05-05-2009 13:07 hour
Jane Cunningham ( Whangarei )

way to go Rory with getting to go to Ronald McD house!  Hope those IVs do the trick and that shunt (always makes me think of trains...) keeps things moving right along ....going home sounds fantastic and it is great to know that each day it gets closer!
We are soggy here - lots of rain - rained off the first day of netball on Saturday - poor kids - i am coaching them tho so i don't know if they stand much of a chance of getting too many wins!
know that i am sending you love and healing and thoughts of good things - keep being so strong Rory, Leigh, Sean and Sam.

05-05-2009 11:51 hour
Cindy Rimmington ( Auckland , New Zealand )

Hi Rory and Leigh
We've just caught up on all your news since the weekend.  My goodness you are having a bad time of it.  We hope so much that you can get back home on Friday!!!!!!!  Fingers, toes and everything in between is crossed for that!
Love Cindy and Neville

05-05-2009 09:38 hour
Cuzzie Krazy Katz (Kateao Nehua-Jackson) ( Auckland , NZ )

Hey little cuzz, hope all is well today!  Sorry i didnt come and see you and mum in the weekend, i owe you a real hot chockey....from Strarbucks...they are the best!!!  You are the MAN Rory! in every photo you are smiling, you are an inspiration to us all cuzz.  Hope to see you soon.  Oh yeah, whats this being too shy to drink on front of me...your a crack up cuz, i told dad that i will bring heaps of muchies next time and we can have a good ol munch k cuz.  Peace & Love alwayz...your big cuz Katz :)

05-05-2009 09:24 hour
Cuzzies Jackson & Cassius ( Auckland , NZ )

Hi cousin Rory, my name is Jackson Takie and i am 1 and a half years old and my little cousin is Cassius Taraiwa who is almost one.  We are your aunty Deirdre's great grand mokopuna.  We are too little to come and visit you at the hospital but my aunty Kateao said that we might all have a picnic somewere soon with the rest of the there is heaps of your cousins here in auckland to play with, you will have heaps of fun.  Until we see you cousin, kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui.  Your little cousins Jackson & Cassius

05-05-2009 09:09 hour
Deirdre Nehua ( Whangarei , NZ )

Kia Ora Rory, and to your mum and dad as well, its Auntie Deirdre here, We have lit a candle for you to let you know that we are all thinking about you and beaming healing light your way. Auntie (and all of your cousins) are now wearing a child cancer bracelet for you and every time I see it I think of your beautiful smile when we came to see you and of the beads you had to mark the battle you are going thru to beat this illness in your body, especially all the ones you had for courage. We will wear it every day until you are better, then you can add them to your chain of beads as well. You descend from a long line of courageous warriors who are all helping you from the taha wairua to continue to fight and be courageous. Auntie Deirdre is going to Canada in 10 days time to take part in the Indian sundance, I will make sure that healing prayers are drummed across to you all the way from the Canadian Indians (who are called Cree) when I get there. The candle shining in this email was sent especially for you from Aunties friend Charlotte Marie, who is a famous Hawaiian/Egyptian opera singer who lives in Europe , so you see you are getting messages of healing and love from all over the world . Kia kaha taku mokopuna, Arohanui. Auntie Deirdre and ALL of your heaps and heaps of cuzzies.

04-05-2009 21:15 hour
jason wendy logan & mikayla ( np )

hi guys,  your days are certainly full of a mixed bag of stuff - we are all hoping for the shunt to be doing all its supposed to be doing and behaving itself!!!  Guess what - Mikayla has just started having her first feeds of baby rice yesterday - she loves it - you should see her laughing and helping us by shoving the spoon into her mouth as it comes near her.  So much for just a few spoonfuls - thats not enough for her!!! And messey !!!!! wow fun and games are just beginning i think.  Logan played his first round of club rugby on saturday and they won by a landslide he got a try, so he was very happy.  He is playing basketball for the sinterschool sports exchanges and is off to inglewood primary tomorro afternoon.  He hasnt played it before except for at lunchtime so he will enjoy that i think.  He is off to the museum for a trip in the morning - doesnt sound much like hard work at school for him tomorro does it!!!! anyhow hope you get to start school again tomorro at RMH, it wont be all bad, it will be a great distraction for you to fill in some time i bet.  Take care - and roll on the chemo!!!!  lots of love jason, wendy logan and mikayla

04-05-2009 20:07 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hey Rory and Leigh!  That is fabulous news you can stay at RMcD house, just to have a wee bit of private time must be bliss!  I have just spent the afternoon making batches and batches and batches of pumpkin soup!  Sean is calling in tomorrow afternoon to pick some up.  Enjoy!  Tomorrow Korie is coming to our house for the afternoon, Kathryn is working,  this should make Kody happy!  It will be sooooo good if you get to come home for the weekend!  Now rest up and fingers crossed the shunt is doing its job.  Sending down my bestest thoughts for a pain free restful night.  Lots of love Trudi and Co. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

04-05-2009 18:12 hour
Auntie Teri & Uncle Graham ( Gold Coast , Australia )

Hey Rory - after reading the latest updates for the past couple of days, we will be keeping absolutely everything and anything crossed and hope to hear that you and Mum get to escape home at the end of the week!!  As always, thinking of you every day and sending all our love - Auntie Teri & Uncle Graham - xxxx

04-05-2009 16:36 hour
Nada Young

Hi Rory
Hope your feeling ok today. Katz tells me your a real little trooper. I think you sound very brave. Good luck with your treatment, im sure you'll be back to fighting fit in no time.
In the meantime, my thoughts are with you and your family.
Best wishes.


04-05-2009 10:42 hour
Hanali & Aidan ( Pukekohe , New Zealand )

Hey Rory
We hope you're having a good day and that you get well soon!  You have a lovely smile lil man :)