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07, Aug, 2009

Friday 7th July 2009


Todays news is relayed from Sean at RM House.  Rory sleep through the night last night and has managed to eat a little over the last 24 hours.  Yesterday he and Sean got out for some fresh air to Mt Eden and Cornwall Park.  Rory also filled in his day doing a little school work, building with the lego, and making a laptop computer from cardboard.  He has been having regular Pamol for pain, and the daily dose of GCSF to stimulate his stem cells.  Blood test results this morning showed his haemologlobin was stable but his platelets were down to 40.  When they drop to 10 (either Sunday or Monday) he will need a transfusion.  He received a new dressing on his Hickman line this morning and they changed the plugs.  They weighed him and although he has lost 700g in a week his weight seems to have stabilised so he doesn't need the feeding tube yet.  He was thrilled to receive a parcel this morning from Mrs Wily which contained a book of kids jokes.  Rory kept Sean amused while waiting for his clinic appointment.

I spent yesterday working at Whangarei District Council.  It was lovely to see everyone and be back in the thick of things.  I am working from home today.  The fog has finally cleared (at 11am) and it is warm and sunny.  It is good to take a pause at home for a day.  I picked up Sparky the kitten from the cattery yesterday and he has settled back in.  Sam came home from school yesterday with a couple of surprises.  Whaea Danielle had given him a book of waiata for Rory at the hospital (now I can stop humming when I don't know the words), and the bus driver Ross Gillespie dropped off a chiller bag full of frozen yummy goodies.  The Rural Women of NZ had been baking under the direction of Kathleen (his wife and the President) had been baking supplies for us.  It was gratefully received.  The Taranaki Daily News newspaper called, and they did a follow up story on Rory and advertised the sale of the Kia Kaha Rory wrist bands in their paper today.