18-04-2009 05:21 hour
Brenda Crawford ( Tangowahine )

Hi Rory, just want to send you lots of "lower that temperature" vibes and to let you know I am thinking of you and mum. I read your webpage every day and think what a brave boy you are. It sounds like you behave better than some "adults" when they are in pain. Keep up the good work and think "lower that temperature" thoughts. Brenda

17-04-2009 20:25 hour
Oliver ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hi Rory, you might not remember me, we used to live in Waihue but moved a uear ago into town. Mum used to look after you when you went to Family Link for a little while. I went to Sam's 8th Birthday party and both of you came to play at my house in Waihue. My sisters remember you too and we all hope that you get better soon . Oliver Nicolson

17-04-2009 17:07 hour
Erica Barr ( Dargaville )

Hi Rory,
I hope that that temp of yours starts to stay down now so that you can finally get to spend a few days at home. 
I'm all packed up now and am just waiting until I leave - with no kids to teach it's really quite boring.  I miss everyone and it's only been 7 days.
I was amazed to read that you're already onto your second string of beads.  Keep healing dude.  You are so brave and so strong.
Love Miss Barr

16-04-2009 21:16 hour
Madeline Willy ( Baylys Beach )

Hi Rory
I got a card for you a couple of weeks ago but cvan't find it! I'm disgusted with myself because it so reminded me of your beautiful smile.  I well remember you coming in to have your spelling homework checked and giving me one of your lovely smiles! I go into Mrs Purdon's class this year and in the new term will also be going into Miss Harding's.  Talking about you do any school work down at Starship?  Can't have you falling behind the rest of your class, can we?  Well, it is school holidays so Zack and Conor, Kay and Mark have gone up to Motukawanui Island (Cavalli Is) for 7 days.  I haven't been there but I hope the boat crossing was not too rough.  I belueve it was the last time they went.  We'll have to compare tattoos when you get back.  I only have three!  Got them 10 years ago any they have not faded at all.  That's it for now.  Keep :).
Mrs Willy

16-04-2009 18:59 hour
Holly and Karen ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hi Rry, You don't know me but Sam and Holly are in the same class at school.  We are both thinking of you and your family.  Hope you ate your Easter eggs slowly and still have some left.

16-04-2009 11:55 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hi there Rory, hope you are feeling better today with NO temperatures!!!!     We went shopping today at the warehouse because it is a rainy day Kody and Ben wanted to get some more colouring in books and felt tips.  Well anyway we found a cool Star Wars activity book and a Star Wars chapter book for you or your Mum to read.  Kody is really really into watching animal planet at the moment today its all about killer ants! sometimes it gets a bit scary so we change the channel!  They have started to dig the ground for the new swimming pool at Selwyn Park.  anyway have a good day lots of love from Me xxxxxx

16-04-2009 07:22 hour
Eddie & Simone Matthews ( Dargaville )

Morning Rory.  Well I have been checking out your photos in the photo gallery and you really are cute, handsome with a cheeky smile just like all your Waihue whanau and Kay Smith told me so.  It sounds as though you are being extremely brave & strong (just like spiderman) during your time in hospital.I hope mummy has gotton over her horrible cold and that Dad & Sam are doing okay too.  We are all thinking of your family and send lots & lots of aroha (love) to you all.Weather looks crappy up here today so I hope that the sun is shining in Auckland !!!

15-04-2009 18:58 hour
Trudi Johnston ( Dargaville, Northland , New Zealand )

Hey there!  Well lets hope the antibiotics sort it out!  Whatever will people think!  Rory with tattoos and mentions of cocktails and his mates tagging!!!!
Excellent to hear Rory got a game of soccer, I think the soccer season offically starts at the beginning of next term...I guess I might have to take over your job Leigh and run a few games!!! with Stella running after me crying!
It will be cool to see the beads of courage, I was thinking about them the other day and wondered if Rorys are all green?
Say hi to Bradley from the Johnstons and fingers crossed for a cool 48 hours so you get to come home! 
Take care and keep strong you are all doing a fantastic job! Lots of love Trudi and the rest xxxx

15-04-2009 18:54 hour
Zane williams and his Mum Julie ( Whangarei )

Been having quiet time at home today. On Monday we had a sheep on the spit for Josh's 16th birthday and my 9th. Lots of people came for lunch. It was yummy.On Friday my birthday we are going 10 pin bowling and Lazer maze cos Mum won free passes on the radio.Hope your temperature goes away. Do you need us to bring anything down to Auckland as we are coming down on saturday. Txt mum on 0211021700 if we can help with anything.

15-04-2009 18:35 hour
Kody Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

hi Rory Me And korie Made A hut With your name And
zacs name too. we played with water bombs On the trampoline
It would be more fun with you.