20-05-2009 15:10 hour

I want a green ribbon. Who can I get in contact with. I want a really long one so I can incorporate it into my daily wear. (Nothing vain about me eh?!). And the savlon thing is so how we kiwi's are isn't it? Good on Dad for trying. Brenda

19-05-2009 22:07 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hey there!? Sounds like more and more people are hearing about you and your journey huh?? I totally agree with Kathryn you have become a bit of a celebrity around these parts...might have to get your autograph!? Wow climbing one tree hill!? the last (actually the only) time we walked up there it was FREEZING and very windy, looks like some things never change.? Mum and Sam sound like they are catching up on some lost time 50ks a week! I am tired just reading about it!? Korie came here after school today and within about 20minutes my lounge was a sea of hopping obstacles!? once I waded my way through that (and got them to clean it up!)? they started having races with marbles and racing cars! (I think my skirting boards are permantly dented!)? Stella treats Korie just like one of the family now and bosses him around just as she does to her brothers!? Korie, Kody and Ben are now wearing their Green Rory Ribbons proudly.? So go forth fight infection make white blood cells, squeeze lots into your day and dont forget to rest too! Lots of love xxxxxxx

19-05-2009 19:52 hour
Betty Melgard ( Gold Coast , Australia )

Hi Rory, I just read about you in the Taranaki Daily News online. I used to live in New Plymouth but moved to Australia 20 years ago, long before you were born. I am a Nana & I want to say you are such a brave little boy & very handsome too. I love praying to God so I am going to remember you everyday in my prayers. Keep strong Rory, my best wishes to your family, God bless you all.

19-05-2009 19:44 hour
monique d ( dargaville , nz )

Hey rory you rock and how amazing is that money you erent.
you also rock cause your in KAKARIKI
wots your favorite colour?
from monique davies

19-05-2009 17:26 hour
vanessa oldfield and family ( wellsford , nz )

Hey rory, we saw you in the Local paper, the Times,  hope you are feeling alright,  kia kaha

18-05-2009 21:23 hour
Kathryn Milich ( Dargaville )

Dude! Impressive leggo set, looks like a truck load!!!  It was lovely to see you this morning at school, hope you enjoyed the fish tonight.  I wore my green ribbon with pride today and will do so for a long time yet.  You are lucky the paparrazzi didn't know you were in Dargaville on the weekend or you would have needed body guards!  You are a bit of a celebrity around here buddy!  Korie said he got a certificate today in class for 10/10 in spelling, however he still hasn't caught up to you!  Take care and have lots of fun with dad this week, goodnight from Kathryn xox

16-05-2009 15:11 hour
rebecca ( dargaville , nz )

you have made a lot of money.I like your eye pach.

16-05-2009 15:07 hour
logan ( dargaville , nz )

glad you are at home Rory.

15-05-2009 15:57 hour
Patrick O'Connor ( Rm 3 Darg Primary School , NZ )

Hi Rory, I really liked seeing you at school the other day. I cant wait til you can come back and play with us again when you are well. Our whole class misses you. We had a good time at camp with you. I asked my mum if we can visit you. She said maybe if we are allowed. They have sausage sizzle at school now. Yum. Get well soon. You Rock.    Love from Patrick xoxoxox

15-05-2009 14:40 hour
nehua/jackson whanau

Hows it going little cuzzie bro. Just been checking out your photos. geez you are a brave bro. We are so proud of you. We love the photo of you with the eye look so cool.
Aunty Deirdre is off to Canada today and is planning to do a healing dance for you at the Sundance festival. That sould be pretty funny...Hopefully she will bring you back some photos.
Take care little cuzzie. We are all (26 of us) thinking about you and hoping that you can come and spend some time with all of us up at Matariki soon.
Love from; Nehua/Jackson Whanau...
Aunty Deirdre, Pura, Kasey, Ramari, Whakaarahia, Tawhio, Kateao, Te Awaroa, Jermaine, Elishia, Tamati, Jerome, Anikaaro, Jacob, Campbell, Selwyn, Tangaroa, Kamaea, Rauhihi, Kahukura, Hinauri, Sidney, Nathaniel, Caleb, Arahi, Jackson & Cassius