21-04-2009 11:16 hour
Sam ( New Plymouth , New Zealand )

Hello mum, dad and Rory.  Having a good time at nannas and poppas in NP.  Been to the zoo, fed the ducks, had a swim at the pool with Sacha, Corbyn and Logan.  Had fun, but didn't o on the hydroslide.  Uncle Guy took Sacha on and you should have seen their faces when they came down!  Been to Woodleigh school, am going to the movies with Logan today.
Miss you.  See you on Saturday.  love Sam.  xxx

21-04-2009 10:05 hour
Auntie Teri & Uncle Graham ( Gold Coast , Australia )

Hey Rory - you are becoming really famous!!  Both Uncle Graham and I check your website everyday to keep up to date with what's happening and to see some of the photos of the exciting places that you are escaping to (don't know about the spider ones though....).  Love your beads!  Thinking of you and sending all our love - Auntie Teri and Uncle Graham - xxx

21-04-2009 09:18 hour
Shirley Holvast ( Whangarei , New Zealand )

Hi Rory, you are in the thoughts of a lot of people in the Council.  I remember you coming in to see your Mum and thought you had a lovely cheeky smile.  Leigh, hang in there, keep smiling, even when you don't feel like doing so. Do take time out, go for walks/breaks when you can. It clears your head, even for a short time.  Am glad you're hubby is coming to visit when he can but know it can take a toll on you both.  Chins up, keep on going.  You are where you need to be right now, with your boy.  Take care of yourselves. 

20-04-2009 19:06 hour
Kody and Family ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hey Dude!  Today it rained most of the day so we were inside.  Mum baked some scones and an apple cake.  Carlos and Zane came for a bit this afternoon and it stopped raining so we went outside and played on the scooters and bikes.  Our cousin Bill came today too he is heaps of fun because he wrestles all of us at once!  Bill sat his learners drivers license today and passed!  Kody had a real good look over all of the new photos.  There sure are alot of BIG machines down there!  Your beads of courage look good too and we are sure you have earnt every one!  We are looking forward to reading the paper tomorrow. 
Take care and wishing you all a great nights sleep! xxxxx 

20-04-2009 14:44 hour
William Hamlin ( Mackay , Australia )

Hi Rory, its so cool that Kody got to visit you.  I asked Mum if we could come see you but she said we have to take two planes, a train and a bus to get to Auckland!  Looks like you had heaps of fun.  Hope you get better soon.

20-04-2009 10:45 hour
phoebe godfrey room 2 ( dargaville , nz )

Knock  Knock 
  who's   there 
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    police  let me in its freezing out here!

20-04-2009 08:07 hour
Kody Johnston ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

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19-04-2009 20:18 hour
Kody,Trudi and Kodys Nana ( Dargaville , New Zealand )

Hey guys!  Had a fabulous time with you today.  Kody now has a permanent smile on his dial remembering all the things that happened.  We sure hope we did not tire you out,  and hope the temperature diddnt last too long.  Kody thought he should go back when I told him your temp had gone up,  so him being there would make it go back down!  Maybe worth another try?? Hope the pumpkin soup diddnt have tooooo much curry for you! Take care Love from US. xxxxx

19-04-2009 18:22 hour
Jo Brimelow ( Normanby , New Zealand )

Hi Rory and Leigh, it was great to visit you guys on Saturday and check out your 'home away from home'.  I hope Finn, Caleb and Emma weren't too loud for the other residents!!  Next time I might have to leave them in the car!  Rory, I hope you and Dad got to visit Motat on Sunday, we had great fun there and would recommend it. The kids told Shelton all about our visit with you at RM House when we got home from our trip.  I really hope you guys get to go home for a visit soon!!  Jo xx

19-04-2009 17:13 hour
Janine ( NP , NZ )

Hi Leigh and Rory, it was great to catch up with you both this weekend, Hope the temps stop soon Rory.  Leigh it was great reminicing over the old days.  Take care and all the best for the next week, will be thinking of you all.