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03, Sep, 2009

Thursday 3rd September 2009


Rory has perked up a bit today.  He was sick not long after he woke up this morning, and again late this afternoon but has been relatively settled in between.  Rory's weight has come up 100 grams today as the nurses have increased his milkshake to 40 ml/hr.  He has been receiving regular pain relief to help with the aches and pains.  The doctors are keeping an eye on the scar on his neck (which they inserted the Hickman line through) as it is looking a little pink at one end and we can't afford for it to get infected.  Due to his low haemoglobin he received a blood transfusion this afternoon.  He has passed the day; reading Geronimo Stilton, watching a little tv, playing his Nintendo, doing a puzzle, playing Bolkus and a new Camouflage game, and helping me rip some CDs onto the computer for Sam.  We had a visit from Nicola, who manages the stem cell rescue, this afternoon, she looked at Rory and asked me how long one of Rory's pupils had been bigger than the other.  I said since surgery the right had been bigger than the left, and she said 'that much bigger?'  I looked over and not only was one pupil massive it was the wrong way one, the left was bigger than the right.  This threw Nicola into a bit of a spin.  She gave Rory a quick physical exam and tore off to find a Doctor, who came and gave Rory a more thorough exam.  Turns out he had been rubbing the spot where the anti-nausea patch had been behind his ear, and then rubbed his eye.  The hormones in the patch caused the pupil to dilate.  He now looks even more different than his peers.  It may take a week to wear off.  Sean also had a drama at about the same time this afternoon.  He went to Onehunga to do an errand and locked his keys in his truck, and didn't have a spare.  I had to get on the phone to the AA to bail him out.  I wasn't very impressed, but I know even the most basic things are difficult when you are sleep deprived.  I am on watch again tonight.