23-04-2009 20:43 hour
Kyler Sullivan ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hi Rory!  How are you feeling today? What cool things have you been doing while you have been in hospital.  I miss you in class, I hope you get well soon.  From Kyler, Room 3. 

23-04-2009 19:02 hour
Serah Dreadon ( Dargs , NZ )

Hey Rory! Did you know that Butterfly Creek has 2 new residents....... 2 big fat Crocodiles, Scar & Annie from Australia!!!
Carlos and Zane think thats sooooooooo exciting! I do too! Let us know if you go to see them ;-)
Big love and hugs from the Dreadons

23-04-2009 17:21 hour
Lorraine, Martin and Holly HUTCHINSON ( Whangarei , New Zealand )

Hey Rory, We haven't met you but I am Lorraine, your third cousin.  Your Grandad Alan is my first cousin.  Uncle Hami and Aunty Hilary are my Mum and Dad and they gave us the Advocate newspaper clipping all about you.  We think it is awesome you have your own website; it is soooooo cool!!!  We are going to log-in as often as we can to see how things are going for you.  We have a nephew and cousin called Tyla Campbell who is six years old.  He has had a cancer different to yours and is now at home.  He spent quite a lot of time in Starship.   So Rory (Rory is our all-time most favourite name!!), be strong and get lots of rest so you can get better soon.  With love and hugs, from your distant rellies in Whangarei, in our thoughts and prayers, Lorraine, Martin and Holly (age 12).           

23-04-2009 16:27 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hello there!  Well you are right what an up and down day!  Its good that he did not have to have an  operation (eventhough he need to have it!) and bad that there is an infection.  It is all sounding very technical and daunting for you, however Leigh you do a fantastic job of putting it all down in words for us to understand.  Shopping in thats what I call fun!!! wish we were there with you!  Sean was probably looking forward to seeing you again too.  It has been another cold day here with a spot of rain.  Its nearly time for the fire to crank up!...will have to get the smoke alarms checked first.  We went to Te Kopuru today and stopped in at the "Really Good Shop"  have you ever been there?  OMG Leigh it is like lollie heaven jars and jars and jars of delicious lollies...I kind of hyperventilated for a second or two!  Might be going that way again soon I think! Kody, Ben and Stella are currently arguing out in Stellas playhouse about who gets to write on the blackboard and as usual Stella is bossing the boys around.  They got all their sports balls out on the tramp before (Korie and Kathryn visited) just like they did at your house and kicked them around.  Fancy being able to ride the bike around RMcD house! Make sure you dont do a Kody and nearly rip off your little toe not looking where you go! Well now rest up and Take care and keep tricking the new Drs! Love Trudi and The Followers xxxxx

23-04-2009 16:20 hour
Donna Stuthridge ( Whangarei )

Hi Rory and Leigh. Just a note to say that I am thinking about you guys. I'm glad you are able to get out of the hospital and do some fun things, like visit the Weird & Wonderful section of the museum. My daughter also thinks it's a cool place. Must have been nice to have Grannie visit you yesterday (I used to work with her, your mum & Grandad at DoC). Good photo of you and your dad in the Advocate yesterday. Take care of yourselves xx

23-04-2009 15:34 hour
Cindy Rimmington ( Auckland , New Zealand )

Hi Leigh and Rory.  Been checking your website daily to read the latest.  You do a great job keeping it up to date Leigh.  Hoping surgery goes well today, if it goes ahead.  We finally have downstairs finished, and carpeted, all ready for when you can come and stay again. Love Cindy and Neville.

23-04-2009 15:28 hour
Grannie & Grandad ( Whangarei )

Hello Matey. Grannie had a great day with you yesterday. It was really lovely to see your smile and mischeavious face, play games, and that fun fart toy. What next will Dr Catherine give you from her bag of tricks ??? The walk in the Domain and that yummy Fejoa ice-cream - great. By the way you are progressing with your physio, it will not belong before we will be playing soccer and chasing ZaZa and Patch around, not forgetting about keeping Grandad in line.
Leigh and Sean you are doing a great job, love you both. Looking forward to seeing Sam and listening to all his adventures with Nana and Poppa.
Lots of love and high fives Rory, Grandad and Grannie

23-04-2009 14:12 hour
Barry &Bernice ( Parua Bay )

Hi Rory and Leigh and sam andwots his name Imean Sean
glad you had a good day with Granny Gardiner yesterday.I am sure that Jody would love to bring her back every tuesday or wednesday when she goes down, as long as Granny can keep getting up so early.It also means that Grand dad will have to get his own breakfast which he might struggle with.
We hope every thing went according to plan today,wish you could keep that temp under control .All the best dudexxxx

23-04-2009 11:44 hour
Calia Chevallier ( Northland , NZ )

Rory, sorry to hear of your troubles! Get well soon. love Calia

23-04-2009 11:07 hour
Maree Dello ( Brisbane , Australia )

Hi Rory, gosh your name rocks! you must have very cool parents to give you a name like that...well you dont know me but i know your auntie teri...I actually work with her...she sits at the desk behind me... did you know she has eaten most of my mini easter eggs!!! hehe hahaha i dont mind at all. I hear she has some goodies for you and your brother (i had a sneak peak so i do know she has got some really cool gifts posted to you already). I also think all your photos on this website are cool to have your own website!!!I must get back to work now, so keep coolio and keep smiling. x You have so many angels looking out for you x