15-04-2009 08:36 hour
Gaille Hopkinson ( New Plymouth )

Hi Leigh
So sorry to hear that Rory has had to have two operations for tumours.  Our thoughts are with you all.  Best wishes for a great recovery.

14-04-2009 22:36 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hello to the Gardiners!  Kody wants a permanent tattoo now!  We will go and look for some dragon ones tomorrow to send down.  Good to hear you have a disappearing act going on!  Keep all the doctors and nurses on their toes!  Kody will have to concentrate hard on getting rid of his cold so we can come visit!  He had a lazy day today, we had to go into the town hall thismorning and Kody and ben took the opportunity to get up on the stage and pretend to perform!....Must both take after their mum!!!  Thought they were rock stars!  Keep up all the good work and best of luck for the 1am duty! sending down all of my love and support Trudi xxxxx

14-04-2009 21:23 hour
Vania Hamlin ( Mackay , Australia )

Gday Rory, William and I are thinking of you every day.  It is lovely that we are able to see what you are up to on your cool website.  We check it out every morning to see what you have been up to.  William really loved your photos at Kelly Tarltons.  We went to the Great Barrier Reef in the weekend and got to see some stingrays too.  They are pretty big fish!  He wants to go to Kelly Tarltons as well now, when we go back to Auckland.  He thought that thing you got to sit in like a submarine was awesome.  You are doing such a great job Rory - we've got our fingers and toes crossed for you so that you can go home soon!

14-04-2009 20:11 hour
Denise and the Miller Boys ( Whangarei )

Hi Rory we are really pleased that you are getting stronger and fitter and we bet you and Mum, Dad and Sam arre just so keen for you to be up, walking and getting ready for HOME! Bet it feels like sooo long ago you were in your own bed. Please say hi to your surgeon -I meant to tell your mum that Dr Law was in our medical school class many years ago -he was an excellent young doctor then and it sounds like he is a brilliant doctor for you now!
Cole wants to tell you the Easter bunny nibbled some of the vegies from his vegie garden!! Lewis says "Shot! Rory! I am glad that you are getting better!"
Lots of Love and a big hug to your mum and dad

14-04-2009 14:11 hour
Uncle Guy ( New Plymouth , New Zealand )

Hello Rory, Sam, Sean and Leigh.
Hope you all had a good Easter and managed to get outside again.  I ate way too many Easter eggs from Nanna.   Hope you all gots spoilt as well.
Nanna and Poppa both say Hi Rory and so do Sacha and Corbyn.  They can't wait to see you and Sam again.
Uncle Guy played golf in the weekend and took the kids to the zoo for a bike ride.  The weather was nice.
Take care of yourself everyone and thanks leigh for keeping mum informed each day of the news!
Love you all.
Uncle Guy.

14-04-2009 12:57 hour
Grannie & Grandad ( Whangarei )

Hi Matey, Glad to here your temperature has been sorted, Grannie was worried about this. Dad said you were happy yesterday afternoon and had a good night sleep, lovely to here this. Looks like you and Sam were realy spoilt by Easter Bunny. He also visited our house, so when you come home more chocs, also a large parcel arrived from Auntie Teri and Uncle Graham, more surprises I think. Is Sam keeping you busy? Hope Mummy recovers quickly from her cold. Missing your cheeky smile and phone calls, lots of hugs to our amazing boy, love Grannie & Grandad

14-04-2009 11:00 hour
Darlene Ladbrook ( Inglewood , New Zealand )

Hi Rory, so glad to hear you have escaped to Ronald McDonald House.  Not long to go now and you will be back at home too. 
Hi Leigh, Janine, Mandy and myself are escaping to Auckland on Thursday night to spend a night or two with the pregnant one.  Would love to be able to pop in and say hello on Friday, if its OK, and if you are still there.  Will send a text Thur/Fri to check. Take care.

14-04-2009 10:28 hour
Deb Mead ( Auckland , New Zealand )

Hi Rory
Its Deb ,Conor and zacs auntie.I passed on your big hello to them at Easter Rory and they are looking forward to seeing you when you get home.It sounds like it wont be to far away now they have found those nasty bacteria and delt with them.You hang in there your a real trooper and never forget it.Im away for a week but will be in touch soon, how  about i make you some more cup cakes .Take care Love Debs

14-04-2009 09:08 hour
Donna Garrett ( Brisbane , Australia )

Hi Rory
You won't have ever met me but I was a good friend of your Mum's when we were about your age!  Sounds like you've had a pretty rough time but are on the mend so look after yourself!
Leigh, Mum forwarded on the news article so thought I'd drop you a line via this as I didn't have a separate email address. My thoughts are with you all - take care and once you get through all of this, keep in touch.
Donna x

14-04-2009 09:05 hour
Janice McLean ( Dargaville )

Hi Rory,
I am so pleased that the doctors have found out why you have been having such high temperatures. I hope you start feeling a lot better now.
I am at school waiting for Mrs Vincent to get here, but there are no kids here. I guess they must be on holiday!!!!! We are going to do some planning and some tidying up in the classroom.
Enjoy your time at Ronald McDonald House.
Love from Miss McLean.