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22, Aug, 2009

Saturday 22nd August 2009


My thoughts are with Trudi and her family (husband Brian, Kody, Ben and Stella) tonight.  Stella has been admitted to Whangarei Hospital with pneumonia.  I know how scary it can be when your child is sick, you're not sure what's wrong, and nothing you do can make them any better.

Rory and I spent the morning at Auckland Zoo.  Outside the Zoo Rory spied a hen and her chicks and got to hold one as they gobbled down one of our Cookie Bear stripe biscuits.  It was quiet in the Zoo when we arrived as the gates had just opened.  We were able to wander around without too much trouble enjoying; otters doing roly polys, the seals and sea lions being fed fish by the keepers, the adult male siamang monkey swinging around up close in front of us calling loudly (this echoed over the whole Zoo), the tiger cubs relaxing, two hippos playing with a tyre in their pool, and the macaws screeching hello.  It got more crowded as the morning wore on and we were glad to leave just before lunch.

After lunch Rory had his iv antibiotic at Starship.  While we were there he got mail!  A lovely parcel from Mrs Wily containing a K-Zone magazine and some choccie treats.  As he was opening it there were many exclamations of "cool .... cool".  After the hospital we went for a walk down to Newmarket and fed the pigeons in the Domain.  Rory was reconnected to his feeding pump at 4pm.  He finds it incredibly frustrating in the mornings being confined to the pump.  He is usually awake before 6am and raring to get out of bed by 7am so to be constrained for another hour is mean.  I am going to speak to the Dietician about it on Monday. 

We have spoken to Sam on the phone several times today.  He enjoyed the disco last night, and having Dylan stay over.  He was also thrilled to get to play soccer this morning.  His team won 3-1.  He scored all three goals, and got player of the day.  Maybe he will turn out to be the next David Beckham and keep me in my old age!