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08, Apr, 2009

8th April 2009

Rory has been pretty miserable all day.  He is tired, sore, fed up with being unwell in hospital, and frustrated at being unable to do the normal things his friends all do.  He has been running a temperature all day and his heart rate is quite elevated.  The Drs and nurses have been monitoring him, and were satisfied enough with his progress to move him out onto the ward.  We are in room 8.  They have taken blood cultures, chest and abdominal xrays to try and get to the bottom of what is unsettling his system. 

He has had the iv removed from his left arm and hopefully we will get the right one taken out tomorrow.  He is also scheduled for an MRI scan (to measure how much of the second tumour remains, and exactly where), plus he will gets the back part of his mask made. 

I am heading home for a night tomorrow.  I am looking forward to seeing Sam and being home.  We will be heading back to Auckland on Friday.  The doctors hope to be able to release Rory from Satrship to Ronald McDonald House sometime during the Easter weekend, so we will all be together.  They are hoping to let Rory go home on the 14th or 15th.  This is all on the proviso he is up to it.  We may get most of the holidays in Waihue before the onset of Radiotherapy (either the week of the 27th of April or 4th of May).

Rory will require one more operation prior to Radiotherapy to put a Permacath in his chest.  This is a semi-permanent port/iv which will allow the Doctors to harvest his stem cells, and administer chemotherapy.

You have to appreciate the little things, and today it rained in Auckland for the first time since we have been here.  We all enjoyed the feel of it.  When I discussed the boundaries of Rory's return home with the Oncologist and Steph this afternoon I tried to get them to allow Rory to swim in Kai Iwi lakes while it is still warm as the seasons are on the turn.  But they wouldn't buy it ... they didn't believe me when I told them the water in the lakes is pure and clean.  I know it would beat walking in an Auckland shower any day!!