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09, Apr, 2009

9th April 2009

Just a quick update today as I have left Sean in charge.

Rory had a rough night last night.  At one stage his temperature reached 38.5 degrees and his heart beat at 180 bpm.  He was restless on and off.  But he woke a little brighter, much to my relief.  The Ward is full so I slept on a mattress on the floor by his bed.  I would not have qualified for any beauty pagents this morning! 

Rory is still pretty tired, and is sad in himself.  The Counsellor came today to talk about his feelings as there are some things he won't share even with us.  He is very brave and often doesn't complain when he is sore or feeling miserable.  He got the mold made for the back part of his mask, and the clear perspex front fitted. 

The Occuptational Therapist visited to discuss how to keep him safe and active when we return home next week.  He is due to have his MRI tonight at 5pm. 

I have returned home for the night to get Sam (geez were all the Aucklanders heading north for the long weekend!).  It feels strange being out of the hospital bubble.

The staff at Whangarei District Council held a 'wear green for Rory day' and raised $1000.  Thank you everyone we are touched and appreciative.