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30, Aug, 2009

Sunday 30th August 2009


Half of our family is missing tonight, and I have started packing our lives into boxes, so it feels a little empty in the Waihue house.  Sean took Rory to Starship this morning.  He was re-admitted to room 16, his original room, on ward 27b.  At 8pm tonight Rory will be connected to the iv fluids in preparation for the first chemo drug, Vincristine, tomorrow.  He had the plugs on the end of his lines changed, his dressing replaced, and they weighed him (23.6kg).  His weight appears to be relatively stable.  Being home was like flicking a switch for Rory.  He started doing a little of a lot of things he had lost interest, enthusiasm and strength for in Auckland; walking, eating, sleeping right through the night, and being independent.  I feel queasy inside knowing for the next five days he is going to slide right back and feel really terrible, particularly because I won't be there to help or comfort him until Wednesday.  I have to stop myself rushing out the door to go down. 

There was a lovely parcel waiting for Rory when he got to RM House from Katherine and Korie.  Sean said Rory's face lit up when he saw it, and he rushed around looking for a pair of scissors to open it.  He has taken the goodies up to the ward to enjoy when he feels up to it. 

Sam and I had a busy morning sorting and packing.  Neither of us could face it this afternoon so we drove up to Aranga for a walk on the beach.  There was a strong northerly and the sand was flying.  We have both had our legs and feet sand papered smooth.  Highlights of the walk were; 2 pair of oystercatchers feeding, seeing many dark pink jellyfish shaped like flowers (which Rory usually rescues by throwing back into the sea), a live fur seal pup, and finding a piece of nautilus.  Maunganui Bluff loomed big and impressive above us beneath the dark clouds, its bush clock patched with bright yellow where the kowhai were flowering.  I could feel the memory of past experiences on the coast as we walked along.