11-06-2009 20:25 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hi there,  Wow! Rainbows end! such a cool place I hope you have fun!  Teacher only day tomorrow at DPS Kody and Ben are pretty excited.  Kody is staying the night at Kories and Ben is going to have a play at Carlos and Zanes place.  Well it has started to rain here and according to a very good source it will continue on and off till about lunchtime on Saturday.  Cross all your fingers and toes for fine weather!  Excitement is starting to buzz all around Dargaville for the KINA CUT.  Cakes should start to roll in tomorrow (YUM!) and everything seems to be falling into place.  Should be good!!!  As you probably know Dargaville is full of very kind very generous people.  Look forward to seeing you this weekend.  Lots of Love Trudi and Family xxxxx 

10-06-2009 18:38 hour
Amelia Whiting ( Dargaville Primary )

Hi everyone,
It was great seeing you on Monday Rory, your hats are really cool!  I moved most of the classes desks around, and Korie and Kody were very happy that your desk is now closer to theirs.  The class talks about you everyday and you have heaps of warm thoughts coming your way all the time, 
Take care,
Miss Whiting

10-06-2009 11:04 hour
Kathryn Milich ( Dargaville )

Good morning Gardiners, the sun shines, the birds in my garden sing and in the back ground I can hear my washing machine  screaming protest to its 4th load this morning!  Yay to the fine weather at last.  Hope your week is going well, Korie, Jamie and I are all looking forward to the big fundraiser on Saturday (Kories dad is away in Hamilton at the field days this weekend).  I have visions of crazy hairdressers shave, shave, shaving their way through the crowd and hair flying everywhere!  Hope they don't slip and cut off mums rats tail Rory!  See you all at the shave off, safe travels home on Friday Love from Kathryn and Co xox

09-06-2009 17:09 hour
shannyn and family ( dargaville , new zealand )

Hi rory,
hope you get better soon.
from shannyn howells and family.

08-06-2009 20:07 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hi there guys.  Well this weekend is attracting alot of attention!  Lots more people offering help and support.  Hope your radiotherapy session went well today and you got to do something fun (Like show your brother around!)  Art intensive week is fast approaching and Kody and Ben are getting pretty excited about it.  There is also a drummer coming as well...should be good!  Tonight the wind has got up and it is blowing a gale!!! Take care down there and have a fun week!

08-06-2009 19:09 hour
Ms Bishop ( Mahuta , New Zealand )

Hi Rory,
It is lovely to see you popping in at assemblies. I hope you have a good week. Take care.
Ms Bishop, Room 10

08-06-2009 14:02 hour
jamiee lewis ( good old dargaville , new zealand )

hay beautiful , i'm jamiee korie morrisons older sister ! :) how have you been ? i must say you are my idol (i hope i spelt it right haha) ! i can't wait till this saturday coming it's going to be a great day ! will you be there ? i wish you all the best for everything and hope to see you on saturday
much love always jamiee

07-06-2009 16:01 hour

Hi you guys. Hope the fishing went well. We too are gearing up for another week. The boys had a mud fight today and have just emerged from the shower, one dressed the other in a towell. What is it with boys and mud???!!! I bought them overalls and they won't wear them so I have extra washing to do and clean the bathroom more than once a day. Hope the week goes smoothly for you. Will be thinking of ya. Brenda

06-06-2009 07:14 hour

Hi Rory, I hope your wish comes true!!! Brenda

05-06-2009 05:52 hour
Mandy Mcgregor ( Antalya , Turkey - currently )

Hey Rory, Leigh & family, I am keeping tabs on your progress from the other side of the world and I'm glad to see you are getting home regularly, and just wanted to say hi and have a good weekend!