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29, Aug, 2009

Saturday 29th August 2009


We have all been grateful for the extra few days at home together.  It felt really strange with all of us sleeping under the Waihue roof on Monday night, and I think it has taken several days for us to relax into each others company again.  We are now all silently psyching ourselves up for the start of chemo cycle 2 tomorrow.  Sean is going to take Rory down to Starship tomorrow morning, and I will follow on Wednesday after Sam's school cross country which I promised I would attend.  I intend to spend a day at work catching up and a day at home packing. 

Fortunately the GCSF injection worked.  It must be powerful stuff as Rory's blood test on Friday showed his Neutophils had shot up to 12.6, and his Platelets to 103.  The doctors said his system should hold at this level so chemo cycle 2 can now begin.  Rory has found it hard being home this week with only me for company.  There was so much for me to do it was hard to find time to give him attention.  I felt sorry for him being isolated from other children.  I think he would have really enjoyed some time in his class at school, but I know he wouldn't stay without me, and I can't spend the days in a classroom when there is now even more to do.  To counter this we had a boys sleepover on Friday night.  Rory and I liberated Sam and Jacob from school a little early on Friday on our way home from town, and Trudi and Katherine brought Kody, Ben, Stella and Korie out for afternoon tea.  I always enjoy spending time with Katherine and Trudi.  I don't get many opportunities to spend time in the company of other women, and it always seems to pass quickly with much laughter.

The five boys kept the energy level high with gun fights, loud music, lego building, water fights with the syringes, and scoffing lollies while watching a DVD.  They were back on their feet at 5.30am this morning.  I'm not sure how much sleep they got as I heard noises well after dark.  Sean and I had to see to Rory twice when he was distressed and coughing, and for a pit stop and the pump alarm. 

Unfortunately it was a morning of injury.  Kody and Korie knocked heads as we were leaving, and both ended up with eggs on their foreheads, small versions of Sam's gum nut injury.  I was very embarrassed to return them to their mothers in this condition.  It went downhill from there.  Sam played soccer, the deciding match for top place for his grade.  Both teams played hard and in the ruckus Sam took a blow to his side.  None of us were aware of it but in the second half he started holding his side, fighting back tears, and limping.  After a short stint on the side line he went back on to finish the game but at the end of the game he was very sore and distressed.  Fortunately Grannie Gardiner had come over to watch the match so she took Rory home while Sean and I took Sam to the medical centre.  He had bruised his kidney and had blood in his pee.  We were told to keep an eye on him, let him rest, and test his pee to make sure it wasn't getting any worse.  To top it all off the team lost 2-1 in what was a very tense and thrilling game.  As you can imagine it has been a fairly quiet afternoon at home.