26-04-2009 08:28 hour
Korie Morrison ( Dargaville )

We went to see the geese and one hissed at me when i was playing with it.It thought I was giving it food.The favourite part of the day was going to see you Rory.I hope you are better after your operation.from Korie

26-04-2009 08:17 hour
Sandra Parker ( Waihue Rd Dargaville , NZ )

Hi how are you doin today. The wheather here not that great I hope you got better wheather than we have. I hope you are doin what you are told my friend. Hows mum and dad doin. Keep up the good work and we are all hoping you will be home soon. I will talk to you again in a couple of days. 

26-04-2009 06:08 hour
jane cunningham ( Whangarei )

 to see you are keeping the cheek up for the medical staff and tricking them and that you are getting a chance to ride a bike!  Willow has jsut learnt to ride one and we went to the Redwood forest in Rotorua 2 wks ago for the holidays - she even rode a little track there - lots of crashes and i think she scared any birds that were in the vicinity with her squeels but she did it...
you can do it too Rory - keep those bugs at bay!
love to Sam and Mum and Dad too
ps was pretty cool to see you in the paper here the other day!   

25-04-2009 22:03 hour
jason wendy logan & mikayla ( np )

hey there guys,  well we are so pleased that we got to catch up and spend time with you both leigh and rory. rory it was great to see your cheeky smile again, sorry you were not feeling so great when we left - the fluid being drained will make you feel much better tho i'm sure. logan wants to know how the alien growing goes he really enjoyed watching his over the months (yep - months and months!!!! sorry!!!!  keep up the good work leigh and sean, you are doing such an awsome job day after day, sam being a big brother is very important and you do a great job there buddy.  keep being brave rory, you are doing such a great job at fighting all the nasties.  lots of love jas wendy logan and mikayla

25-04-2009 08:56 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hey there guys!  hope last night was good and you all had a nice restful sleep.  I bet you cant wait to see Sam today! and Sean. Our Kids are going to stay at Nana and Poppas place tonight we are off to a wedding, Kathryn and Gordon are alredy at the venue they decided to stay 2 nights (at Omapere). Kody has just arrived back from a sleepover at Ethans house.  Today it is VERY windy and a bit of rain but not too cold. Heres hoping you all have a fantastic day all together, With Lots of Love from Kodys Family xxxxx 

24-04-2009 21:51 hour
Ward 26a

Dr Jason has enjoyed his sandwich - thanks Rory!

24-04-2009 20:46 hour
Marie & Ray Dunn ( Whangarei , nz )

Hey Rory
We pray every day for you & family all the Whanau in Whakapara are with you as well mate ... Kia Kaha!!!(Be Strong)
Love & Blessings
Marie & Ray Dunn

24-04-2009 15:45 hour
Miss Whiting ( Dargaville Primary )

Hi Rory and family,
I'm the new teacher in Room3.  Miss Barr has been telling me lots of great things about you and the class, We will keep you up-to-date with what's going on at school.  Your website is great!  Keep in touch,
Miss Whiting
P.S:  Here is the first newsletter from me

Welcome to term two! I hope you all had a fantastic Easter and enjoyed the holidays. Mine just flew by with moving here to Dargaville and getting ready for school. I’ve just come back from an O.E to the U.K. Before that I was teaching in Dunedin where I graduated from Teachers College so it’s going to be a nice climate change here! My partner and I are looking forward to becoming part of the local community.
This term is going to be action packed with the new topic being New Zealand’s flora and fauna. We will also be studying geometry, descriptive writing and ball skills. Homework will remain the same, with spelling words to be learnt and readers going home every night except for Friday. Library day will now be Thursday.
I look forward to meeting you all. Feel free to pop into the classroom to check out what we are up to. Have a great week.
Miss Amelia Whiting

24-04-2009 08:31 hour
Jessy ( Pouto , New Zealand )

Hey Rory gosh what a cool name I hope that your getting better and your such a brave boy!!!!

24-04-2009 08:04 hour
Johnston Family ( Te Kopuru )

Hi Rory and Family.. We have been checking in on your progress everyday.. You are such a brave young man, and i hope you get to come home soon. I am friends with Kathryn (Korries Mum) and she told me about you.  I have a son called Matthew who is 10 and goes to Te Kopuru School. He would love to see all the cool  things at Butterfly Creek.  I might have to take him there one day.  You Take Care, and we will be checking in everyday to see how you are doing.. From The Johnston Family xx