05-2009 20:55 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Well Hello there!  Sounds like you have had another action packed day!  Kody and Ben enjoyed Motat, did you have a ride on the tram?  I am sure your Grandparents enjoyed every minute of it!  Hopefully the itching will stop soon.  You can always grow some more hair later!  and maybe (like you cousins said) it might grow back curly!!!! (then we will know if you have been eating your greens!)  So take care rest well and give Mum a BIG hug from Me please! (Oh go on, one for you too!) Love  Trudi xxxxx

27-05-2009 16:18 hour
Lorraine, Martin and Holly HUTCHINSON ( Whangarei , New Zealand )

Hey Rory, Sean, Leigh and Sam,  Just a brief note to say Hi and let you know again that Uncle Hami and Aunty Hilary send their love and good wishes.  They don't have a computer to see all the wonderful photos etc on your website.  I now print-out all the updates for them to read.  Isn't that awesome!  They are sooooo keen to know how you are all doing!!!  Just so you know Uncle Hami is 81 years young and Aunty Hilary is nearly 79 years young.  So we all have a long way to go to catchup to them....ha ha.  Last of all, I heard another funny knock knock joke.  Here it is:  Knock Knock.....Who's there?.....Snow.....Snow Who?.....Snow use, I can't remember!!!!!  Take Care!    

27-05-2009 07:30 hour
Korie Morrison ( Dargaville )

Hi Rory I am at home again today with mum and my sister Jamie because I have got  a bad cold and a sore tummy, I am going to the doctors this morning.  I wish we were both well like we used to be from Korie xox

26-05-2009 22:12 hour
jason wendy logan & mikayla ( np )

hi guys, thought it was time for another message from all us n the naki - we are still in one piece not too blown away by the cold blustery winds,and all the snow on the mountain was very close to our house but not quite to our doorstep this time - not too far away tho i dont think - we hope to get snowmen on the deck this winter again - fingers crossed from logan.  Not great to hear that you have hair falling out eh rory - but that means the medicine is getting in and doing some good work to fight the greebies eh!!!  just a thought maybe we could get logan to have a haircut and we could save the huge mop and stick it to a hat for you - those really long curly blonde bits should look very funny indeed on you!!! and it would be half way down your back i should think, - not that logan would look at having a haircut really - he hasnt had one now for at least a year and a half ( and that is probably only a guess it maybe been longer than that - yikes what a ling time eh!!!) but hey yours will grow back soon enough and maybe you could grow back some curls for logan to have a cousin with curls too!!! now that would look funny.  Well mikayla still has no hair yet or still only a very fine dusting so the race will be on with you two to see who can get hair to grow the quickest - bet you can beat her with that rory!! take care everyone - till next time lots of love jason wendy logan and mikayla

26-05-2009 13:51 hour

Hi guys, even though my boys haven't met you, they know enough about you that you are mentioned often in our house. Ethan wants you to have hundreds and thousands sandwiches for Breakfast, I think I will let him organise that. Thank you for sharing EVERYTHING with us, it can't be easy to experience, let alone write about it. For me, I experienced something similar with my sister and it has brought home to me how little we discussed the whole situation. It is sooo important to tell people. Thank you. Brenda    

26-05-2009 09:27 hour
Kathryn and Korie ( Dargaville )

Morning Leigh and Rory, I have just finnished reading yesterdays update and was totally overwhelmed when I realised how you and your family have impacted on my own little family unit.  Your words, strength and determination have created a ripple effect and touched so many who have united to fight for Rorys life.  With every day that passes I am greatful for so much I had previously taken for granted, my children being at the top of that list.  You are an inspiration Leigh, love from Kathryn and Korie - who is home with me today with another cold and is on the couch playing playstation! xox 

26-05-2009 08:28 hour
Tracy Milich ( Stillwater , NZ )

Hi Leigh,
Wow your message inspired me today and has reminded me, to tell my children more often, how proud I am of them.  Thank you :-)

25-05-2009 20:40 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hi guys!  Well after reading your report today Leigh I have had tears.  I believe it is time to organise a head shave. 

25-05-2009 10:40 hour
Tracy Milich ( Stillwater , NZ )

Hi Rory
I hope you are doing well, it sounds like you had a great weekend up in the forest.  That is one of my favorite places in the world.  I love the big trees. 
Have a great week
Tracy x

25-05-2009 09:42 hour
Auntie Teri & Uncle Graham ( Gold Coast , Australia )

Hey Sam & Rory - well done on the fun run / walk!! It was lovely to see both of your cheeky smiles and happy faces!  Take care - all our love, Auntie Teri & Uncle Graham - xxxx