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01, Sep, 2009

Tuesday 1st September 2009


It has been a tough day all round.  Rory started vomiting at 5am this morning, and it was so hard he brought up his ng tube.  He has been sick intermittently all day.  The doctors wanted another tube put in to try and maintain the nourishment he was receiving but I had my reservations.  There is a good chance he will continue to be sick until Friday (he was last cycle), and bring up the ng tube again.  He also cannot tolerate the milkshake in his stomach (even at 10mls/hr) so it causes further vomiting.  Sean has phoned several times today, and twice when he put Rory on he was distressed and crying, begging me not to let them put another tube down.  Sean took the doctors advice and another ng tube was put in this afternoon, but the nurses have had to stop the milkshake.  Rory won't become dehydrated as he is receiving large amounts of iv fluids (super hydration) to flush out the chemo drugs.  It is really dreadful being away.  I feel frustrated and helpless, and angry at what is being done to him.  I feel torn between Sam's needs and Rory's needs.  Sam has his school cross country tomorrow.  He has put a lot of effort into training this term, and wants to do well.  No one else is able to watch him compete which is why I have stayed back.  It is really unpleasant for Rory when he receives the chemo drugs, and exhausting on those caring for him.  I am glad I can finally get there tomorrow to help. 

I have spent the day packing, and cleaning up the mess I had made.  The gross find of week were two glad bags full of black and brown rotten sludgy stuff which smelled revolting, on the top shelf in Sam's cupboard.  I can only assume they were reject sandwiches from his school lunch, possibly on the first day we arrived here!  When confronted with them Sam denied all knowledge.  This morning Sam enjoyed a glass of lemon grass tea which Tracey recommended (and provided) to help his kidneys.  I was surprised he even drank it given his aversion to anything different and healthy.  Secretly I think he has faith in Tracey's ability to produce things which are good for him (thanks Tracey).  A parcel arrived in the mail for Rory from the other Rory Gardiner in Canada.  I am taking it to Starship for Rory tomorrow.  I also picked up another armload of yummy fruit and veges from Ngai Taton at Kaihu.  I know they are going to be enjoyed (thank you). 

PS.  A pinch and a punch for the first of the month (Sam got me this morning).  The first day of Spring.