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23, Aug, 2009

Sunday 23rd August 2009


Auckland on a Sunday morning is a much more likeable place.  There are fewer cars, fewer people, and it's quieter and slower as a result.  Rory and I like these times, being out and about early enjoying some of Aucklands treasures while the rest of the population is getting organised.  This morning we spent two and a half hours exploring Ambury Regional Park, a small peninsula which sticks out into Manukau Harbour.  The Park is a working farm (sheep, cows, chickens) which is open to the public, and it contains several walking tracks, habitats for birds and hides to observe them, and maori volcanic stone gardens.  The harbour and a prominent pa site (Managere Mountain) are the back drops.  Rory and I walked along the foreshore walk, then headed inland to the Lost Gardens, walking amongst many newborn lambs, with hundreds waders (godwits and oystercatchers) flying low over head.  I was excited to discover two bird refuges containing shell banks close to the foreshore and was thrilled to see the number and variety of birds there.  I kicked myself about leaving my binoculars in the car.  We will definitely be back.  Rory and I also observed a swan poking her head out of a drain.  Further investigation revealed a large nest with eggs which she was incubating.  We laughed about the giant beautifully decorated hollow picture frame of the scene.  Rory took a photo of me in it. 

On the way back to RM House Rory managed to eat a little McDonalds.  I was starving having pushed the buggy all morning and I am embarrassed to admit a banana berry smoothie went down in seconds.  We went back to Starship this afternoon for Rory's iv antibiotics.  He was weighed (he is now 23.65kg) and given his daily dose of lactulose (which they put down his line to keep him regular).  His naso-gastric line is a bit harder to flush with water than when they first put it in.  The Nurse told me to try putting Coca Cola down it to clear it out.  Rory was delighted as Coca Cola is something I never let the boys have.  Sean wants to know whether it will still make Rory burp.  I spent the remainder of the afternoon cleaning up our room and packing in anticipation Rory will be allowed to go some tomorrow for three days of R&R.  He has to be back at Starship on Thursday for the next cycle of chemo.  Rory and I also managed to get through a fair amount of school work; maths, spelling, telling the time, and journal activities.

We had a couple of lovely txts today.  Trudi and Stella are ok and back home after a night in Whangarei Hospital, and the unstoppable Brenda put some call time on my prepaid phone so I can talk to Sam, and has been cooking delicious meals for us to put in the freezer.  We are very spoilt.  Sean will be in for a shock when our lives return to normal and he has to eat my cooking.  I know he greedily wolfed down a meaty casserole prepared by Tracey (of the Horne-Newman clan) earlier this week, and he has a soft spot for Brenda's rice pudding.