19-04-2009 18:22 hour
Jo Brimelow ( Normanby , New Zealand )

Hi Rory and Leigh, it was great to visit you guys on Saturday and check out your 'home away from home'.  I hope Finn, Caleb and Emma weren't too loud for the other residents!!  Next time I might have to leave them in the car!  Rory, I hope you and Dad got to visit Motat on Sunday, we had great fun there and would recommend it. The kids told Shelton all about our visit with you at RM House when we got home from our trip.  I really hope you guys get to go home for a visit soon!!  Jo xx

19-04-2009 17:13 hour
Janine ( NP , NZ )

Hi Leigh and Rory, it was great to catch up with you both this weekend, Hope the temps stop soon Rory.  Leigh it was great reminicing over the old days.  Take care and all the best for the next week, will be thinking of you all.

18-04-2009 18:42 hour
Korie Morrison ( Dargaville )

Hi Rory   what  do   you  get    if  you  cross  a  skunk  with  a helecopter?  a  smellycopter!!

18-04-2009 17:39 hour
Janice McLean ( Dargaville )

Hi Rory,
I had hoped your temperatures would have settled down and you would have been allowed to come home, but not so.
I read your mum's letter about the Advocate reporter phoning her. Well, yesterday the Dargaville and District News reporter phoned me as I had been one of your teachers. I didn't know how she would have been able to get hold of Miss Barr, but I did give her Mre Vincent's address.
You are certainly going and seeing lots of interesting places while you are in Auckland. When you were at the Museum, did you see Ceasar's collar and number [he was the ANZAC dog in the story Mrs Vincent read the class last year?]
Have fun and keep smiling.
Love from Miss McLean 

18-04-2009 14:28 hour
Kathryn Milich ( Dargaville )

Hi there guys, bummer about the way things are turning out with the temps, I'm a big believer in the 'silver lining' that often accompanies a 'not so great situation', so keep positive and hold onto your faith.  Korie was a bit envious of nana Morrison being able to visit Rory before him, however he officially has a full blown cold (he keeps reminding me he is fine) so it's not the best time for him to be visiting a hospital, the next few days will be quiet ones, I guess he won't be conquering any mountains this weekend! Take care Love from Kathryn xox

18-04-2009 08:59 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Well thats just no good!  But now we know to come and visit!  Will gather a few things and bring down some surprises!  Anyway I am starting to think that some reverse psycology might do the trick with the temperatures! So Now I am going to put out to the universe! Any requests?  Just let me know and I will see what I can do.  Tally ho!

18-04-2009 05:21 hour
Brenda Crawford ( Tangowahine )

Hi Rory, just want to send you lots of "lower that temperature" vibes and to let you know I am thinking of you and mum. I read your webpage every day and think what a brave boy you are. It sounds like you behave better than some "adults" when they are in pain. Keep up the good work and think "lower that temperature" thoughts. Brenda

17-04-2009 20:25 hour
Oliver ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hi Rory, you might not remember me, we used to live in Waihue but moved a uear ago into town. Mum used to look after you when you went to Family Link for a little while. I went to Sam's 8th Birthday party and both of you came to play at my house in Waihue. My sisters remember you too and we all hope that you get better soon . Oliver Nicolson

17-04-2009 17:07 hour
Erica Barr ( Dargaville )

Hi Rory,
I hope that that temp of yours starts to stay down now so that you can finally get to spend a few days at home. 
I'm all packed up now and am just waiting until I leave - with no kids to teach it's really quite boring.  I miss everyone and it's only been 7 days.
I was amazed to read that you're already onto your second string of beads.  Keep healing dude.  You are so brave and so strong.
Love Miss Barr

16-04-2009 21:16 hour
Madeline Willy ( Baylys Beach )

Hi Rory
I got a card for you a couple of weeks ago but cvan't find it! I'm disgusted with myself because it so reminded me of your beautiful smile.  I well remember you coming in to have your spelling homework checked and giving me one of your lovely smiles! I go into Mrs Purdon's class this year and in the new term will also be going into Miss Harding's.  Talking about you do any school work down at Starship?  Can't have you falling behind the rest of your class, can we?  Well, it is school holidays so Zack and Conor, Kay and Mark have gone up to Motukawanui Island (Cavalli Is) for 7 days.  I haven't been there but I hope the boat crossing was not too rough.  I belueve it was the last time they went.  We'll have to compare tattoos when you get back.  I only have three!  Got them 10 years ago any they have not faded at all.  That's it for now.  Keep :).
Mrs Willy