17-03-2011 16:19 hour
The Johnstons ( Dargaville , NZ )

Such wonderful news!!!!!!  Love and Hugs to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

13-03-2011 19:52 hour
The Johnstons ( Dargaville , NZ )

Good Evening,  WOW meeting Bear Grylls!!  Kody and Ben will be impressed!!  I cant believe we did not discuss this on Friday!!!  And HOLY COW going to the WETA workshop!!  AMAZING!!!  again I cant believe this was not discussed on Friday....Speaking of Friday it was just wonderful to see you all again.  Colt is SUPER gorgeous, Rory looks a picture of health and Sam is growing up fast!! Leigh you look great too, you would never know you popped a baby out less than 3 months ago!!  Now........oh yes Sean you still look good too, glad you enjoyed tucking into the chocolate cake....some things never change!! 
Know that next week we will all be sending our positive good vibes.  It will be another good outcome but its completely natural to be nervous Leigh.
Lots of Love from The Johnstons xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

08-03-2011 19:21 hour
jane ( whangarei )

Holy Cow - meeting Bear Grylls! awesome - bet he was please to meet you too Rory - you are a brave adventurer into places many of us just can't imagine going.... Eila watched Bear Grylls on Tv at school today and was talking about him before we read this... glad you had such an awesome time... holding you all in my thoughts as you head back to Starship  

03-03-2011 13:38 hour
jane ( whangarei )

i am such a slacker - haven't been here for a while and i come back to two bits of brilliant news - the arrivial of Colt (welcome little man - bravo for choosing such a great family) and Rory getting out in the playground!
love to all of you!  

25-02-2011 21:53 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , NZ )

Because Tracy....Im Spesh ....Did you count my words??
Another fantastic update Leigh.  Welldone Sam doing so well in school a fantastic allrounder!!  And super proud of you Rory for stepping over yet another barrier.  You are a legend.  Looking forward to seeing you all soon. 
Ben is heading to camp next week to the Tangihuas (His first camp!!) and Kody heads away, on his birthday!! to Waipoua for his camp.  Both boys are super excited and I am trying to figure out how to make a Birthday cake big enough for about 50 kids plus adults!!!!  Might just have to get the roasting pan out!! 
Keep adventuring around lots of love from The Johnstons xxxxx

24-02-2011 22:07 hour
Tracy Horne ( waihue, dargaville )

How come Trudie gets 10,000 letters and we get only 1000?.....think there's a message there!!!!

24-02-2011 22:01 hour
Tracy Horne ( waihue, dargaville )

Kia Ora, have just had a catch-up on the website, and looked at the gallery, how great you are all looking, and wee Colt is gorgeous!!We are all back in term time groove, Freya and Nikau at DHS, Nikau enjoying the new scene. Matai is a pupil councilor and house-captain/pal leader, and loving the responsibility! Field days are next week, Greg is busy with the site set-up and plant hire. I have been keeping up with the fruit ripening in the orchard by bottling and stewing etc, so feeling like the industrious squirrel.We have a new grey kitten-Freddy, and 5 young ducks settling into life here, Freddy and Freya are having personality battles, with Freddy holding the upper-hand, he didn't appreciate the terse words when Freya found him chewing her ipod, so he pee'd on her bed-when she was in it!!Thing is, its Mum who cleans it up!! We have had a kitchen make-over, and wow it is awesome, we can all fit in it at dishes/cooking dinner/lunch making time!
Til next time
Love from us
Tracy xx

12-02-2011 22:50 hour
The Johnstons ( Dargaville , NZ )

HI!!  Kody will be happy as to hear you received his card.  We check the mail every day and Kody says (about once a week) Oooh I wonder if there is something from Rory??
Today we went to see the Dargaville Lions version of a Maze in Maize.  The kids were pretty excited.  I was not quite so sure after reading the sign 'Beware of Rats they bite!!"  Thank goodness there were none.  We had to go through in bare feet  because it rained quite a bit today and we came out with mud shoes.  Made it out in about half an hour.  Its was fun.
The Boys are both enjoying their new classes and settling well.  kodys desk groups are named after famous ships.  Kodys group is called the Elingamite after a ship that sunk off the Hen and Chicken Islands laden with gold bullion.  Its quite a story.
Well done Rory for being brave yet again having to re do your immunisations.  Sam I can say I have never heard of compression shorts but trust me I will be googling it later!!
Now Leigh, Dont be worrying about what opinions people have about you returning to work.  You just do what suits you.  Dont be forgetting about the home childcare that is available too like Porse?? Just a thought.  You are the most amazing inspirational Mum I have ever had the pleasure to meet who also happens to have unbelievable knowledge and skills to do with anything environmental!!!!  So jolly well go to work you probably have some birds to save from extinction!! 
Phew that got me a little fired up!!
Last week Kodys Nana (My Mum) had a pretty nasty car crash on the way home from work.  Some guy came over the centre line and crashed head on into Mums car, which tipped onto its side skidded for a bit before becoming airborne and flipping end to end twice and landing on its roof !!!  Thankfully Mum and her passenger were not seriously injured (very very bad bruising and very shaken).  The other guy broke some bones, turns out he was texting we think.  Poor Mum it was pretty awful.  But shes a tough old bird and was back driving again 2 days later.  We are very fortunate to have her here!!!
Colt sounds like he is thriving well done!!  Hi to Sean, let him know when you come North I will have a nice cake for him!!
Now take care all of you!  Dont be forgetting you still have all of our positive vibes concentrated on you!! 
Lots of Love Trudi, Brian, Kody, Ben and Stella xxxxx

11-02-2011 19:30 hour

On a closer look, is that Sam jumping into the water? heehee

11-02-2011 19:28 hour
Kathryn and Korie ( Dargaivlle )

Hi dee hi Gardeners, well it has been a very long time since I have been able to sit and catch up on all your adventures!  I love reading about your journeys and admire each one of you for your strength and love of life.  Korie is in Mrs Vallances class this year and is very content.  He has swimming lessons on Tuesdays and we are going to look into tennis on Monday to see if he is keen.  Little Colt (that is the coolest name) looks adorable and I am pretty sure I know just how proud you all are of him.  I hadn't seen Jayden-Rei for about a week when Jamie came into work today carrying him, I was so excited to see him I sat for about 10 minutes just gooing over him.  He smiles and recognises me, he is about 4 months old and is pure magic. Anyway we were all having a hold and loving him when he puked baby spew all over my chest and the front of my dress!!!!!  Suddenly everyone was not so keen to hold tha baby!!  The funny thing about being a nana is that even when he pukes it's cute!!!  Sam when did you grow so tall?  In one of the photos you look to be almost as tall as mum?  And Rory, jumping into that swimming hole, braver than me! Anyway boys, have an amazing year at school and enjoy Colt before he grows up and wants to get into all your fav things, big hugs to you all, lots of love and smiles your way from The Morrisons xox