22-05-2009 18:23 hour
Auntie Teri & Uncle Graham ( Gold Coast , Australia )

Hey Sam and Rory - hope the Pokemon video was good to watch!  Wishing you both a great, fun filled weekend!  Hope the weather isn't too cold and it doesn't rain so you get to play in the sun!  Lots and Lotsa Love, Auntie Teri and Uncle Graham - xxxx

21-05-2009 17:36 hour
Matthew Osborne ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hi Rory
I go to dargaville Primary school too, My teachers name is mrs whittaker and im in room 11.
I bought a green ribon to let you know I like you, greens my favourits colour too. Sometimes my mum makes green cakes and puts green icing on them too. I love your green shoes!!!!
I think your cool and you should try and get better and come back to our school. Bye for now Rory
YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

21-05-2009 15:49 hour
Kathryn and Korie ( Dargaville )

Hey there guys, hope you were warmer than we were today!  Rooms 3 and 18 went to the Museum and Bird Recovery Centre in Whangarei today and crikey it was cold!  We saw some very cool birds like wood pigeons, a hawk, a kiwi, a morpork, pukeko, pigeons, some geckos and a talking Tui called Woof Woof, he was very clever.  It was a super cool trip, going on the bus and doing the bush walk reminded Korie of being on camp!  Korie says 'hello' with a mouth full of pizza bread!  Take care dudes, Love Kathryn and Korie xox

21-05-2009 13:41 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hi Guys!  Well sounds like you are having alot of fun with Dad this week.  The Sky Tower is cool.  Today Your DPS Class has gone on a bus to the Whangarei Museum, Kiwi House and Bird Recovery Centre.   They all left on a bus at 9am very excited.  It has been quite a nice day here today so hopefully the class got to do the little bush walk.  I hope all goes well and I bet you are excited again to come home for the weekend...sleep in your own bed!  I have not seen much of Mum this week she has obviously been very busy.  Might see you at school on Friday?? Take Care Love Trudi xxxx

20-05-2009 18:40 hour
tamsin ( dargaville , nzl )

hi our class is going to the museum
hope you feel better soon
c u at school soon...
love tamsin xx

20-05-2009 18:36 hour
Xanthea ( Dargaville , nz )

Hey   rory   I'm   corssing   my  fingres   and  my   haret
so   evry  thing   will   go   well   but  I  know   evry  thing
will  go  well  any  way  . the  op    must    be  hard    for    you
as  you   have  to  go  threw  it    .    you   rock   and   your
brave  xoxo          Xanthea       

20-05-2009 17:31 hour
shaynia ( Dargaville , n.z )

Hey  rory    I  hope  the  money  that   D.p.s.    Donated  to
you  is   a  big  help  for  your  family.  I'm  thinking   of  you 
and   hoping   it  all  goes  well   xoxo         shaynia     

20-05-2009 16:03 hour
Tracey Frater ( Melbourne , Australia )

I can't express how I feel after look at this website and hearing about Rory. My heart goes out to you. What a brave little boy you have and what a wonderful Mother he has. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing you strength, love and constant support..... take care my friend,

20-05-2009 15:10 hour

I want a green ribbon. Who can I get in contact with. I want a really long one so I can incorporate it into my daily wear. (Nothing vain about me eh?!). And the savlon thing is so how we kiwi's are isn't it? Good on Dad for trying. Brenda

19-05-2009 22:07 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hey there!? Sounds like more and more people are hearing about you and your journey huh?? I totally agree with Kathryn you have become a bit of a celebrity around these parts...might have to get your autograph!? Wow climbing one tree hill!? the last (actually the only) time we walked up there it was FREEZING and very windy, looks like some things never change.? Mum and Sam sound like they are catching up on some lost time 50ks a week! I am tired just reading about it!? Korie came here after school today and within about 20minutes my lounge was a sea of hopping obstacles!? once I waded my way through that (and got them to clean it up!)? they started having races with marbles and racing cars! (I think my skirting boards are permantly dented!)? Stella treats Korie just like one of the family now and bosses him around just as she does to her brothers!? Korie, Kody and Ben are now wearing their Green Rory Ribbons proudly.? So go forth fight infection make white blood cells, squeeze lots into your day and dont forget to rest too! Lots of love xxxxxxx